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  1. 1. FID application 2. Gloucester City PD 3. Current contact: Secretary for the paperwork/Chief for getting the card 4. Time taken to issue the FID: 3 months 5. Additional documents required by the PD: None that I remember 6. Notes: Usually officers down here respect the 2A but its just an extremely long wait. When my mother went for her pistol permits, They actually called gave it to her nearly 30 days into her 90 day period. She had to go and get the chief to do the 90 day extension as she wanted two pistols which took nearly a week for them to call us back and pick up the paperwork again.
  2. Yes! Some of my friends are like me and love bolt actions so they always request them. Good to have more than one. Thank you everyone for the welcome :>
  3. Hello! Lurker for a while and finally made an account to join in discussion. Little background: I live right across from Philly and work right in Pennsauken. Been around guns and mainly collect older models. I've got a small collection of Mosins, a garand, Lee Enfield and I'm trying to find a nice arisaka or carnaco to add to it. Usually bear through the drive to Oaks for their shows and looking for a range to go to that isn't too far but in my neck of the woods it seems difficult to not have to load up for a journey that has a full rifle range. I look forward to joining some threads and even making some of my own. I'm not very well experienced with guns and the laws in NJ so I'm hoping to learn a lot too. Also looking forward to going to any events, seeing as shooting with others is always fun. Usually I drag my non-gun owner friends with me to the range, always great fun to see them learn guns, even got a lot of them to apply for their FID.
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