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  1. Technically I've seen this happen but you need to diesel it with an oil...lol
  2. HI everyone, I have a bit of an odd question for this forum but thought the knowledgeable people here may be able to assist. Apologies if I ramble a bit. Rather than drive to PA to look for an airgun, I'd like to be able to make purchases locally near Medford/Shamong. These purchases could be relatively frequent, as they're for my youtube channel. ( I'll get to real fire arm videos when I have a place to both shoot and film). I'm unsure who would be willing/ able to place the orders for me, how to order in this scenario, or who may be unreasonable with the fees for it in my area. I'd likely be purchasing 1 to 2 per month which could get extremely expensive depending. IF anyone can please make a recommendation or knows of a shop that stocks them, it may save me frequent drives to PA. Thanks.
  3. I think that’s my issue. I’m looking at discount sites because my idea, which may not even be possible, is to look for deals here and there and build a nice 6.5 grendel for around $500. I think it would make a cool video series and be informative since it’ll be my first time building one. I just wasn’t sure if companies simply won’t ship to no because that’s how it seems.
  4. Hey all, I have an idea that will kill 2 birds with one stone. I want to do a video series on building a quality budget AR in 6.5 grendel. I get the 6.5 grendel I want and it’s content for my YouTube. ive been searching online for budget parts and every site seems to not ship to nj. Barrel, rails, stock, upper... I understand the lower will have to go through an ffl but for the rest, am I missing something here or do I need to go through an ffl for everything?
  5. I do shoot left handed. I'm extremely left eye dominant. The issue is the nerve damage in my neck causing issues with my right anterior deltoid which causes severe tremors when the shoulder is in certain positions because of the way the signaling is being interrupted. I may switch out the rail to something lighter to make the gun more back heavy so my left hand is supporting most of the weight and mess with some foregrip accessories. Im not sure about the idea of the mag well hold and will have to play with it because my right hand would be in a position that I'd probably be getting hit with hot brass.
  6. Hi all, this may be a bit long winded and juvenile so ill try to be brief. Im left handed and have nerve damage in my neck, this causes my right front delt to be measurably weaker than the left and even holding up a drink to my mouth causes that arm to shake. Regardless of weight, simple position causes this issue to present. I own a diamondback arms DB 15 ar15 chambered in .300 blackout. When I shoot from a standing position this is a challenge because of the shaking issue. This is also the only AR I've ever held or fired. Here's where this gets dumb...I also have a replica of a Smith and Wesson AR thats an arisoft gun that supposedly mimics the real deal in weight. This does not cause me to shake with the correct hand position. Is the diamondback unusually heavy for an ar? Could anyone recommend a different manufacturer besides diamondback for an ar in 6.5 Grendel that would be lighter to allow me to shoot accurately without needing a rest of some sort? To be clear, even my savage 64f will cause this tremor after a few seconds but there's other factors i believe may be at play including the size and comfort of that rifle. Or is there something else I can do to correct this? Strength is not an issue, I can assure you, this is nerve damage in my neck that causes this tremor.
  7. Thanks sniper! I'm going to buy a bunch of targets there.
  8. Well, I was able to get to range 14 and joined there. Its about 40 minutes from me so not bad at all. I cant seem to figure out if they supply the target stands or not. Does anyone know?
  9. Hello everyone, I live in shamong nj and finding a rifle range has been a challenge. Calls have gone unanswered to inquire about membership including those to range 14 and nothing seems reasonably close. Does anyone have any recommendations for anything near the medford area? Just recieving my fid card, im eager to get in some range time and sight in some new optics.
  10. Application type: FID Pd where applied: Red Lion state police station Person delt with: I frankly don't remember, you'll understand why. Time taken to issue: original application date was March 2020. I picked up my FID card 3/13/2021. Notes: After 6 months I discovered an issue with my application by calling in several times before actually being able to speak with someone. I was told I'd have to reapply and possibly seek an expungement first. I began the expungement process which is still not complete and was called to pick up my ID. My lawyer stated the information I was provided was false and as my arrest was the result of a traffic court date I missed due to never recieving the summons, it did not disqualify my from obtaining my FID card. The summons was mailed to an address I no longer lived at and the postal service never forwarded it. Conclusion, I wasted $650 on an expungement I did not need due to the sgt. At the state police station providing me bad information when after the first 6 months he told me I was denied because of that arrest as I checked no on the box asking if id ever been arrested for a crime punishable by up to 1 year in prison. The court dismissed that charge due to the error in the summons and I simply had to pay the parking ticket.
  11. Hi Dilbert, Your post is pertinent to my situation. I recieved and email on August 14 that my criminal background check was complete and as of today I have not recieved any other notification. Is there any process you know of to expedite my card? I also used red lion.
  12. Does anyone know, I looked on google and didnt see a definitive answer, if you can use a single shot 12 guage for muzzle loader season if you're not carrying any manufactured shells but only what you'd use for a muzzle loader. I have a 209 primer adapter for my 12 guage. So I can basically treat it like a muzzle loader. I know it's legal in Ohio but no sure about NJ. Thanks
  13. Also 2 is 1, 1 is none. I'd buy a mora, for $12 you cant get a better knife. Throw it in your pack and it's a backup. The mora garberg is bomb proof and full tang, if you want inexpensive look at condor and buy 2. The bushlore is actually really nice for the price point of under $50. Mora bushcraft black isnt full tang but an amazing blade and I'd trust it to get me out if I was lost and it's all I had.
  14. I was reading in the fid card thread that they can greatly speed up the process. One member reported a 3 week turn around. That was my sole motivation for it.
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