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  1. Well this new system seems to work well in my town, I just picked up my permits and it was only 12 days start to finish. Happy with my results..
  2. I got my email notification this morning @6:03am telling me that my criminal history check is completed, so now I wait to see. I did speak with the detective at PD HQ and he stated to me the usual 3-4 week turn around, the last time it was 4 weeks but after looking at my new FID and 3 permits they were dated 2 weeks prior to me getting them, UGH...
  3. I never had issues in Monroe TWP., Lived there 20 years and was only 2 weeks everytime I applied as recently as 2014.. Good department and officers...
  4. That's because it's all about money grabbing, you go though the SP background check and then purchase a firearm only to have to pay again for a NICS check!!! Double dipping. All about the money....
  5. I just did the online process for permits and WOW it was really easy and quick ,and I got confirmations immediately when my references sent the questionnaires back. You only need to print out and bring the mental health form to your PD if you have live out of state in the past 10 years, (so it said when I got done) and it also said to pay for permits when ready at PD. Hopefully this system will work...
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