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  1. its ashame, i didn't even mean to "lie" on my app. i didn't even remember it. it was so long ago and not even a big deal at the time. a 28 year old bounced check screwed me out of my 2nd amendment right.
  2. welp,....i sent the chief a email and a received a phone call from a detective asking me if i could tell him about a check that i bounced at Shop rite in 1991 (i was 17 years old at the time) i told him i totally forgot about it. he then said that i falsified my application by not checking off that i was a juvenile delinquent and my application is DENIED!. Mind you the check was for $30 and it was settled in court. Im in shock. what should i do? reapply...get a lawyer...remove that stupid thing off my juvenile record?
  3. Im from Burlington Twp, Im going on over 3 months of waiting. Ive been emailing the Twps police records clerk for the last month. Ive been told that the Detective has been out of the office EVERY time I email. At what point do I take this to the Chief? I dont want to be a "Nag" but i feel ive been MORE then patient. It took less time for me to get a Govt. clearence!
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