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Found 28 results

  1. Hello, I am new here and looking to sell my two hand guns (I have another post for a Glock G19 GEN5 that will have a description very similar to this post). This post is for a Browning 22 1911 Black Label with fiber optic sights that I purchased new from Firearms Support and Storage June of 2019. I have used it a total of two times at RTSP in Union NJ and in it's lifetime it has shot only 390 rounds down range. It comes with 2 10 round clips magazines - I have not used it since prior to covid, so I will give it the best cleaning I can before the sale. The price is $400 plus FFL transfer fees. If you have questions or if I can share any other photos, please let me know. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale Thank you!
  2. © Maks @NJGF

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  5. New In Box TRP™ Operator® Black Armory Kote™ w/ Full Length Integral Accessory Rail .45ACP $1550.00 Plus NJ Nics and NJ Tax Caliber: .45ACP Recoil System: 1 Piece N.M. Full Length Guide Rod Sights: Fully Adjustable, 3-Dot Tritium Weight: (with Empty Magazine) 45oz Height: 5.7" Slide: Forged Carbon Steel, Black Armory Kote™ Barrel: 5 inch Stainless Steel Match Grade Bull Length: 8.6" Grip: Type Black G-10 Frame: Forged Carbon Steel, Black Armory Kote™ , With Full Length Accessory Rail Magazines: 2 - 7 Round, Stainless Steel w/ Slam Pads MSRP: $1,730.00 The TRP™ series of 1911s from Springfield Armory® are serious tools for the most serious of applications. These tactically proven pistols are intentionally designed to work under the worst conditions you’ll encounter. You’ll find all the quality, features and performance that you need in a 1911 of this class. TRP™ level quality starts with the forged national match frame and slide. These are precision fit and then mated with a match grade stainless steel barrel and bushing. The 20LPI checkering on the front strap, checkered mainspring housing and G10 grips will keep this gun in your hands when the sweat and adrenaline are flowing. The crisp 4.5 – 5lb trigger pull means you can more easily put shots on target when it matters most. 3-Dot tritium sights and an extended beveled magazine will remind you that the TRP™ was designed for use in high stress places – where the environment works against target acquisition, and mag swaps have to be lightning fast. The Armory Kote™ or Stainless Steel finish will protect your TRP™ so it’s ready for the next mission. Sometimes performance isn’t optional. When your requirements dictate that you use the best tools available, reach for the Tactical Response Pistol™.
  6. Here are some of my recent arrivals worth mentioning. LWRC DI 5.56 / 223 Modular One-Piece, Free-float Rail, Rail Panels, Angled Fore-grip and Hand Stop, Cold Hammer-Forged, Spiral Fluted 16.1 Barrel, Fully Ambidextrous Mag Release, Bolt Catch, & Selector. Price Includes all NJ Compliance work. $1275.00 Sig Sauer M400 Elite 5.56 / 223 New Model for 2017, Aluminum M-Lok Hand guard, 16" 1:7 twist Barrel, Sig Enhanced Trigger, Price includes all NJ compliance work. $1100.00 Sig Sauer p320 9mm Full-size w/Contrast Sights (15rds) Includes 2 Magazines , Plastic Case and Lock. Additional Magazines Available $535.00 Sig Sauer p320 9mm Carry w/Contrast Sights (15rds) Includes 2 Magazines , Plastic Case and Lock. Additional Magazines Available $535.00 Hi-Point 9TS 9mm Carbine Black $285.00 Hi-Point 9TS 9mm Carbine Camo $325.00
  7. For the past couple months I've been considering a Colt Compitetion (still not sure if I'm going to go 9 or 45). I'll be using it mostly for IDPA shooting, where I'm currently rated in the low end of the Sharpshooter class. So as I'm getting ready to close in on a Colt Compitetion, Colt releases the same gun in series 70 and calls it "better". I'm reading as much as I can on the re-introduced series 70, and wondering how much of a difference the series 70 might make over a series 80 for a shooter in my classification. Any thoughts?
  8. So my buddy has a stainless steel 1911 and I noticed what looked like pitting or carbon build up or dirt on the lower frame but then when I ran my finger over it it was not rough. He's cleaned it before but not sure what he's been using to clean it. Is there something that someone can recommend that he could possibly try? Pic is attached.
  9. Colt Competition Government 45Acp $830.00 Plus NJ Nics and Tax - Dual Spring Recoil System™ - Novak® Adjustable Rear Sight - Fiber Optic Front Sight - Undercut Trigger Guard - Upswept Beavertail Grip Safety - Custom Blue Colt Logo G10 Grips - 5” National Match® Barrel Our latest inventory can be found at http://www.monmoutharms.com Thanks for Looking,
  10. Yesterday being Christmas and tomorrow being my birthday (and everyone else is taken care of)....last on my list...one is 70 years old and the other was just picked up about an hour ago....
  11. Been trying to start a poll. I don't think I'm doing it right. but I'm wondering the exact question of the title. Which 45 acp would you choose? Because I don't know which to get anymore. Sig Sauer 1911 Nitron Rail Springfield Loaded 1911 Parkerized Para USA Expert 14.45 FNH FNX 45 +/- tactical Ruger SR1911
  12. I know the topic has probably been asked many times on the forums, but In the next two days I am purchasing my first 1911 and want to gather everyone's opinion. So, leave your opinions as to which size I should get. Will probably be used at the range 95% of the time, maybe CCW outta state.
  13. So... I guess I done messed things up pretty good... Here is what has happened with my 1911. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I purchased a Wilson Combat "slip on" magwell for my Kimber TLE custom II. The following occured while I was re-installing the grips. It looks as though one of the bushings cross-threaded and would no longer accept the screw properly When i tried to remove the screw, the bushing came out with it While attempting to remove the bushing from the screw with needle nose pliers, I royally messed up the bushing So now I have no bushing in the top right side of my gun, and thus no screw. What do I do? Does a gun-smith need to install a new bushing? Does anyone have a recommended gunsmith in the central NJ area I can bring this to? Thanks.
  14. I have read a lot of posts talking about this or that handgun being the best for our military sidearm. I have not come across a national poll, although there may have been some somewhere. Anyway I decide to start my own poll as I wondered what the gun owning public thinks when politics and money are not part of the selection process. Vote here and see the results
  15. This thing is unreal. Maybe we can start a Custom 1911 photo section here. Not typical photos, just extreme, funky or crazy like this... Found it on facebook... Didn't know what to call it, so I labeled it the Jaw Gun...
  16. I am a new to handguns and wanted to purchase a Glock 19 Gen 4, however after Newtown I can't find any in stock. I qualify for the Glock LEO Discount but at this point it seems I'd be lucky to find any G19 Gen 4 at any reasonable price. I wanted the G19 Gen 4 because I have small hands, and the smaller frame, and smaller backstrap gave me a good fit and I was able to reach the magazine release without changing my grip. I also wish to use this pistol at some point for concealed carry. That said, I was also looking into a 1911 either this Tisas 1911Aa1 http://www.budsgunsh...ts_id/411552921 or a similiar Auto Ordinance model http://www.budsgunsh...oducts_id/16100 and buy slim grips. My pistol permits expire in 45 days. My dilemma is should I wait to see if a G19 will be come avalable in the next month, (or next 3 months if I can get the 1 time renewal), or just go ahead and buy a 1911 now. I've also rented a Sig 229 9mm, but I was unable to depress the magazine release without adjusting my grip. Any suggestions?
  17. use coupon code HOLIDAY2012 at checkout Good through Sunday 12/16 I'm just trying to decide between the two diamond patterns for my sp01
  18. Sorry for the length of this post - but have to get my thoughts/experience out there. I tried to do a bunch of research on 1911's, however, as everyone knows it's such a huge platform with countless options. I did my best to research different models that fit my preference and learn about them/read up. I am a fan of history and the 1911's looks and background in general, so this is a must for me. I really was looking for a more classic look 1911 chambered in .45 cal. I know you can get pretty serious with modifications, but personally a lot of modifications, adjustable sights, etc. just kind of turn me off. My purpose for this gun is target, home defense, and mostly just bc I love the look and history behind it (I know 9mm would be better for target purpose, but 1911 IMHO should be 45). So....I went to Heritage Guild, Lou's in Raritan and Effingers. I am on a budget and wanted to keep it under $850 - which I know rules a ton of them out right off the bat. The ones I was considering were Springfield Mil Spec or GI, the Remington R1, Rock Island Armory, Taurus, Desert Eagle. I liked some of the Kimbers, but didn't think I could afford any. 1)Heritage: had Rem R1 stainless which I liked, but it wasn't jumping out at me (was in my range at $749). The rest of their Sigs, Kimbers, Colts were nice but a little outside my range. As in past visits there, their service was poor, acted like I was hassling them, and provided no opinions or knowledge. 2)Lou's: had a ton of options and I really liked the customer service there. Good guys willing to tell you what they think and take the time to explain things. When I walked in there I was basically searching for the Spring Mil Spec, but the guy immediately said he hated them, doesn't buy them, and that it's in his opinion a crappy 1911 that rattles, etc and there are much better options. I took his opinion seriously. I loved the style of the STI Spartan IV, but they only had it in 9mm and I want .45. He tracked one down and said he could order, but I wanted to finish shopping and said I'd call back. Also, I wanted a full size 1911, but the Spartan V he had was set up with adjustable sights and the coloring I wasn't wild about. He was honest and didn't try to hard sell me on anything - just offered his opinions and knowledge. 3)Effingers: this was last on my list because I don't really see them as a great gun shop and usually their collection is limited. Off the bat he showed me Desert Eagle, Rem R1, Taurus - all OK, but didn't jump at me. Then he goes "well here's a Kimber in your price range" - which took me by surprise b/c thre Custom II at Lou's was $925 (it had night sites and maybe another mod that I forget). This was the black Kimber Custom II with standard low profile sights for $769 base. I loved the solidness, style, and the feel of it. This one did jump at me. Much to my disgust, the day of searching left me finding the 1911 I wanted at 4:50pm.... NICS was closing and I couldn't bring it home. I put down 50% and am paying balance and picking it up this week or next weekend. He said he's going to throw in some ammo and a cleaning kit too. The guys were all old guys and the guy who helped me was a veteran and very knowledgeable about 1911's. I am sorry for this ridiculously lengthy post, but I really wanted to share my experience and welcome any opinions, thoughts, etc. that any of you 1911 guys may have. Anybody own the Custom II? Thoughts on it? I know most everyone here either loves or hates Kimbers, but I welcome comments from both sides. Thank you!
  19. I am thinking i want to change the safe catch on my Springfield 1911. The one on there is too big to rest my thumb on when firing comfortably. A. does somebody sell a smaller catch. B. Is this a do it yourself job or is it one for a gunsmith
  20. Gun is SPF one more time, this time to Robot_Hell Have had this for about a year and a half - put about 500 rounds through it - need to consolidate calibers. AMMO IS SOLD! The gun has never been in a holster, always cleaned after shooting. I changed the wood grips for Colt rubber grips. Have the magazine that came with the gun + 3 Chip McCormick Shooting Star 8 rounders - $385 I'll also throw in a nylon shoulder holster I've had lying around and a .45 bore brush & mop. Buyer must have P2P, NJ FID with matching DL.
  21. Not sure if this is where this belongs, came upon this article and wanted to share it. http://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/2012/07/marine-corps-marsoc-new-colt-45-caliber-pistols-071912/?utm_source=Copy+of+July+14+BTW&utm_campaign=BTW+July+21&utm_medium=email Elite Marine Corps units to field new pistols By James K. Sanborn - Staff writer Posted : Thursday Jul 19, 2012 14:14:40 EDT The Marine Corps’ elite special operations and reconnaissance units will field thousands of new .45-caliber pistols over the next four years, military acquisition officials confirmed Thursday. The service awarded a $22.5 million contract to Colt Defense for its M1911A1 Rail Guns. The deal was finalized Wednesday night, according to Barb Hamby, a spokeswoman for Marine Corps Systems Command in Quantico, Va. Precise details are expected to be released Thursday evening, but there is widespread speculation the order will total some 4,000 firearms. The pistols will be manufactured at Colt’s plant in West Hartford, Conn., and delivered to the Marine Corps by 2017, Hamby said. Designated the M45 Close Quarter Battle Pistol by the service, Colt’s Rail Gun takes a tried and true platform used since World War I and outfits it with a rail at the front of the receiver that can be used to mount the flashlights, lasers and infrared devices preferred by today’s special operations forces. While fundamentally unchanged since its inception, the weapon does use the company’s newer series 80 firing system, developed during the 1980s to increase safety by adding a firing pin block that prevents the discharge of a live cartridge if the gun is dropped or banged. The weapon Colt submitted for this contract competition includes a dual recoil spring assembly, meant to reduce recoil. It was furnished in a desert tan color and featured a Cercoat finish designed to reduce reflection and prevent corrosion. The pistol also features more stainless steel parts, which should help it withstand the harsh environments where special operations and reconnaissance Marines operate — particularly in and around saltwater. It’s not immediately clear whether Colt’s final prototype also includes all these flourishes. While standard operating forces throughout the U.S. military use the NATO-standard Beretta M9 pistol, elite military and law enforcement units, including Marine special operations and force recon, have continued to use the 1911. While it requires more maintenance and care than many modern semi-automatic pistols, it is revered for its accuracy and performance in the hands of skilled shooters. Its .45-caliber rounds also pack a heavier punch than the 9mm NATO rounds used in the M9. Other company’s that competed for the contract included Springfield Armory out of Geneseo, Ill., and Karl Lippard Designs of Colorado Springs, Colo.
  22. SpacemanFry

    9mm 1911

    So I've been wanting to get a SW 1911 Pro 9mm, unfortunately they seem to be really hard to find/get (no idea why). So, looking for suggestions for a similar 9mm 1911. Reliability & accuracy are key. Thanks
  23. Hey guys looking for some help. First i am looking nfor a gunsmith that works on air rifles i have a decent airrifel that for they make an aftermarket trigger for. The original trigger is horrible. I was wondering if there is anyone around that could install this trigger for me. i would prefer it to be in the monmouth/ocean area so i dont have to ship it. My next Question is I am looking for someone that works on 1911's. Also in the same area. I am looking to have the sights rounded checkering put on the fronstrap and serrationons on the front of the slide and maybe a few other things. Thansk in advance Mike Norris
  24. Just purchased a S&W 1911SC E-Series pistol in 45 ACP. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with what magazines work best in this pistol. Came with 2 from the factory. (Checkmate) Was thinking of picking up a few Chip McCormick Power Mag Plus mags for it. Any recomendations?
  25. Im looking to install a full sized beaver tail grip safety on my para ordnance gi expert. I want to install myself so as close to drop in as possible would be great. Function is really my only concern so little gaps and making it look perfect wouldnt matter to me. Any help would be great thanx.
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