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  1. Has anyone acyually sucessfuly submitted for a CCW in NJ after this ruling?
  2. I qualified using Corey at safetyman.co hes amazing and in NJ
  3. All the forms are here: https://nj.gov/njsp/firearms/forms.shtml
  4. The form is dated on the NJSP website! Take a look. I have the old form as I did it and then had to Re-do it again today as they changed it around 9:30am. The new form removes the need / want verbiage. Link to form and ( date) : https://nj.gov/njsp/firearms/forms.shtml Look at Form: SP642
  5. Completed EVERYTHINg,... took days. Called SP and was told " Its all online" I said, the forms are but I need to drop it off. He again said " its all online" States at the top of the new updated form on SP website 1. APPLY IN PERSON https://nj.gov/njsp/firearms/pdf/Permit_To_Carry_Instructions.pdf NOT GONNA BE EASY!!!
  6. I have comepleted everything needed for application. Spent hours getting all this done and I'm certified. I noticed they changed the paper work a few hours ago and removed " Need" part. Called SP and was told " You apply online" I said no it says in person. he says No its online. NOT GONNA BE EASY!!!
  7. HORRIBLE! I can’t belive they are all still closed. My go to is SJ shooters and Cumberland rifleman. I’m talking a trip to Miflin 1000 yard next weekend at this rate. Place is 3.5 hours away but what a shot!
  8. Was at Cheyenne today.. bullet inventory is depleted and I asked and was told “were done selling bullets” what a letdown. I always buy my bullets there for reloading. Guy was super rude also as per usual. I’m done frequenting that place. They are just too rude for me. Go to shooters in tuckerton. A longer drive but they are outstanding and kind people.
  9. Thanks its been a while since I had the book. I’ll wait for a member maybe to help me out.
  10. Hi, im a current member of the Cumberland in Millville, I love the club. A great place to shoot! i usually shoot pistol and sometimes 100 yards. my question is setting up targets at the 600 yard line. Can I use custom targets that stake in the ground? Am I allowed to use the mechanized target system they have and hang a target from that? Is there only certain targets I can use ( no steel) dont want to break any rules and I’m keen to try out 600 yards. thanks very much. BJ
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