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Found 21 results

  1. STAG model 3 AR5.56 (.223)16" Govt. Profile (Chrome Lined) barrelMuzzle brake7075 - T6 Upper / Lower asysDiamond Head VRS handguardORC (Flat top)Flip-up sights avail. (additional)One (1) NJ Compliant MagHard shell carry caseMfg. Lifetime Warranty $750.00
  2. Here are some of my recent arrivals worth mentioning. LWRC DI 5.56 / 223 Modular One-Piece, Free-float Rail, Rail Panels, Angled Fore-grip and Hand Stop, Cold Hammer-Forged, Spiral Fluted 16.1 Barrel, Fully Ambidextrous Mag Release, Bolt Catch, & Selector. Price Includes all NJ Compliance work. $1275.00 Sig Sauer M400 Elite 5.56 / 223 New Model for 2017, Aluminum M-Lok Hand guard, 16" 1:7 twist Barrel, Sig Enhanced Trigger, Price includes all NJ compliance work. $1100.00 Sig Sauer p320 9mm Full-size w/Contrast Sights (15rds) Includes 2 Magazines , Plastic Case and Lock. Additional Magazines Available $535.00 Sig Sauer p320 9mm Carry w/Contrast Sights (15rds) Includes 2 Magazines , Plastic Case and Lock. Additional Magazines Available $535.00 Hi-Point 9TS 9mm Carbine Black $285.00 Hi-Point 9TS 9mm Carbine Camo $325.00
  3. So looking to purchase my first AR, price range is <$1k. I thought I found a Colt M4 Expanse but sadly it was already sold, so now my options are the M&P15, some Windham and Diamondback Rifles, and I found a Troy CQB SPCA3 for $800. Anyone have any recommendations or know any stores which may have Colts in stock? Also still 18 so can't buy a stripped lower and do my own build.
  4. Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport -II (With Dust Cover & Forward assist) 5.56 NJ Compliant new in the box - ready to go! Call for Price & details............................... 609-709-1346 - JT
  5. Bear Creek Arsenal - URSID HYBRID AR .223 Wylde (5.56 / .223) 16" (1-7) BBL with M4 Feed Ramps Yankee Hill Machine Muzzle Brake Fordged (Ultra Light) Upper / Lower 15" KeyMod Free Float fore guard Factory Cerakote FDE w/ Black accents P-MAG Hard Shell carry case Factory Lifetime Warranty! Now Avail. in Stealth Grey & OD Green - cal for details..........
  6. Hello, I'm on the fence, deciding which first AR it will be. Few things that after long research see as important for people: Barrel twist - ideal would be 1/8 or 1/7 Chrome lined barrel - I intend to shoot cheater ammo A pillar front sight - I don't wanna deal with buying additional sights and zeroing them So, I saw Stag 2T for $1200 or Colt 6920 for $1300 and of course S&W MP15 for $700. The question is, if the additional spend is justified? I'm not really planning to replace gun components anytime soon. I want good right of the box experience. Want to hear your opinions. Oh BTW, the purpose of the gun is: fun range shooting and gun proficiency and home defence (who am I kidding, I live in Bergen County). Also If I would think or another rifle for next year that would be .308 one. Thanks Matroskin
  7. Ive been having trouble with my 50 cal Beowulf upper and Im looking for some advice. The scenario: My gun hasn't been grouping well at all... 6" groups at 50 yards. Im shooting from the bench rest with a Leupold optic. I checked the scope mounts and even replaced the mounts and scope to make sure thats not the problem. The gun does seem slightly under gassed... brass is ejecting between 4 and 5 o'clock and sometime doesnt chamber the next round or lock back on an empty mag. On a freshly cleaned barrel I see slightly better accuracy but a different point of impact... within 10 rounds, my accuracy is shit again. Im shooting factory Alexander Arms ammo and have about 100 rounds through the gun. The crown seems ok and the bore is shiny and blemish free (from the naked eye). I know the gun is capable of better groups than what I'm seeing so my question is simple: Any idea why its so inaccurate?
  8. I just recently installed a BravoCompany Short Vertical Fore Grip on my AR. I know that on the regular size Fore Grip, BravoCompany ships it with a rubber plug that allows for storage. The short vertical fore grip doesn't have this, just has an open well. Does anyone know if a company that will sell an aftermarket plug? Thanks,
  9. Okay... this MGI AR variant can fit in a pistol case when disassembled. In fact, that's how they're selling them and shipping them. (Allgedly they're prepping to sell parts for 15 different calibers.) Quick change barrel. Quick change mag well. Full caliber conversion in less than 3 minutes! 1) Shut up and take my money!!! 2) Besides pinning the stock... anything else needed to make this puppy NJ compliant? (Aside from barrel selection.) 3) Shut up and take my money!!! http://www.alloutdoor.com/2014/03/10/compact-hydra-ar-rifle-fits-pistol-case/
  10. Hey everyone. I am currently looking for a cheap stripped or complete upper receiver for my "leftover parts" ar15. I have met many good people on this forum and have 100% success rate on finding the parts needed on the site. Let me know what you have and the price either posted here or PM me. Thanks in advance. Nic
  11. About a month ago, I posted a thread about buying or building and AR, and after coming across a great vendor deal, I purchased an Mp15 sport model from remixer for under 600.... Thanks again Steve! Took it to a range last weekend, and loved the gun with one exception, the pinned legal stock is too long for me. I'm 5'10, but have worked out a lot in the past and have a pretty large chest ( not bragging) and the length of the firearm isn't perfect for me. I know collapsible stocks are a no no in this great republic, and have been looking for alternatives. I like Magpuls look, quality and price. A local shop had the MOE fixed carbine stock in stock and almost bought it but..... I'm a newb, and am not that handy. I mean I striped my glocks all the way down to clean them, but again a monkey can do that. Would that be a product I could install myself with minimal work? Minimal tools? Would I need a new buffer tube? Would I be able to get the old stock off that's pinned? Is it even legal to do this myself. I'm kinda in a time crunch now too. I am going out of town this weekend to the south, and will be bringing it with me, gonna really test it out at a real range down in NC and would love for it to "feel" better.
  12. In the next few weeks to months I want to get an AR style rifle. I am more into handguns, owning many from Glocks, rugers, smith and Wessons and sigs. I own a 12 gauge and Remington .270 for deer hunting. The only thing missing is an AR. I used to have a mp15-22 which I loved, but sold it during last years AR craze. Made a nice little chunk of change on the sale. I have read many of the forums and topics on building, mil-spec vs commercial. All informative, all making me more confused. It doesn't matter if my AR is mil- spec or commercial, but want it to be reliable. It will be used as a plinker, 50-100 yards, and if the need ever came around, home defense. Please let me know what you think. I wanna spend less than 700, and know I can pick up a mp15 sport model out the door for under 700. The forums are a great place for information and opinions so help a fellow shooter out!
  13. I've been searching the 'net, our optics thread and pretty much everywhere trying to find opinions on this. My second AR build I'd like to keep as more of a target gun, 100-300 yds, longer if there were any place in North jersey to even do it. Originally I was thinking 4-16, but that seems a bit overkill for 300yds. Now I'm looking at the Nikon M-223 2-8 which has pretty solid reviews and is in the price point I'm looking for, I have to add the mount as well. Thining it might be nice to have a hair more on the high end of magnification I was also looking at the Nikon Monarch(which I believe is the basis for the M series). Monarch line offers a 2.5-10x42 and 50. I'm not concerned with the .5 difference on the low end, more whether or not its an appropriate fit for an AR and a good magnification for 300yds. I assume its a fine scope to use given its the basis for the M-223 line, but who knows. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Joe
  14. I am looking for an stripped or partially stripped A1 upper to complete my retro build. Have all other parts but this. The one I am looking for would look like these: Will travel a bit if you have one of these. Thanks.
  15. Got myself 3 http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/ati-omni-stripped-lower-receiver.html
  16. I need some advice guys. I have a stag model 2, got approx 3K to 4K rounds through it and the cam pin in the bolt has failed. Second issue, I, nor anyone else that has shot this gun has been able to get groups tighter than 2" at 100 yrds. (Bad shooter, me, is eliminated because the other guys are very good shooters). I have shot out to 400 yards with this gun hitting an 8" target consistently. Typically shoot 5.56 Federal XM193 55grn ball ammo, I've also shot 2.23 American Eagle 50 grn varmint tip. The weapon has never failed to load, fire or eject (even with the broken pin). Prior to the cam pin failure I had shot about 1K to 1.2K rounds without cleaning. I was curious to see when the weapon would start to have FTL, FTF, FTE issues. I decided to check the gun prior to a Sunday outing and found the failure. I'm wondering if the failure was caused by my sonic solution cleaner, lack of cleaning, or just a faulty pin. The bolt looks fine. Getting through to Stag has been a challenge but they finally sent me a warranty return slip. I also ordered replacement parts, that I have yet to get a confirmation on. Here is my real question. Should I send this weapon back to Stag or just replace the broken pin? I'm afraid in todays climate that I may not get the gun back. I can deal with the accuracy issue, (non-issue?) and I'm not that concerned about replacing a $3 to $8 pin. I ordered some from Brownells too. Thanks
  17. Hey everybody, Just thought i'd share my new toy... A stag arms 2. I picked it up today, and must say that i couldn't be happier. Isn't she a beauty? -BM
  18. Got my occasional call from my boy stationed in Okinawa last night and as usual, had some chatter about weapons... He asked if I ever heard of the Nemo line.... So you want something unique and will last forever.... The AR of your dreams? I present the: [Ti]ONE // Serial #1 Titanium .308 Battle Rifle Priced at a reasonable price of: $95,904... http://nemoarms.com/...e/gallery/guns/ http://youtu.be/ws08jLy31v8
  19. Want to sell this brand new Leatherman Mut tool. Leatherman designed this tool for the Military and LE for working on AR,s. I picked this up last summer and never got around to using it. Comes with box, manual, desert tan molle sheath and wrench. These sell in stores new for around $150. Specs can be found on Leathermans website I am selling it for $95.00 shipped. First person who says they will take it followed by a pm gets it. Check or money order only please. I do not have paypal. I can also meet the buyer at RTSP for a face to face sale.
  20. Leaving the AR platform for now, so I have 8 brand new AR mags that I would like to sell in 1 shot. Here is what I have left, all are brand new. All are NJ legal and permantly pinned from the MFG. 1-Magpul Pmag Black 30 body pinned to 15 w/Ranger plate- (new) 1-Magpul Pmag Black 30 body pinned to 15-(new) 2-Magpul Stubby Black -pinned to 15 (new) 3-Arms-n-Ammo gray 20 body pinned to 15 (new) 1-Arms-n-Ammo Black 20 body pinned to 15 (new) I would like to sell all of these in one shot as a lot of 8 mags for $90.00 Comes to $11.25 a mag. Prefer face to face, maybe RTSP?
  21. Hi All, So here is the deal. I went into the local gun shop today to order a mini-14. I don't own ANY semi-automatic rifles at all yet. That being said, i love the look of the mini-14 and i've heard some good things. I've also heard some, albeit not a lot, of unfavorable reviews. That that being said, with the cost reduction compared to an AR, (800 dollars compared to 1100) i figured it was worth it. Well, let's just say that everyone in the gun store disagreed with me. They were willing to order a mini-14 for me, but were still talking up the AR. Now, i really like the classic look of the mini-14. The fact that you can get it with a wood stock really appeals to me. Even the synthetic black min-14s look like somewhat of a more "traditional" rifle. In any event, question number one is: Do you agree with these people? Would it be foolish to purchase the mini-14 as one's first semi-auto rifle? Next... on to the AR-15.. There were a few different options. All of which are discussed in other topics on this board. I'm not here to ask the silly question of "which is best"? I am here to ask what YOU thought was best for your first AR-15 purchase and why. There was some big price differences. The M&P was like 700 bucks. The standard bushmaster was 1100. Then there was a new "Piston" AR15 made by ruger i believe.. that was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200. Let's hear it! Best, BM