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Found 21 results

  1. Yesterday, I attended Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays in Coplay, PA for the first time! I went with @Mrs.Zeke to their NRA Women on Target event - more on that later. I feel very grateful to have attended (and, again, thanks to @Ms. 12 Gauge for letting me know about the event!) Here's my feedback: Sporting Clays: Yikes, what a fun shooting sport!! If you don't know anything about it, you are moving through a course and at each station there's clays being thrown different ways (varying direction, speed, even a type called a rabbit that rolls along the ground). It's challenging. And for even more challenge, they have 3 defined courses there - beginner, intermediate and advanced. So think of it like a golf course - each station is like a hole - they even have gas-powered golf carts you can rent, or little scooters (I think those are free) and little wheelie carts (also free). The operation is year-round. LVSC: I haven't been to other sporting clays ranges, so I can't compare per se, but I can say this one was really "atmospheric" - and as a lover of all things Victorian, it was just my cup of tea. It's set in a long-abandoned 1800's quarry operation. So, the old, roofless, dilapidated buildings have been taken over by trees and undergrowth - but they still hold a unique beauty (the great masonry, old arched window frames, etc. - it was like some of those photos from urban explorers who enter abandoned sites). It must look amazing in fall or after a fresh snow! Even better, one station we were at is located right over water (presumably, the old quarry pit). So, you're standing on this little covered deck, looking out across a sparkling body of water, with cliffs opposite you, trees above that and a perfect blue sky up above. Wow. Hey, did I mention it's a GREAT-LOOKING place? (LOL) Much of the course, blessedly, was in shade. And all the little stations have roofs so you've always got a little spot of shade on a hot day. The main building where you sign in was large, nicely air-conditioned (helpful yesterday of all days), well-appointed, kind of a rustic hunting lodge vibe, but very modern and clean, too (including a nice clean ladies room with the de-lead soap, etc.) The staff were all very friendly - and our instructor, Bob Broderick, was fantastic! I recommend him highly. A lot of things "clicked" for me yesterday in terms of understanding the process - that's the power of a good instructor! Here's their website: https://www.lvsclays.com/ NRA Women on Target: The NRA and their partner ranges really do a great job on these events! They are designed to attract women to the shooting sports, so they're quite literally giving stuff away. This deal was so slammin' - it was impossible to pass up! FIFTY BUCKS covered the entire afternoon program. They initially had us in a room for about an hour where we filled out paperwork and had some classroom instruction about safety, etc. We then picked up the included cold drinks, eye and ear pro, plus a loaner shotgun and instructor for each group... our little sub-group had 4 women and 2 golf carts (carts also included!!)… and we were on the course for a good 2 hours at least... with each one of us getting one-on-one attention and guidance from the instructor at each station (that alone was worth more than 50 bucks!!). Afterwards, we returned to the same room where they had snacks, more ice-cold beverages, certificates and "swag bags" which, best of all, included a coupon for 10% off of a private lesson (expires end of this year). I have no idea what that would package would cost normally, but looking at the website, I'm guessing at least 125 or more each? So, if you haven't been to LVSC yet, I urge you to check it out! It's LOTS of fun. I know CNJFO is doing a fundraiser there this month - I'm sure you'd have a fantastic time AND you'd be contributing to the 2A cause at the same time. So, I'll add that link here: In addition, I plan to get on the email list for their NRA Women on Target events (apparently, LVSC sponsors about 3 a year). Though I can't go again (it's for sporting clays first-timers only), I intend to advertise them in the future under our "events" section... so you can all pass the word to women shooters you know. Believe me, anyone who went would enjoy it. All the ladies who went yesterday (I'd say it was about 15-20) had a real blast!
  2. NRA has an auto template that sends your rep an email opposing the proposed new NJ gun laws: https://act.nraila.org/takeaction.aspx?AlertID=1978 Mods please move if I posted in the wrong forum. Oh and sorry if this has been posted already.
  3. A List of the Companies Cutting Ties With the N.R.A. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/24/business/nra-companies-boycott.html For me the only one that really hurts is Delta/United since they only game in town for the NY/NJ area. Maybe Metlife and Chubb too. Mods please move if posted in wrong section.
  4. President Trump: "What many people don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, is that Wayne, Chris and the folks who work so hard at the @NRA are Great People and Great American Patriots. They love our Country and will do the right thing. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" 6:31 AM - 22 Feb 2018
  5. You may be asking yourself, what does the bump stock ban have to do with you, especially if you dont own a bump stock. Well, if you own any semi auto rifle, it has more to do with you than you may think. In this video, MAC (Military Arms Channel) and ATF employee Rick Vasquez discuss the long reaching, and likely overreaching, authority of the ATF to regulate without legislation and how political parties use a little known backdoor to regulate without public discourse in Congress. There is also a Q&A from internet viewers. In a nutshell, every semi auto rifle will be affected by the proposed regulations concerning bump stocks, even if you don't own one. Among other things, ATF is now talking about regulating SA triggers and reset times. Bottom line here, the bump stock ban is not just about bump stocks. I believe it's important for you to see this, and I ask that you share this video to help get the word out. Here is a link to GOA where they briefly outline the ban, it's implications and a link to ATF where you can leave a comment. https://www.gunownersamerica.com/[email protected]
  6. Hey guys and gals, just got an email that the NRA is now offering a discount on the Lifetime membership, $600 vs usual $1,500. Sign up through the link here. or the NRA image on the right side.
  7. The NRA is having a Cyber Monday sale on memberships valid through 11/30/2016: https://membership.nrahq.org/forms/signup.asp?campaignid=XM031100 1 Year Membership - $30.00 Regularly $40 3 Year Membership - $85.00 Regularly $100 5 Year Membership - $100.00 Regularly $140 Life Membership - $600.00 Regularly $1500
  8. The NRA just endorsed Donald Trump: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4904172501001/nra-endorses-donald-trump-for-president/?#sp=show-clips
  9. We are now entering phase 2 of this #2A campaign for NJ permits to carry gun “rights”. My case is scheduled for the 19th of this month to be heard at Sussex Co. Superior Court. Although I have hired the law firm of @Evannappen, I am confident that Richard Gilbert will present a very good argument on my behalf. Of course there is a 50/50 chance of us prevailing, but I am a realist and I place my odds more at 95/5. The low odds are not because of my case and arguments, but because that is just how NJ rolls on this issue. We have 2 other good cases pending on this issue in NJ, one is in NJ, and the other one waiting may be heard by SCOTUS. Even though these two other pending cases are strong, they do not have a police reported, documented death threat like it does for my case. For this is the reason why this case must continue to move forward. We must prove that in NJ, regardless if you have a profession that involves large amounts of cash and you fear of becoming a victim to an armed robber, if you are a good, law abiding citizen in NJ that wants a handgun for everyday defense of your life or a loved one, or if you are a person like me that has a documented credible death and robbery threat against you, in NJ you are not afforded your 2A right to defend yourself with a handgun outside of your home. We must continue litigation against the unjust “Justifiable Need” Admin code in NJ, regardless of how many cases are pending and of the outcome of my case on the 19th, this campaign must continue fighting for us all in NJ and that is my plan. Without your support, this may not be possible to continue moving forward and we will allow NJ’s unjust laws to prevail. Please help me fund this litigation so that we all have a chance of winning here. Even though I am a NRA Life Endowment member and a member of many more gun rights groups like SAF, GOA, NAGR, I have not received any financial support from these groups for this case, this can also be said for other NJ 2nd amendment rights groups in NJ that have not stepped forward and endorsed or supported this campaign for our gun rights. I have received financial donations and or verbal support from great Americans like you and other professional establishments like @GunforHire @Anthony colandro, I am completely independent in this campaign for now and I am relying on your support in helping this campaign move to the next phase 3 If you donate $100.00 or more, I will send you a free one day guest pass to Woodland Park at gun for hire shooting range. RISE UP AND FIGHT WITH ME, or get out of my way because we are growing stronger each day! Thank you all that have and will continue to support this battle, Albert Almeida battling for NJ CCW 2A Rights and Liberties Please visit me at: http://www.gofundme.com/Fighting-for-NJ-CCW
  10. From NRA and MidwayUSA: https://membership.nrahq.org/forms/signup.asp?campaignid=XM030629 This is valid though 05/14/2016
  11. GAPP will be offering an AR beginners course on April 17, 2016 at Fort Dix Range 14. This course is the NRA First steps rifle course (specifically for the AR rifle platform). It is designed to introduce the new AR-15 owner to their rifle properly and safely. The classroom portion covers the history of the platform, disassembly, reassembly, cleaning, and aftermarket accessories... as well as the laws regarding rifles of this type. Several models are available to look at and will be used for demonstration in the classroom... and one can be provided for use on the range if you don't own an AR yet and just want to learn how to shoot one. After lunch, we head out to the range and zero your rifle... and see if you can hit a steel plate at 200 yards. The course length is approximately 6 hours and the cost is $180. If you're a new AR owner or if you've had one sitting in your safe for a while, come out and learn more about it. For registration info, go to http://gappnj.com/rifle/ar_beginners. The class size is limited so register soon.
  12. The NRA is starting to buy a bit of air time on the Fox News Channel. Several of their spokespeople are making 30-45sec. ads on 2A. One, for example, features Dana Loesch and another features Marcus Luttrell. Well, I just happened to see another and, lo and behold, it feaured WLP himself, lamenting over the state of NJ gun laws, and citing the Carol Bowne case directly. Not on YouTube yet, but it should be there shortly. First, it's good to see these ads on Fox News, but where we really need to see them is the one place we never will.... on the MSM! Failing that, it's good to see the NRA step up their advertising and even better to see WLP himself mention NJ and Carol Bowne. Every little bit helps. I hope they keep up the pressure, and find a way to get these ads onto MSM chanels (a Herculean effort, yes, but there's always hope).
  13. http://bearingarms.com/nra-supports-lawsuit-targeting-new-jerseys-justifiable-need-concealed-carry-permitting-scheme/?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl There have been a number of court cases moving forward across the Republic that are pushing back against the desires of citizen control cultists, and one emerging theme seems to be a number of casing that center around the idea of citizens being able to actual bear arms in their daily lives, not just keep them in their homes. Four cases are presently working their way towards (or are are already before) the U.S. Supreme Court, and the National Rifle Association just filed an amicus brief supporting the plaintiffs targeting New Jersey’s “may issue” concealed carry licencing scheme: The National Rifle Association is supporting a Sussex County man’s lawsuit seeking a permit to carry his handgun outside of his house, the organization announced this week. The national lobbying group said it was backing John Drake’s lawsuit with a forthcoming amicus brief, in support of Second-Amendment rights in New Jersey, the organization said. Drake, and other plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit, petitioned last month to have their case heard in the U.S. Supreme Court. “Law-abiding citizens have a constitutional right to defend themselves beyond their front doorstep,” said Chris W. Cox, the executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. Drake, of Fredon, is a business owner who owns and services ATMs – and who carries large amounts of cash, according to a report on NJHerald.com. The suit challenges New Jersey law requiring “justifiable need” to acquire concealed-carry permits, according to the report. To date, the “bearing” argument is still a minority view in the court system (as patently absurd as that is), but one that seems to be gaining ground. It will be interesting to see how this case proceeds, as I’m sure that the New Jersey government will fight this tooth and nail all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  14. I have set up an NRA First Steps Pistol Class at Shooters in Little Egg Harbor, NJ on Feb., 8, 2014 from 2pm - 5:30pm. The instructor is Kharis Sepulvida who is a NRA certified instructor. Kharis has hosted a number of training courses that forum members here have attended, he is very personable, safety conscious and very easy to learn from. Class size is limited to 6 people for this class. Here is the course description from his website: Course Description The NRA FIRST Steps (Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training) Pistol program is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation of one specific firearm model. This course provides an introduction to firearms safety, handling, and shooting skills. It is an ideal program for new pistol owners. This course satisfies the requirements to obtain a concealed carrying permit in various states. (Please check your local laws and regulations for information pertaining to the application process.) Textbook and course material are provided. It is recommended that the student bring their own handgun with at least 50 rounds of factory loaded ammunition. If, for an extra fee, a handgun and ammunition needs to be provided, please provide advanced notification. Cost: $160 ($50 deposit required to register for the class) If you are interested please post here and I will inbox you with registration info.
  15. Hi guys, Here is a video I made for the NJ2AS rally on April 30th. Hope this help to get the word out.
  16. Hi guys, Here is a video I made for the NJ2AS rally on April 30th. Hope this help to get the word out.
  17. Delaware State Sportsmen's Association and the 9-12 Delaware Patriots need your HELP and SUPPORT for a 2nd Amendment Rally CALLING all Sportmen from any state, let the First State be the first to send the message of the meaning of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. 2nd Amendment Rally Sunday, January 20, 2013 at 1:00 - 3:00 pm Modern Maturity Center 1121 Forrest Ave, Dover (Rt 8 West) Keynote Speaker David A. Keene, President, National Rifle Association of America Former Chairman American Conservative Union Doors open at 12:00 Details Below Sunday, January 20, 1:00 - 3:00 pm Modern Maturity Center 1121 Forrest Ave, Dover (Rt 8 West) Doors open at 12:00 Keynote Speaker David A. Keene, President, National Rifle Association of America Former Chairman - American Conservative Union MC, John Sigler, Past President, National Rifle Association of America And a distinguished list of local and national leaders Hosted and sponsored by: 9-12 Delaware Patriots and the Delaware State Sportsman Association. Delaware is gearing up to introduce a damaging gun control bill in January. They are prepared to institute strict gun laws that will take away our 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. The only way to defeat this bill is to come together and fight this together. We are expecting a record crowd to attend the Second Amendment rally. This is a peaceful rally to bring together supporters of the 2nd Amendment rights in Delaware. It will be an exciting rally with guest speakers who are leaders and supporters of the 2nd Amendment from Delaware and national organizations. So bring a friend who may not understand the high stakes we are facing. After the rally, they will understand! We should have a flyer announcement within a day or two prepared and we will ask you to print out and hand to others who are interested in preserving their Second Amendment rights. We are encouraging our 9-12 Delaware Patriot members to wear their 9-12 DePat shirts. And don't forget to bring a friend! "The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms . . ." Samuel Adams Article 1. Section 20 of the Delaware Constitution § 20. Right to keep and bear arms. Section 20. A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use. Second Amendment Under Attack in the States Scond-amendment-under-attack-in-the-states Click here for the rest of the article Marshall out front with gun control bills Wilmington Sen. Robert Marshall is not waiting until Tuesday to get a gun control debate started in the General Assembly. Delaware's Mr Marshall out front with gun control bills Click here for the rest of the article Please Call Your Representatives Contact Information: Delaware State Representatives Click here for State Representatives Delaware State Senate: Delaware State Senators Feinstein's New Gun-Ban Bill Likely to be Introduced January 22 Click here for this Article White House Plans To Overwhelm NRA With Rapid Victory Click here for this Article Letters To Our "Leaders" Letter from Chris W. Cox, Executive Director, NRA-ILA to our Representatives in Congress Click Here to Open this Letter Ted Nugent's Open Letter To Joe Biden NRA board member and rock star Ted Nugent wrote a letter to Vice President Joe Biden offiering his assistance as Biden has been appointed to head Obama's task force on gun violence. The letter was published by the Washington Times on Dec. 31. Click here for this Article U.S. Marine's Scathing Response to Sen. Feinstein's Gun Control Proposal: 'I Am Not Your Subject. I Am the Man Who Keeps You Free' Click here for this Article A rifle behind every blade of grass Those who express disgust at our "obsession" with guns misunderstand our concerns about losing the right to stay armed. Sure, firearms are great for hunting and darned nice if they can stop a crime. But that is not why the Second Amendment was written. The Second Amendment has never been about hunting or crime prevention; it's about keeping our government in check. Why do you think Feinstein and others are so keen to limit our gun ownership? It's not "for the children." It's for them, the government. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control. Never forget that. Click here for this Article How are Other States Handling The Gun Ban Issue? South Carolina Lawmaker Reintroduces Bill to Exempt State from Federal Gun Ban Click here for this Article Group offers weapons training for Utah teachers SALT LAKE CITY - A Utah group is offering free concealed weapons permit training for teachers. Click here for this Article Warning From Other Countries Russian News Outlet Pravda Prints Surprising Opinion Column Warning USA: 'Never Give Up Your Guns' Click here for this Article England Warns America: Don't let them take your guns: Click here for this Article Great Video! Short and Funny! Fox News Parody About Gun-Free Zones Stopping Crime Click here to watch this video We need to also keep those letters to the editors going. We've seen quite a few in the papers lately, great job. Here is a letter that says it all. This can give you ideas as you write your own letters to the editors. Let us know if you are submitting them and are not getting posted. Letter to the Editor Links Cape Gazette [email protected] Coastal Point [email protected] Delaware Coast Press [email protected] Delaware State News [email protected] Delaware Wave [email protected] Dover Post [email protected] Hoy en Delaware [email protected] Middletown Transcript [email protected] Milford Beacon [email protected] Milford Chronicle [email protected] News Journal [email protected] Sussex Countian [email protected] The comment below was posted in the Washington Post by a reader and got the most favorable recommendations. Sent to us by a member: A few things need to be clear. First, the Founders of this nation did not put the 2nd Amendment in place to protect deer hunting. Second, the Bill of Rights is not a list of rights granted us by the government. The rights listed exist sans government. This document points them out lest the people in government forget. Third, when you hear that this is a republic and not a democracy that is not merely rhetoric. There is a stark difference between the two forms of governance. In a Constitutional Republic, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and may not be altered by a mere vote of the government. The majority does not have the power to remove rights from the minority and some rights are unalienable, meaning they are not in the purview of governments. The 2nd Amendment is there to insure the other ones are not usurped. It is there to make certain that any government we elect doesn't become tyrannical or dictatorial. It is not there for hunters or even self-defense of our home from crime. It is there to provide protection from government seeking to take away freedom and liberty from the people. The Bill of Rights in its entirety will be protected by whatever means become necessary. That there are forces within our nation who have decided that our rights no longer serve them is immaterial to the existence of my right to bear arms. This is not a debate. I am not interested in the give and take of opinions about basic rights. Another person's opinion of my basic rights doesn't matter to me. You don't have a say in whether I have free speech or the right of self-determination. You Are Not Just One, You Are One More Informational disclaimer for all training courses: 1. NRA (National Rifle Association)-approved Courses will be titled with their NRA-approved course tile. Examples include "NRA Basic Pistol Course" and "NRA Basic Rifle Course." If a course does not have a NRA-approved title then it IS NOT a NRA-approved course. These courses have no affiliation with the NRA, are not officially approved by the NRA, and are not endorsed by the NRA in any form or manner. 2. All NRA-approved courses will be taught by a NRA Certified Instructor or a NRA Training Counselor. 3. If a course does not include the acronym NRA or the words "National Rifle Association" in the title or the description then that course IS NOT a NRA-approved course. These courses have no affiliation with the NRA, are not officially approved by the NRA, and are not endorsed by the NRA in any form or manner. 4. All Non-NRA course instructors will have their titles displayed. Examples of titles include Utah Concealed Carry Instructor, Delaware Concealed Carry Instructor, First Aid Instructor, and Defensive Firearms Instructor. 5. Some Non-NRA courses are taught by individuals that are also NRA Certified Instructors or NRA Training Counselors. If this is the case, the instructor will be identified as a NRA Certified Instructor or a NRA Training Counselor. The course title will also include the words "This is not an NRA-approved course." This applies ONLY when the instructor teaching the Non-NRA course is an NRA Certified Instructor or NRA Training Counselor with their credentials publicized in connection with the course. View Achived News Letters Thank you, Mark Garfinkel & Staff Quick Links Join The NRA Renew your NRA Membership More About Us
  18. Heads up everyone, had my credit card compromised for a large amount of money. I use a separate credit card for all online shopping, and I recently donated money to the NRA and SAF, ordered items from brownells, GCA, and Windham. I have no evidence of how my credit card was compromised, but these vendors are new (less than 10-15 days) to this credit card of mine. This same credit card has been used countless times online and in person, over the last few years with no issues. I've started the fraud process with card issuer, but I wanted to give a heads up to everyone, that there may be a new problem out there. With all the craziness of the last few weeks to do with firearms and accessories; and that all of these vendors are firearm related; and it seems suspicious. In no way what so ever, am I Implying these vendors have been compromised as I have no facts, other than my own dilema, and I am not starting finger pointing. just concerned and thought I would share this. The other suspicious factor is that a package showed up on my doorstep today containing an expensive saltwarter reel, that I did not order from a boating/fishing vendor I have never done business with.
  19. Hi, NRA is having a discounted Life membership, however the new member needs to be sponsored by an existing NRA Life Member with a valid ID#. Would anyone be willing or interested to sponsor me? Feel free to PM me and I'll give you my phone number so you know I not some crazy nut or liberal troll (is there any difference??) Thanks!!! Jay
  20. Anyway, as some of you may know, my '97 Maxima is currently sitting around until I can get it fixed after being rear-ended by a Mays landing driving instructor. Though this probably happened the other day (as my mom mentioned her car being broken into again) I just noticed about an hour ago that my car was broken into, and that stuff was scattered around inside. I think they first looked through my glove compartment, since everything in there was emptied out onto the seat. The funny thing is, my center console hardly had anything moved around in it. Only the papers at the very top were taken out of the console, and left on the driver's seat, it also looks like they got out of there in a hurry since they left a set of sunglasses and a phone charger in my car. The papers at the top of my center console? NRA membership papers I never sent in XD. Oh, and before you ask, no, we didn't bother calling the police, car break-ins have been going on around me for a few months with regularity. The last time my mom's car was broken into, they ended up releasing the guy with no charges despite his lengthy criminal record of drugs/theft/assault charges. As usual, the police around here are worthless for anything but traffic violations.
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