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  1. Thanks for that info, very helpful. I looked at the S&W and it does have that same deflector hump. I didn't realize that was what that was.
  2. Thanks for replying. It was a very long time ago, but I recall it was a removable clip on plastic piece that would redirect the brass. If I didn't use it, I was likely to get some hot brass down my shirt or in my face. It clipped into the hole in the handle.
  3. Thanks, I'll look into that. I just hope they don't cost too much more. That NJ approved M&P15 is on sale for 700 right now, which is what piqued my interest for them in the first place. Thanks a lot.
  4. Hello. This has been a great place for info anytime I needed it. I'm contemplating getting an AR (S&W M&P15 Sport II NJ Compliant model) while we still can. I'm left handed. I've never shot an AR before, but in the Army National Guard in the 80's - 90's, I had an M-16 A1 (with full auto mode).. I recall that the ejector didn't throw the brass to the side, but to the rear in a diagonal direction, and it would frequently end up in my shirt or hat or bouncing off my face, and sometimes I had to use a brass deflector. The deflector added it's own problems, such as sometimes it would deflect the brass right back into the chamber (fun). My question is this, do modern ARs do the same thing? Did they ever get them to eject to the side? Are there any other lefty's out there with an M&P15 that could comment on this? Thanks in advance!
  5. 10 days for me. Submitted app on 3/1, criminal check confirmation came on 3/10..
  6. The State Police do the criminal check as far as I know. I waited until I got all the confirmation emails before I called to inquire about the status. But it won't hurt if you do.
  7. Did you already get your reference confirmations, and your criminal check confirmation? You can call your local PD for an update..
  8. No, but when I called local PD to check the status, they asked me who at my work they should contact, so I gave them the HR person who does workplace verification. I didn't get notified when that was done, but I assumed it was done that same day. I hope this helps.
  9. I have some experience with this. My contacts list in my phone had an outdated email address for one of my contacts. I found out and informed them immediately, but there was no way for me to go back and correct it myself. Basically, your local PD will have to contact the State Police and that's the only way it can be corrected. It took 3 weeks for someone to actually update it to the correct address. You will know if they don't respond, because you get confirmation when they do respond, so no notification, no response. If you need to provide an alternate contact, contact the local PD. You can call your contact yourself and have the system re-send the email if they missed it. My employer was contacted the old way and with the new online app, so that is not a change (at least it wasn't in Burlington).
  10. Applied online 3/1, got permit today 4/23. They called and said I could come pick it up. I never got the final email from the system.
  11. Do you call and check on the status after a while, or just wait it out? I called to check status 2 weeks ago, I was told everything looked good and it was waiting for the lieutenant to approve. App was submitted online 3/1, so it's been a while already. There was a delay getting one of my references to reply due to my entering an old email address, but that was resolved and he replied the same day when he finally got it. They said they would let me know when it's complete. Wait or call again? Edit: Adding that I already bought the gun (cz-75b from Buds), it's been at the ffl since 3/5. They don't seem to mind holding it, but I don't know if it will bother them if it takes too much longer.
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