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  1. Great club, Been a member for about 20 years.
  2. My neighbor Barb found them in their barn
  3. Pics of correct WIN-13, Barrel, stock, oprod, rear and front sites, all correct. Rear sites have open arrows, WRA indicator. https://imgur.com/a/9AkaMR2
  4. Found some additional parts, Chokes and low comb. Was in my Shotgun stocks box.
  5. Fox 20GA in the rough, NEW from factory https://imgur.com/a/E4K6Ict Parker 12 ga 1878 pat. # 61498 with forend. https://imgur.com/jD1obIf
  6. I have known Sonny for about 20 years, Knew all the guys that work there. Good guys to deal with!
  7. Anything laying around, stocks, barrels. Just no scrap metal.
  8. The gun shop on broad and market, You know the Eldorado trunk? Their prices haven't changed. Just no serial #. Those are the ones Trenton doesn't tax!
  9. In England, acid splashing in the face was popular also.
  10. IATSE Local member for 34 years. worked arts center, rock, njpac, giants stadium. all of them, set-up, concert and take down
  11. Probably 12 different, but favorite is 38super! No, it isn't 38 special!
  12. Ron, Sounds great if you can arrange it, Thanks, Dave
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