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  1. Nothing prohibiting the sale in NJ that we are aware of. Worth nothing that there are a number of different pockets. Some are anit-auto like the Colt shown above. The M16 pocket (per mil-spec) is also slightly different than the M4 pocket (per mil-spec). All of our current productions lowers are true to the M4A1 mil-spec pocket.
  2. To put some perspective on it. We usually sell about a skid of each 9mm and 5.56 each month. We sold that in about 2 hours today when they arrived.
  3. Now I have a machine gun HO-HO-HO! SATURDAY December 7th, 2019, Savage Cerakote is hosting one badass Christmas Party featuring Dark Storm Industries. This is a family friendly event. Music! Snacks! Firearms! SWAG! Great Deals and Holiday Specials! Handle a selection of NJ legal DSI firearms We're here to have fun, educate and celebrate. SEE YOU THERE!
  4. This Sunday, November 17th, from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, come down to Legend Firearms and Union Hill Gun Club for some hands on experience with Dark Storm Industries. FREE DSI rentals during the event. Great deals on site! Handle several different models. Learn what you can legally own in New Jersey and understand how. Ask questions. We will be taking special orders. It's going to be a great time. We hope to see you there! 8 Union Hill Rd. Monroe, NJ
  5. This Saturday, November 16th, from 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Dark Storm Industries will be spending the day at Reloaderz NJ. This is a great opportunity to come through and handle several different DSI models, ask questions, and put some rounds down range on our free rentals. We will be onsite offering great deals, taking special orders, and having a great time. We hope to see you there!!
  6. In order to obtain an FFL, the ATF requires you to be in the business. You will need to submit a business plan, list of planned vendors, hours of operation, etc. Getting an FFL (outside of a C&R) to do you own transfers will not pass muster. Also, you need to operate in compliance with local zoning, so if your plan is to operate from your home, make sure you are allowed to do so. You will need to get a letter from the local municipality stating you can operate "a business" from your residential property.
  7. You can, but it has to be manufactured as a firearm non-NFA and sold complete. Most big manufacturers don't seem to want to offer them because the demand / volume is too low to justify. Thats where we have made our market. Serving the markets the big guys don't want to. We do have a custom shop at DSI and can build you almost anything you want. What are you looking for.
  8. As mentioned, it obviously varies by caliber, but there are two general concepts when it comes to barrel length and accuracy. First is velocity. Starting with a barrel is that ridiculously short, as you go longer, you gain velocity. That means the bullet's trajectory is flatter (less drop over a fixed distance) which generally is viewed by most people as being more "accurate". This factor does have a diminishing return and eventually does go the other way as you get longer. In 5.56 for example, peak velocity is generally encountered between a 18" and 20" barrel. It will vary depending on bullet and powder load. So a 24" 5.56 barrel will yield a slower velocity and theoretically be less accurate. Just for comparison, 6.5 creedmoor gains velocity out to about a 28-29" barrel, but that starts to be unwieldy so most companies stop at 24" or 26". Second it twist. As you probably know, different twists are used to stabilize different weight bullets. In a 5.56 16" barrel, generally a 1:9 would be ideal for a 55gr, 1:8 for a 62-65gr and 1:7 for a 75-77 gr. The second part of twist is the number of complete rotations it takes to stabilize a bullet. As usual, there are a number of factors, but generally you want to be between 1.5 and 2 rotations. So for a 16" barrel, a 1:8 would be 2 full rotations. For this reason, shorter 5.56 barrels (i.e. the 12.5" in our non-NFA) need a faster twist 1:7 vs 1:9 to stabilize the same weight bullet. As usual, there are multiple factors in play and a lower limit on where you can go. A 10-11" barrel should probably have a 1:6.5 twist for maximum stability but once you go below 1:7 other factors can negatively impact the accuracy. It also gets cost prohibitive to make custom buttons for low twist rates.
  9. Thanks. Anything anyone needs, you have a direct line to us here or you can always call us at 800-963-7700. -Ed
  10. For those of you interested in our Variant-1 model firearm non-NFA, here is a detailed article and two videos on it by GB Guns. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/07/non-nfa-firearm-review-variant-1-from-dark-storm-industries/#axzz5u7wXsy9k
  11. Great article. This is why we use 1:9 as the standard twist on our 5.56 guns. Our 1:9 barrel will out shoot a 1:7 using the same 55 gr ammo. Yes, our 1:7 will out shoot the 1:9 when using 77gr but we have found most people aren't into shooting $1 a round ammo in their AR's. Also keep in mind that optimum performance does not come from Federal XM193. The best performance in the 1:9 barrel was found to be Hornady 55gr V-Max
  12. We had that question with NJ and it seemed irrelevant since the adjustable brace fully collapsed is pretty much even with the end of the buffer tube.
  13. So this change only applies to non-NFA firearms and any other weapons. The issue is people who have what was a non-NFA firearm with a folding brace now may have an AOW because it is under 26” folded which would make it an NFA item requiring a tax stamp. This does not apply to pistols (no front grip).
  14. Some breaking news on ATF length measurements Looks like ATF is measuring folded / collapsed / removed now https://blog.princelaw.com/2019/07/05/atf-rescinds-prior-methods-to-measure-a-firearms-overall-length-when-equipped-with-a-stabilizing-brace/
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