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  1. t's funny cause we have a gay female mayor and a pretty liberal town council. Guess the police chief doesn't care for their views too much.
  2. Maybe more data collection, but not more hoops to jump through. My last PtP's were the easiest to get.
  3. What's the big deal with e-mail, when they have the actual addresses. They could probably find your e-mail address if they wanted to anyway. BTW, I had to give 3 and got my PtP's in 19 days.
  4. How many of these shootings were done with legal guns, Murph? Start handing out punishment that fits the crime. Bring back the death penalty. That might be more effective than these dumbass laws.
  5. It's definitely your local PD. State PD usually completes their background in a day or two. I also applied in January.
  6. My PD e-mailed me. Went in that day and paid. Permits were avail next day.
  7. Your PD is sitting on it. My PD is gun friendly.
  8. Well I have news for those comfy assholes, their lifestyle is gonna change drastically if this prick and his hoe get their way. They'll wake up one morning and say to themselves "How did this happen?"
  9. With already having an FID card, last wait was 19 days on 3 PTP. No kidding. Gotta love my local PD.
  10. LOL. Got a Mini last month. Manchin and Sinema both come from Gun states. The 2nd is a big career killer for a lot of politicians who consider voting against it.
  11. My Girlfriend did. Direct Deposit I get mine by mail......Not yet
  12. Where are the LGBTQ............
  13. Guess my local PD is gun friendly.
  14. I remember my FID card took about 3 months back before everything was computerized. Also, I was new to the town. My P2P's used to take about 8-10 weeks. I have a buddy of mine in Red Bank who's in the same boat as you. He filed roughly when you did and is still waiting. It really pissed him off when I got my last P2P's in 19 days. There's no excuse for these things taking this long with the computer filing except for the local PD,s sitting on them.
  15. Sheila Jackson Lee is sponsoring this bill, so far she has no co sponsors. I still think it's political suicide for anyone to vote against the 2nd. There are a lot of democrats who own guns.
  16. A buddy of mine has been waiting 3 months so far for his FID in Red Bank. I got my last 3 PtP in 19 days in Highlands. Trying to find handguns is another story.
  17. Guess you didn't have full coverage. Isn't the other driver on the hook? Chase down his insurance co. I had to do this when my truck was rear ended. Had collision, but didn't want to go through my ins.
  18. Wait till Biden tries to push through gun control. What's Mitt gonna do? Should make for interesting TV. Murkowski also comes from a "big" gun state.
  19. It's useless to argue this. Critical Duty and Defense are legal to carry (if you can) and use for self defense. If you want to use anything else, it's on you. Simple!
  20. Just use Hornady Critical Duty or Critical Defense. Not subjected to hollow point regs and just as effective. From the New Jersey State Police FAQs 13. Question: I’m not a police officer, are hollow points legal for me to possess? Answer: Yes. They are legal for purchase and possess in your home or on land owned by you. They are legal to possess and use at a gun range. They are also legal to possess while traveling to and from such places. Ammunition lacking a hollow cavity at the tip, such as those with a polymer filling, are not considered to be hollow point ammunition. An example of this can be seen with the Hornady Critical Defense / Critical Duty, Cor-Bon PowRball / Glaser Safety Slug and Nosler Inc. Defense ammunition.
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