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  1. Thanks for finding this reg... i plan on qualifying w/ just my .38 revolver... can't hit too good w/ my little .380
  2. c'mon... this is way too much work to exercise a constitutionally protected right... how we keep electing these Democrat tyrants is a mystery
  3. Thank goodness for Pres Trump & his Supreme Court appointees. By exempting retired police from gun laws, our Gov't has truly created a privileged class of people. Per the 14th Amendment, Government people can't be given rights that non-Government people don't have: 14th Amendment... "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." By writing laws that favor retired gov't employees over non-gov't employees, the anti-gun laws are not "equally protection" everyone
  4. Be nice if the US Supreme Court allowed individuals to sue States that improperly delay the gun licensing app. I'm beginning to dislike liberals
  5. CM, you're saying the police have 90 days to approve/deny the carry app? Is this in writing somewhere? And what happens if they go over the 90 day limit? thanks
  6. Unfortunately, lot of gun enthusiasts... would say i can hit targets jumping on one foot... and I don't want anyone having a gun who can't fire as good as me... we may as well go back to denying everyone constitutional right to own & bear arms
  7. Thanks... will try Shooters Sporting Center... sounds like i may be able to pass... just waiting for reloaders to arrive and then will schedule test... thanks again
  8. 124gr... thanks so much for that info... so depending on the distances... think qualifying w/ my .38 revolver is like 75-80%... with tiny .380 s&w... probably 25-35%... i'll report back if i qualify or not... thanks again
  9. Based on some of the feedback... is it possible the army targets are different than the targets used by NJ Qualifying Course? Like in the Army, we had to hit little black silohettes on a large target ... . are the targets larger in NJ? thanks
  10. Ex Carnival, I think some of the pro-2nd amendment folks are very responsible. Too responsible in some ways. They only want the best of the best to own a gun. And avoid an accidental shooting at all costs. It's very noble. But it's going to stop 90% of average folks from being able to own and bear arms
  11. oldguy, good luck on your qualification...sounds like u should have no problem passing the test
  12. correct... but i never did... the police sgt said he wouldn't even accept my application for concealed carry... then i heard of bruen & other cases... so i never tried pre-bruen
  13. Cheflife, in all due respect, if I'm being robbed and beaten, and a good Samaritan with bad aim wants to assist me with his gun, I will gladly let him do so. I could care less if he's a perfect shot at 100m
  14. Under Bruen, the US Supreme Court ruled any gun law has to be ". . . consistent with the Nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation." Being an expert shooter with a tiny handgun or requiring liability insurance or banning carry in your car or at the public park, all may have some benefit, but all have no "historical tradition." So unless the Supreme Court reads " high level of proficiency," in the 2nd Amendment, it's really unconstitutional to require such a test, imho. It's a good idea to shoot accurately. But it's not Constitutional and will be rejected by the US Supreme Court at some point, imho
  15. In the Army, the distance to qualify with a M16 rifle was about 100 meters vs only 25 or 30m for a 9mm weapon. Why? Because the smaller the gun, the harder it is to hit a target. In any event, I'm going to try qualifying with both weapons and will probably only qualify with the Taurus .38 revolver. I also think this requirement is Unconstitutional and will eventually be ruled as such
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