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  1. I kinda just rolled with the claims. FM Products makes high quality lowers and uppers for dope prices. thats mine from reddit. FM Product lower, complete 7.5 inch upper, with a blast diffuser to bring it to 8.25. they make 5 inch models as well with a tri lug so if you ever move out of the state you can grab a suppressor. Glock mags, last round hold open. my upper is side charging the 5 inch models are reg charging handle. Their bolt is great, I used a law tac folder (wouldn't do it again) CMC 3.5 pound single stage trigger and blitzkrieg standard buffer with orange sprinco spring
  2. From my understandting and what the ATF examiner and CC'd legal group said. just because you become an AOW you don't lose your states classification. So AOW - Pistol would mean in the eyes of NJ its still a pistol. In my case since it starts as receiver a firearm so its AOW - Firearm ... Honestly its 200 bucks and if you get denied you get that money back in 24 hours. Give it a shot...
  3. correct. converting a pistol of any sort in NJ creates an assault weapon by law, so the ATF would deny that application but firearms are legal in NJ, a lower receiver per the GCA is a firearm, and there is no issue in converting a firearm nor are AOWs banned by name
  4. no sir, federally if you have an AR Pistol for example and want to add a vertical foregrip you apply for an AOW and once approved you have it.
  5. correct they are not necessary however the ATF examiner requested it from me because of NJ law of building something that was once a pistol, rifle or shotgun. Many replies are why does the ATF care about state - the ATF examiners will not approve you for something illegal in your state, try to apply to form 1 a suppressor in NJ for example. its legal federally, your form 1 will be denied.
  6. So the notification emails go to my spam folder now, even though I have clicked not spam a bunch of times. the procedure is straight forward: 1) buy stripped lower receiver 2) retain copy of receipts, 4473 (scan this on genius scan when at your FFL) 3) fill out ATF form 1 on e-forms 4) in the electronic file section attach the 4473 --> this is to prove its never been a rifle, pistol or shotgun --> basically if its been a rifle or shotgun you are creating a sawed off shotgun per NJ Law --> if its been a pistol you are creating an assault weapon per NJ Law 5) send in your fingerprints --> do not send certified, they don't have someone always signing 6) send notification to CLEO 7) wait 30 days 8) approve = get engraving down first name, last name municipality , NJ 9) Enjoy
  7. facts. and im trying its just hard to find buy side finance jobs out of the tri-state area
  8. i applied for 4, 2 on aero m4e1s, 1 on a brownells brn 22 receiver and 1 on a foxtrot mike ar 9 lower receiver
  9. More to ensure i wasn’t wasting my time. Applying etc. the law is very self explanatory
  10. First sentence in my post "serialized polymer 80" https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/frame-parts/frames/pfc9-serialized-frame-for-glock-19-23-prod115783.aspx
  11. Hi all, North Jersey here, built a serialized polymer 80, having a lot of issues with the trigger not resetting, and not firing on the pull and then I rack the slide, it will fire and then fire on the reset if it resets. Watched a ton of troubleshooting videos, but would like a gunsmith to take a look. Looking for a recommendation: Hopefully one that won't charge an arm and a leg, and one that wouldn't mind walking me through what i did wrong and the fix.
  12. Wanted to followup on this. Went back to my police station they called NJSP and were told use discretion for the date. She asked if I remember the day I picked them up if not they would put today’s date. I told her I did and that’s when they were dated. Picked up my birthday gift. And all ends well.
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