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  1. Hi Dilbert, Your post is pertinent to my situation. I recieved and email on August 14 that my criminal background check was complete and as of today I have not recieved any other notification. Is there any process you know of to expedite my card? I also used red lion.
  2. Does anyone know, I looked on google and didnt see a definitive answer, if you can use a single shot 12 guage for muzzle loader season if you're not carrying any manufactured shells but only what you'd use for a muzzle loader. I have a 209 primer adapter for my 12 guage. So I can basically treat it like a muzzle loader. I know it's legal in Ohio but no sure about NJ. Thanks
  3. Also 2 is 1, 1 is none. I'd buy a mora, for $12 you cant get a better knife. Throw it in your pack and it's a backup. The mora garberg is bomb proof and full tang, if you want inexpensive look at condor and buy 2. The bushlore is actually really nice for the price point of under $50. Mora bushcraft black isnt full tang but an amazing blade and I'd trust it to get me out if I was lost and it's all I had.
  4. I was reading in the fid card thread that they can greatly speed up the process. One member reported a 3 week turn around. That was my sole motivation for it.
  5. If you want to get started stock removal is easier and cheaper. Just make sure you by the steel that has been preground flat so you don't have to mess around trying to true it up. If it's not perfectly flat it can warp bad during heat treat. At admiral steel it's called precision ground. 1975 to 1095 and O1 tool steel will be the most forgiving to hear treat. You can buy everything you need except the forge at harbor freight really cheap. Angle grinder, 1x30 belt sander, files and lots and lots of sand paper and you're good to go. You can make your own forge really easy with junkyard scrap parts. Brake drum, old grill and a bit of iron pipe with a cheap hair dryer and you're good to go. I'll see if I can find my pics of my dirt forge to show you how little you need to get started...it was a trench in my yard with steel pipe under the coal and a hairdryer.
  6. Is there any waiting period once I have NJ residency and driver's license before I can apply for the purchase card? I couldn't find any information that clearly answers that. I know the process takes forever unless you use an attorney (if anyone can recommend one that would be awesome) and I'd like to get it going asap.
  7. Pathfinder knife shop is very reasonably priced and I've beat the living daylights out of several of their blades. Personal favorite is the scorpoin HD. Think big tough Mora. I always stick with carbon steel because if it comes down to it, it can throw Sparks with a hard rock. Other options Mora companion hd Bushcraft black Or for the price you can get 2 condor knives in 1075. I like the bush lore myself. 1075 is a bit softer than I usually like but the edge retention has been better than I expected and if you keep it honed with a strop in the field, it'll pop hairs all day.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. Worked it out with a forum member in pm. Gonna take it to him.
  9. I play around with it. Do my own heat treat. I'm not good at it but it's a fun way to kill a Saturday. These were my first 2. Stock removal, did own heat treat with a propane forge and a toaster oven. 1095 high carbon, throws Sparks so about 56-60 Rockwell.
  10. New gun owner myself so take it for what it's worth. Also I still live in NC moving back to NJ. First gun for me was a Hatfield 12. Ga single shot ala Dave Canterbury. Second was Savage 64f .23 lr I'm left handed leave me alone. 3rd just got a .300 aac blackout. Probably put 5k rounds through the 22 before I got the new toy...dirt cheap to shoot a 22 and you'd be surprised at how much stuff you can actually kill with that little round.
  11. Does that help? I think it is the exact model...this is what happens when you go to a gun show and have poor impulse control.
  12. Hi fellas, Bear with me because this takes just a bit of explaining. Moved to NC 2 years ago, picked up my first AR yesterday for my B-day. DB ar in 300 blackout. Obviously this is not NJ compliant. Can I bring it to NJ and have a smith here make it compliant? If not, can anyone recommend someone right over the bridge in PA that can do it? I'm assuming all I need is the stock pinned and the muzzle break welded. Any idea what that work costs? I got a great deal on the rifle at a show in NC but obviously they weren't carrying anything NJ compliant. Thanks!
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