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  1. True...but Pmags are overly priced... the best mags in my opinion are Duramag (used to be C Products Defense) Stainless Steel.... they make a 10/30 and regular 10, I might have seen a 10/20 at one time too...I ran pmags.. hexmags ..aluminum crap...but the Duramags are lighter and I just love the metal feel instead of plastic and I beat the crap out of them dropping them on the ground...and the most you will spend is $11.99 a mag.. I got them on sale for $8.99 from Gun Mag Warehouse when the BAN on 15rd came in effect. Try them out you might switch over like I did.
  2. What are factory load .45acp going for per round nowadays?! anyone know?
  3. As the title says, If you are willing to sell some .45acp factory ammo or have some for sale, please send me a PM. thanks.
  4. My town (Willingboro,NJ) had a 500% increase in applications the last few months, they even made a facebook post that it may take longer than usual. Applied for 2x P2P Nov. 4th Applied via FARS Nov. 4th both references returned emails Nov. 14th Criminal History Completed **will update when I have to pay for my permits**
  5. YUP!!! Soon as I got the notification they were in stock.. ..I placed an order for 2x and picked them up last week!! I do however remember buying them for $49.99 during Christmas break 2x years ago..
  6. Remington 870 Tactical or a Mossberg 590A1 Tactical (my personal choices) with Federal LE13200 low recoil buckshot ammo!
  7. Thanks for the reply, no I didn't know there was a price request form..thanks for the information, I will try that!
  8. My buddy just received his P2P's and is looking for a brand new glock 19. I know there are some dealers in the forum so If you happen to see one in your LGS or know of anyone selling them could you let me know. thanks!
  9. Ahhhhhhhh what a beautiful time for 9mm ammo! 124g gold dots for $432 now its 115g blazer brass for $799 smh
  10. Just received the call of NICS approval 8/24 so still 4-5 days...
  11. My NICS went in today, last month it was 4-5 days, will update when FFL calls. #KulakArms
  12. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/102204140 This is what I used... perfect for 14.5 build
  13. https://www.facebook.com/ShoreShotPistolRangeNJ/videos/2667455800200720/
  14. He said under "federal" if it was his choice it wouldn't have happened!!!
  15. According to NJ2AS Gov Murphy just reopened gun stores and ranges..
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