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  1. Ram is supposedly doing away with the Hemi. They used to have a reputation of great engines, but the trucks fell apart around them.
  2. My Raptor has been flawless so far. I was skeptical about the V6, but it has been performing well.
  3. Been through bunch of trucks. Everything from a Chevy S-10 to a Ford F250 Diesel. I would stay away from the newer Chevy GMC with their cylinder management systems. They advertise them as V8's but they mostly run on 4 cylinders. I recently had a Sierra AT4. Had a Dodge Dakota for a while that needed oil as often as it needed gas. My favorite trucks by far were my F150's. With the right pkg they can tow a ton of crap. Since I don't really tow my boat anymore, I'm now driving a 2020 Raptor. My favorite truck by far.
  4. Have a daughter in Suffolk Co, one in Middletown, and one in Morganville. I moved here from Staten Island 5 yrs ago. NJ sucks, but not as much as NY. My 2 daughters in NJ refuse to vaccinate my grandkids and are seriously thinking of moving out. They're looking at Fl. Might be a move in my future.
  5. My kids are thinking about getting out. If they go, I'll be right behind them.
  6. This is why I only joined the NRA because my range requires it. I won't give them another dime of my money other than what's required.
  7. Best gun out of the box that I have is my Springfield Loaded Operator. First 8 shots were in a 3 inch group at 15 yds. Not changing a damn thing on that gun.
  8. Nice start. You have a long way to go. LOL Try to keep your collection down to as few calibers as possible. Makes life easier.
  9. The prosecutors will probably dismiss any gun owners from those cases. More people need to own guns. If this country keeps going the way it is, more will.
  10. All the states can do is make it harder to get guns or make changes to the types of guns we can get. Pinned stocks, 10 round mags, etc. Get everything you want now, cause Bucky Beaver is in for his final term and you know he's gonna come after all the JACK supporters
  11. Your 2nd amendment rights are guaranteed by the US Constitution. Different states put different requirements on your ability to get guns and carry guns. There is no need for a 2nd amendment in a state's constitution. For example, you can get a handgun in NYC, but the amount of paperwork and the hoops you have to jump through make it PITA and deter a lot of people. It's even evident in different towns in NJ. I just got my last 2 P2P's in 10 days. My cousin in Wall has to wait 4-6 weeks.
  12. With one lower you can have a bunch of different rifles. All the same caliber of course.
  13. t's funny cause we have a gay female mayor and a pretty liberal town council. Guess the police chief doesn't care for their views too much.
  14. Maybe more data collection, but not more hoops to jump through. My last PtP's were the easiest to get.
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