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  1. https://palmettostatearmory.com/walther-p38-9mm-4-9-8rd-german-made-military-surplus-good-condition-hgp38.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=daily_deals&utm_campaign=20230829&utm_term=morning&utm_content= Palmetto State just posted this in a email..not sure if its exactly what you're looking for.
  2. Burlington County - Willingboro Twp. 8/16/22 Fingerprints done same day and app handed in 9/15/22 References contacted 10/26/22 Sent to court 12/12/22 MO cashed 12/28/22 Sent to Judge 1/10/23 Signed by Judge 1/31/23 Picked up from Local PD
  3. appreciate the feedback... one trip it is lol I think my county is checking "see court order" (Burlington) hope that won't be an issue.
  4. Do you know if I can go over to DelCo and have it done in the same day?!? or is all online?
  5. seriously wtf does this guy think he is!?!?.... throw this c+nt in the prison system and let him get aquainted with the general population. Now he gives ammo to the pencil pushers and anti groups ughhhhhh smh https://nj1015.com/lacey-nj-man-confronted-amazon-driver-for-entering-racist-neighborhood-cops-say/
  6. my kids mother filed for a RO and child support in 08' and it was granted, then she filed a motion for both to be dismissed 2yrs later 10'..Anthony from GFH on his podcast said any kind of DV is subject for denial since judges can use "public safety" even though I'm currently a FID holder and had an expungement in 16' it raises my concern.
  7. I really don't remember (2008) I believe it was a RO, I know that we went to court and dropped the whole ordeal (2010)and its the same judge who is going over our PTC applications. my expungement was in (2016)
  8. Yea its a head scratcher... cause judges can literally do what they want since they have overall power and can still deny you off "public safety" In Bergen County a judge denied a FID holder a PTC because of a careless driving ticket. IDK if you guys been hearing the stories coming out across the state on the court level. I can't imagine having a denial then the motion to cease my firearms (thousands ontop of thousands of dollars worth) then having to hire an attorney for 3-5k cause lawshield doesn't cover it and having to fight in court for over a year. Just cause they CAN at the flick of a wrist and pen, when it costs me time and money.
  9. LAWSHIELD is worthless.. I called them to see about withdrawing and using my lawyer privileges. They put me on the phone the next day with an Evan Nappen lawyer and he flat out kept saying read the fine print we only advise and he didn't even advise me just said if you see the writing on the wall then withdraw...and we charge way more than 3k (that was the price I threw out there) for a denial hearing or even coming to the hearing before getting the PTC. whats the point for US lawshield again!? pffft
  10. I had an expungement before I was able to get an FID card and successfully applied many times thru the years for pistol permits. I'm really debating withdrawing my PTC application since I had a DV case (no violence)with my daughters mother 15yrs ago and from my understanding PO's have the ability to pull these old files up and DENY. I'd rather withdraw than have a nasty denial on my record that I have to put down for every application, ughhhh cant wait to move down south.
  11. Burlington and Camden should be RED..none have been given out as the courts "are waiting on guidelines"
  12. BREAKING! MONMOUTH CO. CCW APPLICANTS IN A JAM! ANJRPC LAWYER DAN SCHMUTTER ADVISES TO LAWYER-UP! by Black Wire Media Mon. Sept. 19, 2022 www.cnjfo.com/join-us UPDATE! UPDATE FROM DAN SCHMUTTER! The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office contacted us to tell us that they are no longer requesting that applicants agree to conditions on their permits. NEW IMPORTANT REQUEST FROM DAN SCHMUTTER: If you are contacted by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office (OR any OTHER AGENCY in ANY COUNTY--Editor) and told that your application is being forwarded to the judge, can you please ask them to confirm that they will copy you simultaneously with their letter to the judge? Also, when they send you their letter to the judge, can you please forward it right away to the ANJRPC Permitting Strikeforce email: [email protected] We think it’s potentially very important what they say to the judge in their cover letter and how they characterize the submission. Thank you. --------------Yesterday's FULL STORY BELOW!-------- Daniel Schmutter, lead Counsel for the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, announced an hour ago the results of communications with the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office concerning handgun carry permit restrictions. Although we're saddened by this news, it's not surprising given the obvious panic attack that our overlords in Trenton have been going through since June 23rd when the Bruen decision was announced! The first group of carry permit applicants in Monmouth County were GIVEN UNTIL TOMORROW to decide whether or not to go along with the UNNAMED restrictions or NOT, including the possibility of not carrying a loaded handgun in ANY vehicle you're in, thus RENDERING the PERMIT itself almost USELESS! From Attorney Daniel Schmutter: On behalf of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs (“ANJRPC”) I spoke with the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office regarding their recent contact with some handgun carry permit applicants requesting that the applicants agree to certain restrictions and conditions on their permits. Here's what the Prosecutor’s Office told us: First, they indicated that none of the applicants contacted are required to agree to the requested conditions. Second, they indicated that if applicants do not agree to the requested conditions, they do not intend to oppose the application, and they do not intend to request conditions from the judge deciding the permit application. However, the Prosecutor’s Office does intend to specifically advise the judge that the applicant did not agree to any conditions. This is in contrast to simply saying nothing to the judge. Third, they indicated that they believe that if an applicant does not agree to some or all of their requested conditions, the judge may impose even more conditions. However, they could not predict whether or not the judge might impose more conditions anyway even if the applicant does agree to the requested conditions. The Prosecutor’s Office did not offer guarantees either way of what the judge might or might not do. Fourth, they indicated that they have asked the first group of applicants contacted to decide by Tuesday September 20, 2022 what they wish to do regarding the requested conditions. While we can report what they told us, we cannot vouch for the truthfulness of their statements to us. Their implication is that applicants who do not consent to their requested conditions may face more stringent conditions imposed by the judge, but they did not attempt to guarantee what the judge will actually do either way. Applicants who have been contacted by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office may wish to directly and independently verify with that office the information above, and address any other questions directly with the individual at the Prosecutor’s Office who contacted you, before deciding whether or not to accept their requested conditions. Applicants MAY WISH TO RETAIN AN ATTORNEY to assist with any aspect of this process, whether to communicate with the Prosecutor’s Office regarding any questions, to address timing issues, to obtain advice about whether or not to agree to any conditions, to negotiate the quantity or specific language of the requested conditions, to advise on what the judge may or may not do based on what the applicant chooses to do, or any other aspect of this process. THIS MESSAGE IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE -- you should only rely on advice from an attorney retained by YOU". EDITOR'S NOTE: So, there it is folks. Our Governor lives in Monmouth County, and he hates GUNZ ('cept those carried by his security detail that is)! As more news becomes available, we'll be sharing it with our readers! ---The Editor #CNJFO #2A #2AHeavyLifters #2AShallNotBeInfringed #gun #guns #2amendment #firearmsafety #ANJRPC
  13. hmmmm, that's interesting I think if it wasn't for you running point and being proactive you would still be sitting.. so we have to light a match under their a$$ is what it is looking like.
  14. +1 for Burlington County residents!!! need more...one a week isn't going to cut it... were there any other PTC applicants in the group?!
  15. every dept has their own way of accepting applications. mine told me to put "NA" for confirmation case # when I went down there then dropped off my package with the identgo receipt.
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