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  1. These Libtards really are morons. They leave a screwed up state and then vote for the same bullshit when they move to a state that they thought was a great place to live. "Stupid is as stupid does".
  2. Get some cleaning mats. I clean them at my kitchen island. Nothing gets on the counter and I can take my time. Look up Tek Mats
  3. With my luck, if I kept it, it was probably used in a crime.
  4. Citarelli is running again. He didn't lose by much and the turnout was horrible. If every gun owner in NJ would get out and vote in the next Gov election, we might be able to turn things around. If Ras Baraka gets in you can expect more of the same.
  5. The supposed headers aren't even notched into the supports. The bolts are supporting all the weight.
  6. I have a Vaultek Lifepod 2.0 in both of my vehicles. Use it for more than the gun. Store wallet and other stuff. A little pricey but hides easily and comes with cable.
  7. Thought a big truck was passing the house, but then it lasted too long and was a lot stronger.
  8. City and state agencies always fudge the numbers to suit their narrative. Look at NYC “Crime is Down” according to statistics. what a friggin joke.
  9. Mine was approved on March 5 and they don't show any approvals for my town in March at all.
  10. I have pocket knives I keep in my center consoles (legal). I have 2 large knives I keep in the cross bed tool box on my pickup along with a hatchet. I also have tow ropes and boat equipment in there, so I think I'm good to go. I'm really tired of all this "illegal" bullshit when the real criminals aren't punished at all. It's just easier to fuck with the law abiding citizen.
  11. As a person going through this myself, I hate to see it happen to anyone. Although I don't think anyone's battle is more important than the next person's. Everyone has a family and loved ones who worry about them. It's very personal to the people going through it and to plaster her all over the news isn't doing her or her family any good. If they were really concerned about her, they would leave her and her family alone and let them deal with it privately.
  12. So now we have a precedent set that we don't need FID cards? From a state with the toughest gun laws.
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