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  1. Perhaps, but I would think overall we are too easily accepting broader circumstances to fall under "community care taking" and cases like these could set precedents allowing for more abuse of such searches. We already have Rubio calling for restricting 2A rights for anyone investigated for "domestic terrorism", not even convicted, just investigated.
  2. Does the 4th allow unreasonable search and seizure of firearms without a warrant? This case going to the SCOTUS may decide. https://www.forbes.com/sites/evangerstmann/2021/02/05/supreme-court-will-decide-whether-police-can-enter-a-home-to-seize-guns-without-a-warrant/
  3. I'm pretty OCD about the receiver fit as well. On most decent sets, the wedge (or Aero's tension screw) does the trick. A thin O-ring on the front lug works in most other situations. Get a decent set of takedown pins as well.
  4. I have "x" amount of ARs already... I build them seasonally.... Won't disclose for prying ATF eyes.. most were lost in a terrible accident, blah blah blah.... I want a damn M1 now! The interest was peaked with a cover vs concealment meme and now I absolutely NEED one.
  5. Well sounds like we could do it with subsequent FFL transfers to individuals. Except the original buyer would be violating the rules of CMP membership and probably jeopardizing their status with CMP. So is anyone willing to be expelled from CMP? Otherwise looks like we're done....
  6. HK has VP9 10 round mags from the factory. You can find them on hkparts website. I had the original ones pinned and ordered 6 more 10 round factory mags separately. The factory 10 round mags can also be disassembled for cleaning whereas the pinned ones cannot. Love the VP9, one of my favorites. And infinitely superior to a revolver!
  7. Reading the CMP site looks like the limit is 8?
  8. I'm over a month late here, so you may have already found your barrel. FWIW, I've had really good luck with Wilson Combat barrels in other calibers. Have their 5.56 and a 300BLK on two builds, and a 6.5 Creedmor on an AR10. All shoot amazing, even with range grade ammo, but especially with match grade.
  9. Working on it. Going to depend on what they have available i imagine.
  10. I love how this thread started trying to help a guy with a home defense rifle and spun into a large group buy of M1 Garands!!! "You get a Grand, and you get a Garand, and you get a Garand..."
  11. Well anything in the $850 range, give or take a bit is fine by me if we can figure out a group buy.
  12. I'm in if the price is reasonable. Whats the ballpark on a decent M1 through CMP?
  13. I've checked their site before. Guess you have to join the CMP to be able to purchase through them?
  14. Never happened to me either but I have very little time on one. Just some fun at the range with a friends M1 and I was very diligent so as not to let it happen. Given enough time I could see getting my thumb pinched at some point.
  15. No one "needs" the $50 safety. But please put a decent charging handle on it if you have any intention of ever needing the rifle for anything off the range. Aero lowers have been my go to.
  16. Classic. Getting your thumb smacked in the action, also classic, but much less fun. The Garand has earned its place though.
  17. Anderson.... "just as good"
  18. Rethinking the whole thing now. Just get a double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the home. Done.
  19. Vmax rounds are awesome! And yeah, miss with ANYTHING and drywall isn't stopping it.
  20. Regardless of the firearm selected, HP ammunition is a no brainer for HD. Even an AR should not be loaded with FMJ. Plenty of rounds for easy expansion out there. If chambered in 300 BLK, even better. For Antifa? I like the crew served belt fed option mentioned above!
  21. This we can all agree on. Get many, many, many guns. Once you start buying, its inevitable anyway.
  22. It's a forum, after all. Drift and opinions are always going to happen. Ultimately, due to the crazy market, your options may be somewhat limited. Search the shelves and see what's available. Then get to the range and gain familiarity and comfort with it. Ammo is limited in every caliber so stock up on what you can and be prepared to pay a premium for it for the time being. And by the way....... AR!!!!!!!!! Haha
  23. Agree. But i had a lot of fun as a kid learning on a bolt action. Given enough time to start people young it's a great way to begin.
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