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  1. Another quick update, just got back from fingerprinting, at the end the person who took my prints told me to tell my police chief that fingerprinting is complete. I’ll make the phone call later today. Meanwhile, one of my references has filled out and submitted the questionnaire, still waiting on the other one to do it.
  2. Just a quick update, waited all day yesterday for my #1 reference to get back to me with his email, got it this morning and completed the online form. Also scheduled and paid for fingerprinting, will be going Friday May 31st so progress has been made.
  3. For sure, thanks for the tip! I might also need to get a CDL B license if they’re short on drivers as well.
  4. Thank you very much! Will make the switch to the online form, as I’ve heard depending on the department this process could take up to a max of like 5 months! I’m not sure what to look for in a firearm to be frank. The majority of what I’ve seen has come straight through the abilities of the person holding the weapon, not so much the weapon’s attributes. After doing some quick research, the Sig Sauer P320-M17 seems like it would be a good fit! I was in the Corps from 2015-2016, I had gotten injured but have completely healed since. I’m looking to get back in, but need a basic income to maintain a few assets, so I figured the private sector would be a good place to start, GARDA specifically.
  5. What attributes does one look for to find a good fit for them? Should I be looking at magazine capacity, weight, such other qualities each weapon has? It’s definitely going to be more difficult than picking out a pair of shoes.
  6. This is news to me, thanks Pizza Bob! One question though, does it *have* to be done online? For example if I have all the paperwork filled out and ready to go, is there any benefit of then doing it online instead? From the link you provided it sounds like I have to visit my PD anyways to get the ORI number either way.
  7. That should be a breeze then. So what’re my next steps after my second referral, talk to my local police chief and get fingerprinted? I also have no idea which pistol would be a good starter. Need to do more research.
  8. Damn, wish I had a gardener! Haha but thanks for the clarification. So will my references get a phone call asking questions? When I vouched for my friend I was told to fill out some sort of questionnaire but I never received one, only a 3 minute phone call from our local Police Chief asking how well I knew my friend and if I felt he was responsible enough to own a firearm.
  9. Thank you! Glad I found this website. That’s good news, I have no mental or physical issues so I should be fine with all the background checks and other vetting. My friend has been wanting to go into law enforcement for years, possibly to become a state trooper so in his eyes putting his name on a firearm application for a friend looks bad. It’s a huge dick move considering I vouched for him as I’ve known him nearly all my life but he apparently doesn’t feel the need to return the favor. If the references don’t matter nearly as much as I’ve been told, I’m sure I can easily find a replacement. Hell, I’m pretty sure my girlfriend’s step dad could vouch for me considering I’ve known him for 5 years and see him almost daily.
  10. Hi, I’m filling out the application for initial firearms purchaser ID card / application to purchase a handgun printed off of the NJ state troopers website. The permit is essential to apply for a job with a private security firm, however I’m a bit.. stuck? I’ve got all the essentials (name, address, sex, etc.) written in but I’m at a bit of an impasse when it comes to the “two reputable persons who are presently acquainted with the applicant” AKA referrals. I filled out a questionnaire for a friend of mine, but he refused to do the same for me so screw him, what are some other really good referrals I should have? For example, I’ve heard it’s necessary to be close (but not related) with the referral for the last few years, and a big plus if the referral also has a firearm permit, has been in law enforcement/military, so for my #1 I have my USMC recruiter I’m close with, he happily gave his info, but I need another one. After I get my second referral, what steps do I take? As this form will then be complete, I have also completed a consent for mental health records search form too. Do I then go to my local PD and hand in the forms, and eventually go wherever for fingerprinting? County is Camden County
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