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  1. you sound very left wing progressive, which these dayze means nothing of any importance. have a nice life, sport.
  2. i'll not belabor this any longer because clearly you can't understand the syntax, logic, nor clear meaning of this sentence ... "our biggest threat is immigration, all immigration, both illegal and legal. all for obvious reasons." the operative word is THREAT. i did not say nor imply any specifics of action to be taken with either illegal or legal immigrants. that alone was YOUR call. however, ALL immigrants ARE potential threats to America. this is not the 18th, 19th or 20th centuries, where immigration to our country was encouraged (though to far lesser degrees as time moved forward). my concern with LEGAL immigrants is, who are they, why do they wish to become American citizens, what do they offer our country, and what is their political consciousness? you can extrapolate that to a variety of conclusions and find some that are not good for the future of our country. i'm done with this thread. if anyone has more to say that pertains to my posts, please PM or email me directly.
  3. read again what i posted. yer interpreting my words incorrectly. where did i specifically state no legal immigration at all? did i not use the "threat" word? look, i suspect everyone in this thread is on the same basic page. our way of life, our liberties (what's left of them), our voice in government - all is being threatened ever more now than before. that's all that matters. too much of the rest is nit picking. the rough estimate is that there are over 110 million American gun owners with near 400 million guns in their possession. that NJ is a "may issue" state is just the beginning. take all these subtle and not-so-subtle political transgressions against we the people and look where it's all heading. i'd say "wake up America" but too many are hooked on prozac and living with their heads in the sand. that's the real problem, always has been. that's why NJ is a CCW "may issue" state.
  4. whatever you think applies, and if nothing you can pass it by if ya like. this topic has sparked a basket fulla stuff that goes beyond NJ CCW. it all centers on our collective loss of freedom, individualism, and emphasizes the lack of states following the constitution. this is all about politicians. which is about voting. our biggest threat is immigration, all immigration, both illegal and legal. all for obvious reasons.
  5. you are preaching to the choir and you didn't read my post at its intended meaning and you are mistaken. i know our enemies far better than most. the socialists are fanatics, no more or less. they lack common sense, therefore they, too, have a half functional brain at best. the real half-brained ones are the many Americans that are either ignorant or stupid, and vote by media populism and/or "feelings", or just don't vote. in the course of the millennia, the pendulum of free societies swings. the USA is clearly on the down swing and may never recover. we shall see ... or maybe my grand children shall see.
  6. yes, all true. the seeds of socialism are near 200 years old here in north America. however, it has accelerated in the last 3 decades in terms of politics, education and media to the point where it is easily recognizable by anyone with half a brain. this was not true in the past, and the covert reasons why stupid -not ignorant- Americans will be our ruination.
  7. The emigration of older NJ residents and the immigration of new residents from across the Hudson have taken its toll on Jersey politics and this once red state is now a sick blue. the right to CCW and defend is but one of many issues chipping away at our Constitution as state after state gives way under the heat of the progressive left wing socialist media, educators, politicians, and stupid Americans who'd sell their souls for free bread and circuses. There is a lot afoot here in the USA, and all of it is stoking the fire under the pot of Patriots.
  8. ... and therein lies the problem that the apathetic American doesn't understand, hasn't been taught, could care less about, and why our country has, over the last three decades, gone progressive left wing socialist. the patriot pot is slowly but surely heating up.
  9. The vast majority of Americans have lost, or better yet have not been taught how this nation came to be and why, and the reason that our American constitution emphasizes the right to bear arms. It is our birthright. It is how we came to be. It took firearms, bloodshed, tremendous suffering, untold hardship and massive death to form America. It was a rebellion against a tyrannical government. Be prepared, patriot brothers.
  10. THAT is the travesty of America - TWO sets of laws and rules, where states can override the American Constitution. It should be the other way around - states need to ENFORCE the American Constitution, not violate it. Our nation is deep into an ideological civil war that's slowly heating up. Patriots, be prepared for what's coming.
  11. i attend shoots from time to time, mostly with my GSBPA club. i do like woods walks the best and if you have an event schedule i'd like it, thanx.
  12. i've had *MANY* trad muzzleloaders over the last 6 decades, this is my final and last, the one they'll bury me with (nah, it goes to my grandson ). as long as you have some experience with these builds and materials, and have some proper tools, take yer time, and have patience, you will be very satisfied with jim's kit guns. kits allow lots of personalized options for both function and format, and there are more than a few things i did to create a better gun.
  13. an old topic for sure, but i'd be glad to get anyone started in traditional muzzleloaders with personal one-on-one hands-on mentoring. been in the trad ML game since the mid 50's. some old guys know good stuff. PM me here at this forum, or email me - [email protected]
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