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  1. Wow! that is amazing... I did the FARS as well, it took more than 2 months to get 2 P2P's.
  2. Thanks everyone—some good thoughts here on gun safety and storage. Always a wealth of info on this forum. Happy holidays!
  3. He knows that one exists, it was recently given to me by my father, its a tiny .22. I don't advertise to him that I have another, so im just looking to keep them safely hidden, esp if he should get curious. Like I said, he's not a criminal, so not looking for something that he can't pry open, just something that the lock can't easily be defeated—like most I've seen on Amazon, etc.
  4. Thanks everyone. I actually don't even keep ammo in the house, as that was part of the "deal" I made with my wife, plus these are not for self defense, just range use.
  5. Thanks all. Not looking for "Fort Knox", or to protect from burglary, just from a potentially curious boy. He's not a criminal, so I'm not needing the sturdiest of safe's just something that will keep his potential curiosity at bay, and not something that can be defeated easily by watching a YouTube video. As-is now, the gun is trigger-locked, then locked in a Zero Halliburton combo case, so its secure, but my wife...Need to triple assure her.
  6. thanks, that's what I've been thinking about. Haven't really found any that seem like they are sturdy enough/smart enough to not get hacked. If you have any that you know about, I'd love to have the models/makes. thanks
  7. thanks, do you know who makes it? model? Most of what I've found are either the electronic/biometric style, that also have a key—which seems to able to be "easily" defeated by watching any number of online videos. that's what I'm trying to avoid. thanks
  8. Hello. Looking for a small gun safe—big enough for 2-3 (or more) handguns. I've done a lot of research and can't seem to find one that isn't easily "defeatable" in some sense. I have a 12 yr old boy, so as he gets older, obviously want to make sure he can't just look on Youtube to find out that a straw/pen/ etc can easily open one of these safes. Would love to hear any thoughts. thanks
  9. I ask, because I filled out the online FARS, was approved by State Police within a couple weeks, or less, and my local PD has been taking over 4 weeks now, doing whatever they need to do on their end to approve me for 2 purchase permits. Im really getting annoyed at this process....Doesnt seem right, does it?
  10. Curious why one must go through their local PD for purchase permits. And if this isn't true, please enlighten me. thanks in advance
  11. Hey thanks! but I still need to use one of the permits? no way around that? can't use the Voluntary form that I downloaded?
  12. Thanks for all the info, and sorry if this opened a can of worms... Seems the short answer is that I must use one of my highly coveted "permit to purchases", take the firearm to the FFL, pay their fee, and have it legally transferred into my name. Sound right? thanks
  13. what does that mean exactly? im a registered user of this site.
  14. thank you. that makes no sense (not your fault). im not purchasing it...I am awaiting still my purchase permits though...been 3 weeks + now since NJSP have approved them, but my local is dragging the process out.
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