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  1. So basically they are still doing reservations after the mandate lift?!? yea, its time to move on to another range...I liked them for the price but the hours and restrictions are too much.
  2. Would you be interested in any trades?! have a assortment of ammo... lmk
  3. No problem... Rich and company are real good guys..my compliance work usually comes back in 1-3days.
  4. https://www.kulakarms.com/ Lawrenceville, NJ
  5. thank you so much for the clarity...much appreciated!!
  6. THANKS alot.....so for laymans purposes...its $600 initial setup and $300 yearly plus taxes?!
  7. I was a member of Range-14 let my membership expire and its just been a hassle to get in with the online setup and hours for renewals and sessions..If you don't mind what was the initial cost and yearly fee? and is it one of the sponsorship ranges?!
  8. KULAK ARMS charges $25 ...I won't use any other FFL..Rich has been great to me over the years!!
  9. Yea you should've contacted a lawyer, they would've told you to withdraw your application...get an expungment and then reapply. Keep in mind everytime you apply now. you will have to answer "YES" on question 27 w/ "I was denied by {name of police dept} in {year} but have subsequently had my record expunged" good luck!
  10. I wish I was one ugh... And cool thanks...every barrel I wanted I have those notifications pushed on like 5-6 different sites. Unfortunately the ones I want never come in. I'm specifically looking for 14.5 middys
  11. Anybody else notice barrels have been dried up for months?! anything from BCM to Ballistic Advantage. I've been on a hunt since Sept and nothing. Preordered a Faxon Gunner barrel had to cancel it because they were pushing the ETA back 5-7 months very two weeks!! Anyone had any luck scoring barrels?!
  12. My town had a 500% increase I applied 11/4 then just got the email last week that I was approved for "additional" permits the lady said you were faster than others because you were already in the system...my girlfriend applied for a FID in the same town in JULY and still nothing...so new FID holders are definitely in the waiting game.
  13. I work with two avid RC plane guys...they fly turbines and electric, go to warbirds and all, if you guys know anybody selling let me know I can direct the message to them.. they literally spend thousands in this hobby. lol
  14. My town (Willingboro,NJ) had a 500% increase in applications the last few months, they even made a facebook post that it may take longer than usual. Applied for 2x P2P Nov. 4th Applied via FARS Nov. 4th both references returned emails Nov. 14th Criminal History Completed **will update when I have to pay for my permits** Dec.11th paid for my permits Jan. 27th Application Approved
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