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  1. I have a couple of Pelican cases and cutout different foam pieces to fit my different AR's
  2. Don't know if you guys saw it, but the ghoul (Murphy), put a squash on gun sales. No more gun transfers going through. This guy is a real gem. Even Cuomo hasn't stopped gun sales. My kids used to kid me about stock piling ammo. Not anymore.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation. Would much rather have top mounted.
  4. No, because not sure if they will be visible thru the Romeo. Besides all my scope mounted AR's have canted sights. They are "back up" sights and will only be used that way.
  5. Just picked this up from MM on Thursday. Fit and Finish is excellent. Probably only change will be to a LaRue 2 Stage trigger and maybe some offset iron sights.
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