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  1. I'm with you so I'm going to comment as well, I have a G19 gen 4 I want milled. but I'm looking at the Holosun 507c
  2. My coworker is going thru Mount Laurel PD as well, he did his AFTER you (7/12)and they called references last week and no employment verification. things that make you go hmmmmm, maybe they are going thru top to bottom stacks with bottom being the oldest. regardless it should've been in the county courthouse by now.
  3. This is a funny post...who says "Taylor Ham"?! is that like canadian bacon? CTFU ..never even heard of a pork roll till I moved to South Jersey, and they love it out here w/ that slushy high fructose corn syrup drink aka BOOST lol. I'm originally from NY where the BACON egg & cheese on seeded kaiser roll reigns supreme.
  4. https://www.wfmz.com/news/area/western-newjersey/36-handguns-stolen-from-lopatcong-twp-shop-during-break-in/article_15fd390e-0e12-11ed-b77a-efc2ced40d30.html Well that's 36 handguns on NJ streets do you thing they got their FID card, permits and 10rd magazines?! Criminals going to always criminal.
  5. Someone in another NJ gun group said his CCW packet was sent back because in 89' he was driving on an suspended license and had to do 3x days of community service. The detective said he should have checked YES to question 17 (disorderly persons). So now he has to check yes and resend it, he contacted his lawyer and even the lawyer said that should not matter since it is a motor vehicle issue. Mind you he already has an FID card and purchased many firearms before. I told him to forward it to the ANJRCP Strikeforce.
  6. **update** I'm also open to trades, I'm waiting on permits to come thru so I would like to use Kulak Arms for this since he would hold it for me, till they come in. but lookin into a VP9SK or a Glock 43x MOS. We can work out the differences in price.
  7. From what was said on Reddit, yes! You receive a packet in your port ,you go over the material then sign off. Not sure of the time spent in the class. If I didn't live so far I would go here. but Shooters is the closest to me with many reputable references ,they was also posted on the NJSP website along with GFH, so I went with them. Aug 13th!!
  8. I saw this on NJGunReddit, I wonder what the other ranges and instructors qualification sheets look like. maybe we can post them up in here?! just a thought.
  9. Up for sale is a HK P30 V1 Light Lem Trigger chambered in 9mm w/ 3dot sights, ambidextrous safety lever, 2x 10rd magazine (730901) It only has 25rds shot thru it (the other 25 went to my G19)basically new. Asking $700 and buyer pays fees. We can meet up @ my FFL Kulak Arms in Lawrence,NJ can also meet @ Legacy Firearms in Cinnaminson,NJ. First to post "I'll take it" wins the sale. IMG_7207.HEIC IMG_7206.HEIC
  10. Any Burlington County approvals yet!? @ToddD think you might be the 1st in our county.
  11. that's weird... I go on the website and it still has the 6/22 version.
  12. Thanks for the info.. I think I found something online visafoto.com, it seems they can do it. And they specifically have ("US NY gun license 1.5" x 1.5") its $7 for a 4x6 (4x photos) . Might go this route
  13. I've called CVS, Walgreens, the UPS Store, Staples... NONE of these places do 1.5 x 1.5 photos. So where are you guys getting 1.5's from?? I took everyone that commented advice and all these places said NO, only passport 2" x 2"s.
  14. If you keep watching the IG story its like the 4th post after the CCW pic. Someone asked what COF they ran.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE3ODY4NjUxMzg5Njk2NzY0?story_media_id=2882228826244377385&igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  16. This is where I'm scheduled at...Aug 13th is my appt..
  17. So you handed the app in originally without the qualification test?! Trying to figure out what class the NJSP turned down.
  18. As a FID holder for years, if I wanted more handguns I have to take a test now?! this must be for new applicants I assume. Cause that will make no sense.. but then again I live in NJ ~le sigh
  19. Right!?? this is where my application would go to as well..
  20. With CCW the talk of the town. My local LGS said that I should just fill out a NH non-resident and send the $100. I am waiting till NJ works out it's kinks. I say that because I am in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Florida 8-10x a year. How does it work? Say you get pulled over or stopped on the street and you hand over your NJ drivers license for ID and then a NH non-resident CCW card for your firearm do these states recognize that?! I was told by someone with a Utah Non-resident that a PA police officer said your ID and CCW addresses have to match.. Any NH non-resident CCW holders have any info on this matter? **THIS IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES** dssp260.pdf
  21. All I know is there are multiple training instructors and facilities with ALL DIFFERENT requirements. This is the BS I'm talking about. Some doing Basic pistol 1&2 and Holster draw 1&2 with a CCW thats over 1k in fees, Some doing HNQC & HQC2, some just basic pistol and qualification test. The most realistic one I've seen is Gun For Hire, who is qualification from ready position like majority of CCW states..unfortunately they are 1hr and 20min from me but I might have to suck up that ride and get it done!
  22. I've been looking at the Crossbreed LDS 2.0 and the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 for my G19 w/TLR-7. On Reddit overall consensus seems to lean towards the Crossbreed.
  23. https://news.yahoo.com/georgia-gov-signs-major-constitutional-062334658.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall https://www.cbsnews.com/news/georgia-gun-bill-permitless-carry-signed-governor-brian-kemp/
  24. sheesh..good question....it was 93-94' I wanna say between .87 & .98
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