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  1. Here is the press release since the original didnt save... (my bad) Franklin Armory® V. New Jersey Minden, NV, October 24, 2019– Franklin Armory® is filing suit in the U.S. District Court for the State of New Jersey challenging the unconstitutional actions of the New Jersey State Police. The complaint challenges the agencies unlawful prohibition of the Franklin Armory® Reformation® series firearms. Jay Jacobson President said, “fundamentally, the State of New Jersey has infringed upon our Constitutional rights. We will never stand by when an agency of any jurisdiction unlawfully restricts our rights or those of our customers.” This lawsuit alleges official misconduct, negligence, recklessness and/or purposefully, intentional or callously indifferent conduct of Defendants State of New Jersey, New Jersey State Police, Patrick A. Callahan (in his capacity as Superintendent of the State of New Jersey Police), Attorney General of the State of New Jersey, Gurbir Grewal (in his official capacity as Attorney General), and the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety (“Defendants”). Specifically, the lawsuit claims that Defendants have violated Plaintiff’s constitutional rights and caused irreparable damage to Plaintiff by improperly, and without legal justification, preventing, precluding, and delaying the lawful sale of lawful firearms within the State of New Jersey.
  2. Well, looks like the attachment didnt save, my apologies
  3. Im just going to leave this, here...
  4. The Police Department responded to us saying that they could not find any statutes that would prohibit the legal purchase, transfer, and/or possession of the RS7™ and RS11™ within the state of New Jersey.
  5. We appreciate the credit for innovation. With that being said, it was designed for home defense and self defense. For those uses, being accurate out to 50 or 100 yards is more than enough for those needs. If someone wishes to have a firearm for longer range, then a short barrel isn't the way to go.
  6. If the round is tumbling, it has enough power to take down a target but should not have enough to also pass through a wall injuring someone else. As far as the ammo price and available, we do not have any details that have not been released yet.
  7. New Jersey Police Department personnel were unable to provide any statutes that would prohibit the legal purchase, transfer, and/or possession of the RS7™ and RS11™ within the state of New Jersey.
  8. It is not suppose to be an SBR and it is not suppose to be a 300 yard range gun. It was designed for close quarter firearm for primarily home defense with no need to go more than 100 yards.
  9. This firearm was designed for close quarters. When we have tested it with standard ammunition, we have seen consistent 3.5" groupings at 100 yards. As far as accuracy with a 7.5" barrel that is what you can expect. Once the ammunition specific for the Reformation™ comes out, those grouping will be even smaller.
  10. When doing the configuration on the website, both the trigger and state sections need to be selected. Once those both have been chosen then the correct price will show.
  11. Minden, NV, April 19, 2019 – Innovative firearms manufacturer, Franklin Armory®, is now accepting orders from the State of New Jersey for the Reformation™ RS7™ and RS11™. Franklin Armory™ President, Jay Jacobson, noted, “We have been working with the New Jersey State Police to confirm the legality of the Reformation™ firearms in the state. Department personnel were unable to provide any statutes that would prohibit the legal purchase, transfer, and/or possession of the RS7™ and RS11™ within the state of New Jersey.” Reformation™ firearms shipping to New Jersey will feature ten round Magpul Pmag magazines and a Franklin Armory® custom tuned trigger. Since Reformation™ firearms do not readily fall under the definitions of rifle, shotgun, or pistol under state law, they have not been shown to trigger the New Jersey Assault Weapon classification. Additionally, since they have not been shown to be classified as a state defined rifle or shotgun, they cannot be defined as a state defined short barreled rifle or short barreled shotgun. Reformation™ firearms are still considered NON-NFA firearms under federal law and will NOT require a $200 tax stamp. To order, visit: https://franklinarmory.com/products/complete-firearms/reformation/ For more information and dealer inquiries, please email us at [email protected]
  12. These firearms are in such a high demand that we can not provide a discount at this point.
  13. The New Jersey Revised Statutes define “shotgun” in a manner more similar to the NFA. Section 2C:39-1n defines “shotgun” in the following manner: [JD1] "Shotgun" means any firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder and using the energy of the explosive in a fixed shotgun shell to fire through a smooth bore either a number of ball shots or a single projectile for each pull of the trigger, or any firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder which does not fire fixed ammunition. [JD1]Deleted this subsection and all others in this document because it is duplicative since the subsections are cited in the preceding sentences.
  14. Suppressors still require a federal tax stamp. Just make sure they are legal where you are.
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