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  1. Just bought 2 guns from Shooters online. Picked them up today. They file your NICS just based on your FID and DL. No SS# Actually took 5 days, not 6 like I said above.
  2. Typical NJ volume has never taken me more than 1 1/2 hours. It's only since the Chinese Virus and the BLM riots that waiting times have gone up. All of a sudden people who never thought they would own a gun are running into gun shops and buying everything on the shelves. I usually buy through Howell (almost nothing in stock), but lately have to go down to Shooters to get my firearms. I think part of the long delay has to do with the state trying to discourage gun buyers.
  3. Just another way for them to hassle gun buyers. I just got 3 handgun permits that have to be used in 90 days and with OGAM and delayed NICS, I'm probably gonna have to get an extension on the third one. Total Bullshit
  4. Bull. They're working on applications from 1/12 today. Right now they're running about 6 days out.
  5. Maybe if more dealers started doing this, they would get off their ass and move faster.
  6. It was supposed to be approved in 3 days, but that went out the window.
  7. Uh! No more guns. Hope you were being sarcastic.
  8. LOL. That's about when my NICS check should be done. All 8 days of it.
  9. Daily driver, stay away from C7 GS or Z06. The rear wheels have an issue with developing cracks. They're very wide. If you're gonna do forged wheels, then go for it. My C6 was my favorite, but it got drowned in Sandy.
  10. Up till C8 Manuals were available. Reason why I'll never own a new Corvette
  11. Had a C6 and 2 C7's. All convertible manual trans. Last one was a red GS. Loved the car, but back surgery made it hard to get in and out, so she went bye bye. Had to get something a little easier to get in and out of that still gave me a thrill. Went from Vette to Shelby
  12. No, it's not 5 days, it's 8 days now. Got my P2P in 19 days start to finish. Gonna take almost half that just for the redundant NICS check. File online with NJSP, another background check with Local PD, and then another NJSP background check. Criminals have it so much easier.
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