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  1. Even though it is not mine - I own a scorpion and can absolutely say get the AK safety switch. It makes the safety very natural to finger movements, and when on safe blocks the trigger natively. Here is the item: https://hbindustries.net/store/shop/cz-scorpion-evo-3-ak-style-safety-selector/ also - I’m not sure about the stock pictured but I would highly recommend just getting a magpul rail sling attachment - it balances the gun quite well and keeps your stock free. edit: if you want to see a picture of what the safety looks like let me know
  2. Thanks for the offer but I wanted to stick to 9mm - although that pistol is sexy as hell. To your second question - absolutely yes. On the back of the Scorpion there is a button you press down in order to hammer/slide off the adapter+stock. Then you can slide/hammer a new adapter+ stock on. So if you want to put the original stock on you can. WARNING: if you pin the original stock so it doesn’t fold you will make the stock semi-permanent (unless you do what I did and someone break it off sigh) To the third question - never got around to installing it. The other parts were super easy to install... I didn’t want to flub my trigger.
  3. No thank you - either wanted to stick with 9mm or try and get that Tavor. Thank you for offer though!
  4. Why would you showwwww me this ughhhhhhh.... let me get get my wife really quick....
  5. Castro

    CZ Scorpion

    I would love to but I stripped my damn screw haha. Gotta send the lower back to replace the screw Best 9mm carbine. Hands down. End of discussion. Well worth the money
  6. Castro

    CZ Scorpion

    Flawlessly. The bolt is... hugeeeeeeeee... for a 9mm Carbine - so getting dirty is no problem (I think some dude on YouTube is up to thousands of rounds without cleaning). My one gripe was the safety but that is easily fixed with aftermarket products. The breakdown is super easy too. Even though I’m eventually selling it I love the damn thing to death!
  7. Don’t you get my hopes up...
  8. Castro

    CZ Scorpion

    New Jersey - stock has to be not foldable and non adjustable. This is the only stock I could find that fits that criteria. If you pin the stock so that it doesn’t fold you have no access to the button that you need to depress in order to remove stock (where as this one the button is readily accessible). What I really want is to attach a bushmaster stock to the scorpion (which you could do through a Dan Haga product) which would look sweeeeeet.
  9. Castro

    CZ Scorpion

    (Not sure if this is where you post - if not mod can you move) Wanted to show off my CZ Scorpion Carbine with the faux supressor. Basically has HBI charging handle, trigger and AK selector switch. Also a magpul front grip, micro laser (hard to see but it’s right in front of grip), magpul rail clip, random light I found (haha) and my personal favorite sight a Sightmark II.
  10. Alright I hope this won’t start shit/hasn’t been answered - but what was the reason NJ gave for not allowing SBR’s. I have been wanting to SBR my scorpion but legitimately can’t....
  11. Cue western music and someone in the background saying “no... it’s Taylor ham”
  12. Oh shit forgot about the 2.0 — yeah I like that too. Essentially anything that isn’t a 1911 (cue the angry responses haha) or a glock
  13. *rubs hands maniacally* yessss - come to the Sig side... feel it course through youuu
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