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  1. I have about 15K of ammo, But if you run out, Use on of these!!!!!!!!! https://imgur.com/a/0Jvsv3A
  2. Just like Newark! No grocery stores, or sears, macys, Just small shops.
  3. Loads of Danish came back as B/Rs. CMP sold them as woodless Danes for about 250.00 in 2001-2002. all you had to do was add wood.Mostly had early SA and BMB or PB parts, Including VAR barrels
  4. 2 tone commander Les Baer with Kart barrel. Custom build. full size Colt, formerly 9mm converted to 38 Super with Ultimatch barrel. 38 super can be a little pricey. But usually I get it from people that think they are ordering 38 Special and cannot return! LOL. Sweet shooting round. Little juicier than 9mm. https://imgur.com/a/QhgmLfz
  5. So they can easily call for martial law. I think it is coming!
  6. I have a custom les baer 38 super commander.
  7. I have had Amer. Bulldogs, Boxers and a 200 LB mastiff for 13 years, Now have rescue pit. When she goes out has shock collar on, and I rule the roost. I will never trust her. But, she knows I am the absolute boss! I would get another Pit, But, would not advise a weaker owner to get one. Weaker, I mean personality wise. I do pity a burgler though!
  8. 1982 Monson Mass. 44 MAG. https://imgur.com/a/Xg6PoKJ
  9. 44 MAG orig. Monson mass. 6" barrel https://imgur.com/a/Xg6PoKJ
  10. this is my fav. https://imgur.com/vVGCp4E https://imgur.com/5r9kKm5 1917 WW1 trench knive, To defeat the German heavy coats,
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