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  1. So I'm waiting on my second batch of permits (already received some and made a successful purchase). Was told by NJSP that they did the background check and it was "ok", and sent to local police. I'm wondering, does this mean I should be approved? That there are no other checks by the local police? I ask because I have not received the automated update from the NJ portal and my local PD says the background check has not be completed yet. any insight would be great thanks
  2. its a very long story...I had some docs from the court and state of AZ, where in "incident" happened. Not sure if these helped or if NICS NJ just called AZ and were told that "all is well" and that there was never any conviction only an arrest. regardless, I now have the Beretta
  3. Yeah was meaning to update. Yesterday I was finally "approved"...but not before having to call the NJSP and sending through some documents that may or may not have helped with getting this outcome. Seems that this will be the case for every purchase moving forward, for me...
  4. I’m sure. FFL showed me a screen shot of others below me “approved “. I was expecting this since the issue came up while waiting for my card. Detective from my local called me to inquire further about the arrest
  5. So, I purchased my first hand gun online, had it sent to an FFL here in NJ. The NICS just came back “delayed”. I had a similar issue while waiting on the background check to come in for my FID card. I know now exactly what the issue is. 30 years ago, while in college I had an arrest, NO conviction, for something that sounds far worse than it really is. Again, never convicted and no charges just the arrest. I’m hoping that since they have me the card that the NICS will eventually come back as “approved “? Any insight would be great
  6. Can you store ammo in a garage that's not temp controlled? Even if not long-term, but for a few months?
  7. I love this logic! and have used it in the past...I never buy anything for myself, so on the rare occasion that I do (such as this)... Only part I left out, is that we do have a 12-year-old boy, so she's concerned about him. If it were just us, I'd probably have had an armory in the basement years ago Just trying to keep the house as safe as possible, and again, this is NOT for home protection, only for range shooting. Thanks! I love how my first post here has gone from "where to buy ammo..." TO "How to hide guns/ammo from your wife"... I agree, this is a fun topic though...
  8. thanks! was thinking of doing this, but the garage is not heated, nor temp controlled, so in the winter/summer would that still be ok? thanks
  9. LOL, I was waiting for all this. Yeah, my wife isn't a fan...I had to make my case for the pistol, "bullet proof", so-to-speak...So on top of locking the gun, and then keeping it in a safe box that is locked, I said I would not keep ammo in the house...Clearly the pistol isn't for home defense, but only for shooting at the range.
  10. Thanks everyone! Some great info here. I was hoping to find some brick and mortar that was nearby and that I hadn't found already, as I promised my wife I wouldn't keep ammo in the house...Thus stocking up from an online shop isn't really an option for me (yet?) Appreciate all the advice though, thanks again
  11. Can you buy ammo in PA without a permit? Is NJ really going to ban internet orders? thanks
  12. Hi. New to the forum, and also picking up my first firearm this week—92FS Beretta. Wondering where to buy cheap range ammo in or near Essex County (Maplewood area). Dick's on RT 22 used to sell? RTSP is a great place, but their ammo is pretty high. Any brick and mortar suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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