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  1. TFJD


    I'm sold! I'll be at the new member meeting this month.
  2. @mjrfd99 I would like to take you up on the offer. I'd have to check my schedule though. I am off today but I have to be home by 3 to get my kid off the school bus. If you can text me I'll look into my schedule for next week. 908-675-9972. I go by Jay Dee.
  3. Thank you. I'd love to check it out. I'm definitely going to join but I like to see what I'm getting into if I can.
  4. He just joined last month and hasn't gone shooting yet. I'm thinking someone who's been able to experience everything they have to offer can better inform me. What's a range day like? How to pack, preparation and things like that. Right now we'd both benefit from input from experienced people.
  5. My brother in law joined last month, our plan was to join together but I'm still recovering from Christmas. I plan on going to the new member meeting this month and joining. I would love for someone who's been a member for a long time to bring me there and show me what's going on. My schedule doesn't afford me weekends as my job is busiest then so my two days off usually fall between Tuesday-Thursday. I'm new to shooting and firearms (got my first one in September. Now I have 4 and two pistol permits pending). I go to GSSC at least once a week and I absolutely love it as a new hobby.
  6. TFJD


    I have a membership at GSSC in Lakewood. The guys there are awesome and I love shooting there. But there are limits to an indoor range. I'm planning on joining Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club this month. What's been your experience with the club and is it worth the $$?
  7. I'm in Tinton Falls, I've been waiting since March 11th. They too have an online application and references we're back the same day. Got my prints done a week later, by then all of the background checks and mental health and criminal history came back. I called and emailed them and they just keep saying they'll call me when it's ready.
  8. I live in Tinton Falls and applied for my initial FID card back in March. Its now July and I haven't gotten my permit yet. I didnt want to keep calling them but broke down and called twice last month. They told me the State Police didn't have my fingerprint form and asked me to email it. I did. She then said I was good and didn't have to do anything else. My references, criminal background check, mental health check all came back within a week via email. This is very annoying. A coworker who lives in Edison applied a month after me and went to buy her gun a week ago but I am still waiting. Anyone here familiar with Tinton Falls and their typical wait time? Is it because I'm going for my first one? Somethings got to give.
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