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  1. If I were to do it again, I would also start off with a ruger mkiv 22 for my first pistol. Perhaps a S&W 617 model .22 revolver if that's what you fancy. With that said.. "What gun should I buy" Is kind of a ridiculous question to ask the internet, you'll get a million strangers telling you what to buy. Some good suggestions, probably some not so good ones. Most or at least many people will have no idea what you need or what makes sense for YOU. Go to your local dealer and discuss the options!
  2. Hi All, I noticed that TTC's range policy states that among more obvious prohibited ammo that 'bi metal ammo is not allowed' Does that mean no steel casing ammo? Does it means something else? Thanks
  3. That is correct. My current FID was signed by a detective (perhaps the head of Investigations), and not signed by the Chief.
  4. ^29 bucks Yea, it takes time but, I'm just old school like that.
  5. Am I the only one still using a Japanese whetstone? lol.
  6. It is my understanding that NJ being a 'No Fault State' for insurance means that your own insurance will pay for your injury related expenses. EDIT: Jack beat me to it, and explained it better than I.
  7. If you experience issues with the online system, as I was told many people are, DO NOT let the SP or your local PD tell you that the online application is now the only way to submit your application. I had to push, however my PAPER application was accepted by my local PD. So if you are one of the lucky ones having an issue with the online FARS application; You CAN still use the PAPER application.
  8. Apparently 'NICS USA' is the online application provider, of the online application.. that doesn't work... Or at least according to the gal at NJSP FA unit.
  9. I guess they figure that your fingerprints must have changed since then? I had phoned the NJSP yet again and they told me that they didn't have a estimated time of resolving the issue, it is affecting many other applicants, the problem is with 'nics usa' and that I should just to submit my paper application in the meantime..
  10. Hello Gentlemen, I found this forum and this particular thread because I have been experiencing significant issues with this new online system and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I have been attempting a 'simple' (as I thought) change of address for my current FID as I had recently moved. I am now about at the 1 month point of not being able to submit my information in the online system due to an 'error' with the system. I have many, many calls into my local PD as well as the State PD regarding the online system error saying that my fingerprints are not on file for my SBI, Which are indeed and I have even asked old local PD to fax a copy over to my new local PD which they did happily. The online application error I receive is at the final step of the application when you review and submit your completed application; 'A fingerprint record for firearm purposes could not be found for the SBI number entered, Please contact your local authorizing authority to check if you have been fingerprinted for firearms purposes' I did call my local PD and verified that I did indeed have been fingerprinted and that my SBI # is valid for firearms.. My local PD says its a problem with the state's online application system, The NJ State PD says its a problem with the online application vendor and I've been sitting here without being able to even submit my change of address for a month now. I am out of patience and I receive 'lip service' about this issue being a problem with the online system. I am not sure who I can appeal to who is technically responsible for this system and the application process? Is their an official that fields application complaints or such obstructions? Must I get a lawyer? Again, This is only for a change of address for a valid FID!
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