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  1. KMA, thanks... nj is pitiful... hoping for good news next supreme court session
  2. Michael, i read the brief on the lawsuit w/ the supreme court... one of the reasons NJ gave for outlawing guns outside the home was kind of what u said... by the time u got your gun... it would be too late. So makes sense about not drawing a gun if you don't have time. I have too much in NJ to just leave the State.
  3. Bob A., thanks... he's probably former law enforcement... will be interesting to hear back
  4. Pizza Bob, your friend's conditional carry of gun is ridiculous and unconstitutional. If your friend can be trusted to carry a weapon that should be it. Shouldn't matter where he's carrying. NJ politicians are so ridiculous.
  5. This Friday... 7/22/19... going to my local police station in Middlesex County... and applying for gun carry permit... between the 1 inch square pictures... certified signatures and certified check... they really don't make this application process easy. Anyway, here's my "Letter of Need" ... I'm not naiive. I realize will probably get rejected and then take through the legal system if I can find an affordable lawyer. If anyone has any changes to the letter, please advise. Otherwise, I'll go with this: Dear Sir: This letter of need to carry a handgun is based on the following: - I attend and worship at Jewish synagogues. Due to the recent shootings at synagogues in the United States, I'm unable to pursue my constitutional right to practice my religion without a handgun permit. In 2018, 11 worshippers were killed at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2019, one worshipper was killed at a synagogue in Poway, CA. - Prior to these synagogue attacks, Jews were attacked in synagogues in University City, MO (1977); Rome, Italy (1982); Turkey (1986); Jerusalem (2014) and Copenhagen (2015). - I am a 30-year Army combat veteran. I served in Bosnia & Iraq. My sidearm in combat was a handgun, i.e., 9mm Beretta. I've had considerable training in the safe operation of weapons in general and handguns in particular. I would be happy to attend an additional safety course as a condition to being granted a permit to carry. - Constitutionally, the first amendment guarantees me the right to practice my religion freely. Without a handgun carry permit, I am afraid for my safety and cannot practice my religion freely. I'm too worried about being shot while worshipping and having no means to protect myself. - Constitutionally, the Second Amendment guarantees me the right to ". . . keep and bear arms." While some weapon restrictions are understandable, an outright ban prohibiting me from bearing my weapon where I'll need it, i.e., at synagogue, would clearly run counter to the Second Amendment. I would be happy to answer any questions and/or elaborate on any issues. Sincerely,
  6. I can't believe all the gun rights cases bubbling up to the US Supreme Court. With Justice Kavanaugh on board, I think the odds are at least 50/50 the 2nd Amendment will be upheld. NJ's "jusifiable need" standard is absurd and clearly unconstitutional.
  7. njJoniGuy, what about "Chabad of Gloucester County in Mullica Hill"... are you saying they specifically allow their congregants to carry? or just that they "might allow" ... thanks
  8. Thanks for all the great feedback... I'll post back when/if I go forward. Thanks again.
  9. Is it worth trying for a gun carry permit? And the legal fees that will follow from my appeals? I live in Monroe Township, NJ in Middlesex County. I attend synagogue regularly. Given the shootings at synagogues recently, do I have a justifiable need? Is my first amendment, to freedom of religion, being infringed by not issuing me a license to carry. My synagogue is perfectly fine with members carrying weapons. We had a former FBI agent who carried. I served in the Army for 30 years; inlcluding two combat tours. As a 30-year retired Army combat vet, I'm well-qualified to own and operate a handgun. Should I apply for carry permit; get rejected and start a lawsuit? Or better waiting for the US Supreme Court to hear the two cases from NYC and NJ? Any idea when the Supreme Court will rule on either the NYC or NJ cases? Thanks
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