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  1. We Welcome Your Firearms Collections Large or Small We have had the privilege and ability of handling single owner collections as large as 1600 firearms, down to a single firearm. Each of our Firearms auctions has an online component to maximize the exposure of each item. Our experts will identify, describe, catalog and photograph each piece of your collection. We are currently seeking collections for our April 21st auction. Deadline to consign is March 6th. Contact Tim Hollinger at 215-393-3000 or Email [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alderfer Auction is a Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL) located in southeastern Pennsylvania. Alderfer Auction also holds a Class 3 License. Whether you are selling or buying firearms at Alderfer you will be assured that your firearms have been processed according to the rigorous regulations established by the Federal Government. Alderfer Auction | 501 Fairgrounds Road | Hatfield, PA 19440 | 215-393-3000 www.AlderferAuction.com
  2. Thanks for coming Maksim! We appreciate your support and all you do!
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