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  1. 12 ga pump with grip decided to hold onto it. Still have it. https://imgur.com/a/7s00BeL
  2. I haven't bought from them for 16 years or so. You don't like their price, buy elsewhere!
  3. I am still laughing!! I find this too funny!
  4. first I will take it. 40.00 shipped. PP F&F or P/U in waretown. Wrench I use with alum can strips on receiver with pc of pipe. Breaks free and install. No trouble. https://imgur.com/a/dpsVEei
  5. TTT still a few bricks left. Remember what biden said? Take your guns and your ammo!
  6. TTT I have more of this than I will ever use.
  7. Federals are 325 aquila are 500 thumbnail (608×1080) (yahoo.com)
  8. Decided to hold onto it. Listed too low!
  9. 25.00 for the set. Screw for pistol grip is taped in. https://imgur.com/a/FKm2aDO
  10. All never used! All 3 for 25.00 shipped PP F&F first I will take followed by pm.
  11. 25.00 for both shipped. PP F&F. first I will take followed by PM.
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