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  1. The request was not send 2 week ago, it was made 4 months ago, SR, When I post my question was for fallow up my recommendations. Again Thanks .. Again Thanks, to all you guys ,.. There is a Law where after 5 years you can expunge your criminal record if the Law is there, why not used.. , And if your record come back clean then you can have a gun permit ,. I dont see any problem on it. Is not illegal ...And anyone can doit.... We did our expunge request more then 2 months ago , then I dont see any problem, on that.,, ..It don't matter your are criminal today and tomorrow you can be a different person,.. The Good news is let's see what happend after 1 month. This is the reason , I ask the question from start. And I belive the forum is here to help and give good response back, Not create ANOTHER court day . tHANKS..
  2. Finally we did a Expungement for Changing my Criminal Record from All State, where was not easy becuase, time and cost . Thanks to my lawyer, but like always Money run BS Walk .. Thanks, guy for your help.++-
  3. On 1992 I was convicted for Counterfeit US bill, I did 4 years, I run my report and wont show up nothing about that conviction, Can I be able to have a permit? with a old conviction , can I still have a permit? thax
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