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  1. Thank you I really want to say thank you all for the input and advice I really do appreciate thank you.
  2. Thanks and I should have applied for 2 or 3 permits now I know
  3. Thanks I appreciate the breakdown.
  4. Yes a super newbie lol but it will be the range and possibly home defense. I do not have any training but I plan on getting as much training as possible. I've been shooting a few times but I’m new to guns and gun use. Thanks for the input
  5. The H&K vp9 is it a full size or compact
  6. I’m leaning towards the M&p 2.0 but I’m open to trying different guns until my FID and permit comes in
  7. I have heard a lot of good things about the CZ pistols but haven’t had a chance to rent one at the range yet and thanks for the info.
  8. I have to shoot a Walther ppq my boss has one and says he loves it
  9. I appreciate it I have been to the range a few times with friends and I like the m&p 9 2.0, I haven’t had a chance to shoot a H&K vp9 or the glock 17 but I did shoot a glock 19
  10. 1. Application type (Initial FID/1 permit ). 2. Police Department where you applied. Newark PD 3. Name of the person you dealt with at the PD. Det. Sanders 4. Time taken to issue FID and/or permit. 3 1/2 months and waiting still. 5. Documents required by the PD (aside from the standard application and the mental health release form). 2 references 6. Notes - anything pertaining to the application process (unforeseen difficulties, chief of police calling your home, you hiring an attorney, etc They miss placed my fingerprints paperwork but it was found 2 days later.
  11. I know it’s all personal preference but what would be some suggestions on a first handgun to a new gun owner..ps I am still waiting on my FID and handgun permit
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