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  1. Has anyone wondered if there will ever be a AK platform (other firearm variants) similar to what radical firearms, dark storm, & tech ops has as their AR platform? I think it’s about time to introduce the idea of having more firearms that are non NFA firearms. Maybe this post might inspire a company with a new idea. And hopefully it could also get NJ state approval. Or am I just dreaming and it can’t be done? I have seen some AK’s that can detach the lower receiver from a upper similar to the AR platform.
  2. For a second, i thought you were a NJ officer just bragging lol. You should take a look at solvent trap and fill out Form 1 to build a suppressor for your SBR. or just buy a suppressor in you free state. Save your hearing man Hopefully the supreme court takes on these assault weapon ban cases tomorrow
  3. I’m about to remove my pistol grip and have no safety. To be able to put that adapter on my rifle with no worries lol. And the surefire adapter looks great.
  4. The Lantac BMD acts like a flash suppressor and it is stated on their website that it reduces muzzle flash. So, it falls into one of the features for NJ’s assault rifle. I was just here asking if a Hera CQR falls into the definition of a pistol grip. Which it kinda does because you can Kinda hold the rifle with one hand aiming towards the ground and fire it, but to hold it in front with one hand and aim is impossible. Plus the grip is apart of the stock but it still protrudes beneath the action of the rifle. So I guess we are all stuck with our one feature pistol grips on our semi-auto rifles that have a detachable mag.
  5. I would have to use something that doesn’t fall into NJ definition of a pistol grip.
  6. I have a Lantac dragon break and was planning to get the lantac BMD (blast mitigation device) gen 1. All I would have to do is slip the adapter around the break and tighten 2 screws, than the BMD slides in and locks in place.
  7. Yes, I know, but is a good barrel and muzzle combo. I would like to show my friends or any new shooter how muzzle device works, If they are interested in feeling/hearing the muzzle blast.
  8. I have been recently thinking about this topic since I saw a adapter that I can attach to my muzzle break and blow gases and noise forward. The muzzle I have is pinned & welded and it is a loud build. Not very pleasant for the person that is standing in the both next to mine nor in a indoor range. I was wondering if a Hera CQR with the thumb hole cover wouldn’t fall in the group of Pistol grips? It’s ether find I way or remove my pistol grip and safety switch to be able to put a forward barrel shroud on my rifle. Lol at least I won’t be scaring ppl with the loud blast.
  9. So, thankfully I wasn’t able to shot it semi but it’s a pretty nice bolt action AR. Because of my lower mag well and the adapter wasn’t able to bring my mag up to the chamber of the barrel for it to cycle properly . I was test firing it and the shroud acts as a forward muzzle device/flash hider. Its a pretty nice barrel tho, but I don’t wanna fix the issue unless I find a NJ compliant pistol grip or just remove the pistol grip and selector switch all together and get some great looks from ppl. Lol
  10. I’m planning to get a stern defense mag adapter for sig magazines. https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/caliber-conversion-kits/ar-15-9mm-conversion-adapter-for-s-w-m-p-sig-320-magazines-sku100033498-117289-231814.aspx?rrec=true
  11. So, I want to take on a project where I convert my AR-15 to firing 9mm. The only thing that has me concerned is a barrel I would like to try out from Taccon. It’s a 5.25” rifled barrel with a pinned and welded 10.75” aluminum shroud, therefore making the barrel 16” long. Here is the link. https://taccom3g.com/product/taccom-ar15-ulw-9mm-pcc-ramped-barrel/ also palmetto state armory has it on sale sometimes https://palmettostatearmory.com/taccom-ar-15-16-ultra-lightweight-9mm-pcc-barrel-with-10-75-aluminum-shroud-193.html i don’t see anything wrong with getting it because it’s a 16” barrel. The reason why I want this barrel is because of the 5.25 rifling doesn’t increase the velocity of the projectile compared to a barrel with 16” of rifling.
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