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  1. I guess you're probably correct. I"m having a hard time understanding the rules for this category. Seems silly all the stipulations that can/cannot be, in order to make these types legal.
  2. Couldn't really find the answer, apologizes since I'm new at trying to understand the NJ laws. is this legal? https://www.atlanticfirearms.com/products/gsg-mp40-9mm-pistol Someone mentioned maybe not b/c of the "50oz", which i'm not clear on. Is that the mag weight? if so, would it be legal with the 10RD mag? Would love to be enlightened on what types of rifles and the like are legal here in NJ thanks!
  3. I It's all silly! I'm still waiting (after 3 weeks), for my purchase permit to be extended by my local PD. Can't even get a reply from them. My guess, is that they're doing yet another background check...
  4. What they told me was that even after NJSP do their background check, Maplewood will conduct their own. The process seems a bit redundant and also very inconsistent from town-to-town
  5. My local PD took almost 2 months, AFTER the NJSP already approved me.
  6. I've emailed the officer, NO reply. this also happened during the process to pick up these permits, it took almost 2 months for them, AFTER NJSP did all their background checks. I stopped in today, and someone called ME back, saying its still not ready. its now been 2 weeks since I dropped the permit off for the extension.
  7. I had a permit that was expiring (in 3 weeks), but I was leaving town, so I dropped it off at the local PD before I left—that was 2 weeks ago. I have received NO word from them, so I popped in today to see if it was ready. Just got a call telling me, "NO, it's still not ready". I'm wondering if this is "normal", to take this long, and at what point does this start to become an infringement on the 2nd amendment. thanks
  8. I don't have the number, but if you just look up NJ state police firearms, you'll get the main number and from there you can get to the firearms dept. It helps if you have your confirmation number handy, from the FARS site. If not, they may be able to look it up with your name. good luck
  9. My local PD took their sweet time too, even after I called NJSP and was told that I was approved within a week of online submitting. I also contacted NJ2AS, and they didn't seem to offer much help, nor care, but go for it. Good luck
  10. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I appreciate all the great insight and information on this site. Happy holidays!
  11. Thanks I'm honestly open to pretty much any options, with the exception of joining a club. If you know of any outdoor ranges that do not require you to pay a fee to join, please post them thanks so much
  12. Hi and apologizes if this exists, but didn't see any topics. I'm in Essex County, and was looking for an outdoor pistol range either in NJ or PA. I'm tired of shooting at paper, so was hoping there might be somewhere not too far where one could shoot at something besides a paper target? Thanks in advance
  13. Wow! that is amazing... I did the FARS as well, it took more than 2 months to get 2 P2P's.
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