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Found 20 results

  1. Sold my GSG-5 22LR with fake suppressor. $300. These are a blast to shoot. Have two mags that have been converted to 10 rounds. Don't shoot it anymore and want to clear up some space on the safe. I live in Bergen county and will meet you in a dealer who you choose. You pay transfer so choose a cheap transfer dealer.
  2. Finally had the chance to spend a good amount of time with the gun. At this price point, there is no reason not to get one!
  3. Anyone has Tkka T1x? How do you like it? Strongly considering it for my next purchase.
  4. Need help deciding here: I'm torn between Ruger mark IV and SW22. Want to buy a universal gun for Bullseye and Steel Challenge, so it has to be bull barrel or similar. I like stainless steel Ruger and million aftermarket parts available but I don't like grip angle (22/45 fits better but it's plastic) and the fact that barrel is the firearm. So every time I would think of a new barrel it will have to be a new set permits.... On the contrary SW22 has less aftermarket support and somewhat strange grip - the angle is fine though. Plus its cheaper. Your opinions? pls? thanks in advance. P.S. Buck Mark is out - don't even bring it up :). I own Buck Mark, i like the way it shoots but the takedown process can be painful. last time I wanted to clean it i stripped the hex screw and had to go to a gunsmith . Also, little aftermarket options and harder to find parts.
  5. Just got an email from PSA, they are doing some AWESOME deals on ammo! Deals are live at Midnight! Free shipping and they DO SHIP TO NJ! Just need to email them a copy of FID. Edit: Thanks @Krdshrk Limit 5 of the $20 rebates. Link to Rebate. Deal Price Shipped on 223 and 300AAC 300rd bulk pack, $89.99. Price after rebate: $69.99!! $.23 per round or $4.66 per box of 20! Deal Price on 9mm 500rd bulk pack, 89.99. Price after rebate: $69.99!! $.1399 per round or $6.99 per box! Deal Price on 22lr 1600rd bulk pack, $59.99. Price after rebate: $39.99!! - $.024 per round or about $13.50 per brick! Looking over Brownells some more... they have the same price on 22LR and free shipping with coupon code, so if PSA runs out, Brownells does have it as well. Linky Here Deal Price on 12GA Buck 100 shells, $59.99. Price after rebate: $39.99!! Less than $.40 per shell and a nice ammo can! Deal Price on .45acp 300rd bulk pack, $89.99. Price after rebate: $69.99!! Less than $.24 per round or $11.65 per box! All of the available deals are here. If placing an order, please go through our links here as it helps the forum.
  6. For Sale: Hammerli Xesse 115mm 22lr - Pre-Owned $570.00 plus NJ Nics (15.00) and NJ Tax Mint condition. Universal Hi-Grip, Adjustable rear sight, Positive double-pull trigger ,10-shot magazine, Disassembly possible without tools ,Comes with a plastic case and second magazine
  7. Sale at Brownells. Various ammo on sale including CCI Std Velocity 22LR at 5 cents per round. Free shipping for orders over $49.00. Code "MCP". https://www.brownells.com/ammunition/rimfire-ammo/standard-velocity-ammo-22-long-rifle-40gr-lead-round-nose-prod82463.aspx?utm_medium=email&utm_source=marketo&utm_campaign=2018_04_06_ammo&utm_content=ammo&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTW1RMlltVm1ORFl4TldNdyIsInQiOiJ4TjdcL3diWHpJbGlKNkNRU1R1Y1N4Z1dyY1JsbWl6ZkR2OG1LTDNzQWpTOGdBQkswQnloV1wvRmtKa1dKVDN2YlhRbjlYRlFyVUU0SEZESVdLK0p0T3lYMmY1dGtnRDJoWURSbW5aTEhJVVdMZ3dpWUNnUnNFOVBmWGgwaXNMNjFPIn0%3d
  8. In Stock At Monmouth Arms, LLC Sig Sauer P320 Compact 9mm with Night Sights $580.00 Sig Sauer p320 Full Size 9mm (Pinned Mags) Contrast Sights $535.00 Smith and Wesson Mp9 2.0 Black (Factory 15rds Magazines) $525.00 Smith and Wesson 617 4" 22lr $675.00 Smith and Wesson Mp9 Shield $390.00 These are all New in Box. Prices are plus $15.00 Nics and NJ Tax. Handgun Buyer must have Valid DL and Valid P2P. Thanks for Looking, Steven - Monmouth Arms, LLC 172 US 9 - Suite F Englishtown NJ 07726 732-547-1243
  9. Colt Woodsman Match Target 3rd Edition (No Box or Papers) Excellent Condition 80 - 85% Manufacture date 1969 - Based on Serial Number. Some light scratches, See pictures. Beautiful Bluing (No Pitting) Slight Finish Wear on one of the Grips. $800.00
  10. Smith and Wesson Model 617 22LR $750.00 Plus Nics and NJ tax CALIBER: 22 LR STOCK/FRAME: Black Synthetic CAPACITY: 10 BARREL: 4" ACTION: Double / Single Action LENGTH: 9.13" SAFETY: Internal Lock WEIGHT: 41 Oz. SIGHTS: Adjustable FINISH: Satin Stainless
  11. Was shooting last week with my S&W M&P 22 handgun. Ammo was Remington 22LR hollow points(from a "Bucket of Bullets" I purchased several months ago). After approx 175 rounds downrange, when I pulled the trigger, it sort of went bang. However, I also felt some of the products of combustion hit me in the face and smoke coming out of the rear of my slide. Clearly something had gone wrong. Retrieved the spent shell which is pictured below. I immediately field stripped and inspected the gun. No apparent damage. Shot about 30 rounds of a different brand afterwards with no issues. Then called it a night. Btw, good thing I was wearing my safety glasses over my prescription eyeglasses. Any idea what may have caused this? I assume bad ammo. Or, could it have been some sort of missfeed on the part of the gun? Appreciate any feedback.
  12. On April 12th check your email from dicks sporting goods. Huge 22lr sale will start that day and dicks already has the ammo and will keep back stocking the 22lr until the 12. Insider that works dicks in union
  13. Stopped by Cheyanne on rt 130 yesterday. CCI Mini-Mag HP boxes of 300 @27.99 each. CCI AR Tactical RN boxes of 300 @ 26.99 each. Decent price, comparable to Cabelas, Dicks, etc. AND NO LIMIT. Kudos to Cheyanne. Regards
  14. Hi everyone, Looking for your input on my potential next handgun. It's time to make my wife to finally go to the range, so I decided that most likely this one will be a 22lr handgun (wee need to start with something, LOL). I have never really looked into rimfire handguns, so I've done my research and basically divided the whole market into the following groups (it's only my understanding though, I might be wrong): 1) Dedicated 22lr handguns that were designed specifically for this caliber in mind, usually very accurate and usually do not look like "real" handgun in its narrow sense. I would put Ruger Mark II/III here, Beretta Neos as well etc. 2) Handguns that are basically younger brothers/sisters of larger caliber handguns. Often look exactly as or at least very close to their older siblings; some of them are reportedly not ideal in terms of operation and less accurate than the ones from group 1. I would put Sig Mosquito, Walther P22 / PPKS and some others into this category. 3) Conversion kits like Kadet for CZ and other ones for Glock. I don't really consider those at this point as they seem to cost almost the same amount as the dedicated handgun which I essentially want. Maybe later. *** My aesthetic preference so far goes towards group #2. I'd really like to have a 22lr handgun that would look ... mm.. like a handgun :-) Therefore my shortlist now consists of two models basically - Sig Mosquito and Walther PPK/S. And here comes the question - when you try to google both, I'd say most (or at least many) of the reports are outright negative. Walther is criticized for some cheap alloys used in PPKs built lately, Mosquito - for its reliability etc. What would be your advice? Any other reliable 22lr handgun that would not look too futuristic like Neos? :-) Am I missing something completely? I also remember someone mentioning SIG P226 Classic 22 lately being some dedicated 22 gun with a possibility to add other kits and make it 9mm or .40. As fas as I am heavily leaning towards P226 as my second next purchase this is particularly interesting, but I was unable to find anything close to what has been mentioned. Any details would be much appreciated Thanks
  15. Been looking to get into the rifle world but don't want to spend the money associated with moving to 5.56/.223 I know it is pretty cheap but .22lr is even cheaper. I want something bolt action for accuracy and to force a little more discipline on the trigger and ammo use. I like something that other people don't really have which is why for my handgun I went FNX 45 and not a 1911 or Glock. ( I am definitely getting a 1911 someday though, just too damn pretty not to get one). I have started a poll with some that I have come across that fit my criteria, albeit flexible criteria. Magazine fed Bolt action Preferably wood stock iron sights( not necessary) Good looks, let's be honest not one wants to shoot the Ford Edsel of the gun world ( cough Glock cough) Please feel free to add in some that I have over looked to add to my frustration and confusion. But it will be appreciated advice. Thanks in advance for the votes and advice.
  16. I was lurking around the forum the other day reading about someone looking for a rifle and the name Sako came up. So I inevitably took a look and found their Sako quad range 22lr rifle,which actually has 3 other interchangeable caliber barrels. http://www.sako.fi/sakoquadmodels.php?range So has anyone had hands on or know someone that has hands on? Is it worth the money? I think it is in the 1000 range sans optics. I think the thing is beautiful but is the beauty worth that much? I also like bit because it does not seem big around here from my lurking experience, partly from price I would guess. I like the unique or no one else has it factor. Thank for your help guys.
  17. got very cheap.... just unsure of the date. Should I keep for antique/cool purposes or shoot next time at range? Thanks for the help!
  18. I just acquired two JC Higgins Sears (Marlin model 80) 22lr bolt guns with scopes. I have a couple of questions about the scopes and the mounts they are in. The first scope is a Weaver cub 4x, with a N2 mount. The second scope is a JC Higgins 4x in Weaver mount. Are the scopes in the correct mounts or were they switched at one time. Anyone have any info on either of these scopes?
  19. Hey guys, So I purchased this little gun in order to be able to get more range time without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, things just didn't work out that way as I still just go the range about the same as before. I really have lost interest in shooting 22lr and I am looking to make some room in my safe for a new toy. This little revolver is a 8-shot 22 lr with fiber optic sights, I have a wolfe springs kit for it as well that ill include (I put the stock springs back in however). Asking $450.00 and the gun is practically brand new as I've shot less then 1000 rounds through it. Kevin * Edit * Just so that everyone knows, this gun has been shipped back to Ruger in the past because spots were appearing on the stainless that I concerned might have been rust. Ruger, (who has awesome customer service btw) had the gun back to me about a week later (6/5) completely refinished and all components replaced (Cylinder, Pawl, Trigger plunger, Firing pin Assy, Hammer strut Assy, & rear sight base).
  20. Not a bad deal for 5k rounds. Even better deal if you have a club, it you can get your club to purchase it for you (65.00) for clubs. http://www.thecmp.org/Sales/ammo.htm
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