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  1. CDNN Sports is running a special on factory mags. 3 for $29.99, limit 2 offers
  2. There’s that name again.....pork roll. Tastes like Taylor Ham, right?
  3. Clearly fishing for an odd caliber, but if anyone has one they would part with, PM me. Alternatively, I have 200 factory primed Remington brass if someone is in the market.
  4. 2 boxes (1 full) rounds in clips and original packaging. Free for whoever can use them. Cross posted.
  5. Anyone cleaning out your reloading stock, in the market for 40 grn heads. Located up in Taylor Ham country.
  6. I’ve got a Savage Axis 2 package with heavy barrel, camo stock I’d part with. Can post pics tonite.
  7. Burning the polling stations would jeopardize all those ‘supplemental, voter ballots that tend to turn up well after Election Day. Can’t have that.
  8. There’s a picture of it in every diner North of Somerset County
  9. Migrating over from NJHunter. That site is dying a slow painful death. Been worse since Stevo’s passing. I like talking guns more than archery so this site seemed a good fit. Anyway, Cherry Ridge is Home base for me, and I like making little holes in paper with my .222’s and 22 Hornet’s.
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