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  1. With one lower you can have a bunch of different rifles. All the same caliber of course.
  2. t's funny cause we have a gay female mayor and a pretty liberal town council. Guess the police chief doesn't care for their views too much.
  3. Maybe more data collection, but not more hoops to jump through. My last PtP's were the easiest to get.
  4. What's the big deal with e-mail, when they have the actual addresses. They could probably find your e-mail address if they wanted to anyway. BTW, I had to give 3 and got my PtP's in 19 days.
  5. How many of these shootings were done with legal guns, Murph? Start handing out punishment that fits the crime. Bring back the death penalty. That might be more effective than these dumbass laws.
  6. It's definitely your local PD. State PD usually completes their background in a day or two. I also applied in January.
  7. My PD e-mailed me. Went in that day and paid. Permits were avail next day.
  8. Your PD is sitting on it. My PD is gun friendly.
  9. Well I have news for those comfy assholes, their lifestyle is gonna change drastically if this prick and his hoe get their way. They'll wake up one morning and say to themselves "How did this happen?"
  10. With already having an FID card, last wait was 19 days on 3 PTP. No kidding. Gotta love my local PD.
  11. LOL. Got a Mini last month. Manchin and Sinema both come from Gun states. The 2nd is a big career killer for a lot of politicians who consider voting against it.
  12. My Girlfriend did. Direct Deposit I get mine by mail......Not yet
  13. Where are the LGBTQ............
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