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  1. Hey all, moving out of the country in a year so unloading all my gear slowly starting with the ammo, heres what I got: 9mm - By The Round From Ammo Box - (dont remember what brand it is but probably S&B) - $0.40/round 9mm - 40 Boxes of S&B 115 - $20/box 22LR - By The Round From Ammo Box (CCI 40 grain Target Standard Velocity) - $0.08/round [pending] 22LR - 2 Boxes of CCI 40 grain Target Standard Velocity - $40/box [pending] 223/556 - By The Round From Ammo Box (Mix of Tulsa Range Friendly and something shiny idk) - $0.45/round 12 Gauge - By The Round From Ammo Box (Remington Gun Club 12 gauge shot) - $0.35/ round [sold] 12 Gauge - 20 Boxes of Remington rifled slug - $8/box 44 Magnum - 2 boxes of Remington HTP 44 - $36/box Located in Elizabeth NJ
  2. I have the 44 Mag Raging Hunter (8 inch) sitting at my LGS waiting for my 30 day cool-off period to expire. Ill chime back in when I take it out to the range and get to use it. Also, Taurus upped the warranty to lifetime on the Raging Hunter which is cool.
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