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Home Range

Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys, I have one more permit left and you know I can't let that go to waste. I was thinking about getting an FN 509 Tactical since I don't have anything like it. I already have a pretty spread out list as it is and don't want to add another bullet size to my purchases all the time. Here is my current inventory: Walther PPQ M2 Walther PQ5 Match Smith Wesson 1911 Beretta 92FS Smith Wesson 627 Revolver ( love this one ) H&K VP9 Glock X19 Bravo Company BCM4 - AR15 Rebel Arms - AR15 2 Mossberg Shotguns I use them all at the range and rotate as much as I can. I always bring at least 1 AR and a couple hand guns. The list is in no special order. I like them all, but rarely shoot my 1911 45. Just don't like the feel too much, but want to keep it in my collection. A friend told me that the FN 509 Tactical would fit right into my list of firearms. The price is quite hefty for a polymer, usually $900 local and cheaper online. I was also told to check out Springfields XDS, and Walther CCP I believe it was. I would want a full size 9mm, high quality, and something that would fit into my collection. If you have any recommendations let me know. I'm not against any manufacture. I did have my eye on the Beretta APX, which looks great to me. Well thanks fella's. Maybe I'll catch some great recommendations here. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Just want to clarify a few things that aren't evident to me procedurally, from my reading other discussions... 1) Based upon an assumed approval for an extension of permits, the most permits you can request if adhering to a single purchase per 30 days is 5. This allows sequential 30 day buys, i.e. day 1, 31, 61, 91, 121 and 151. Day 181 is not allowable under any circumstances. That isn't really a question, I believe this is fairly well established. 2) Given the schedule in #1, what defines day #1? Is it the day the PD chief signs/approves the permits, or is it the day they are picked up? 3) If one desired to have an exception to acquire more than one pistol in a 30 day window, does this re-start the 30 day clock for regular purchases? For example, say I purchased a pistol on day 1, then exercised my exemption to buy more for the purpose of building a collection on, say, day 15. Since I was buying on the basis of an approved exception, is the next allowable window for a regular purchase day 31 or day 45? 4) If I had a desire to buy three pistols per #3, say one for range use and two as collectibles, does the exemption list all three, or just the two for the collection? To make this interesting, as an example, say I wanted to buy an off the shelf revolver, and then an 1800s colt and a 1700s flintlock pistol. The fact that serial numbers are needed aside, the two that one would buy under exception are the colt and the flintlock. but to exercise the exception, and acquire a suitable range gun, do all three go on for the exception or just two? What if they are all from different vendors? 5) If there is a collectible that I desire to acquire, and do not desire to request exceptions, is it allowable to purchase the firearm (i.e. nothing precludes you from buying a gun if you do not take possession), have it shipped to my FFL (assuming they are agreeable to holding it), and then pick it up when the clock allows? 6) Is it best practice to provide the exception request for multiple purchases at the time of initial permit paperwork submission? Ive seen some posts indicate yes, but others that indicate that procedurally the exemption is different. Thanks for your time and insight!
  3. So my PD, like most in the state, can take a few months to issue my pistol permits. My problem is that I like to periodically browse for handguns to purchase. Now, for an online sale, I can buy and have it sit at my FFL until the permit matures. The problem for me arises when it comes to a private/face to face sale. If I want to buy and avoid FFL and NICS fees, it would mean that I'd need a pistol permit ready. But since they can take months to process, this is rarely the case. Obviously one solution is to involve a FFL and pay more fees. One other solution is to just apply for pistol permits every 6 months since they are valid for that long (including extension). This way I suppose I could always be ready for a local NJ private sale (and let them expire if I don't find anything I like)... Would there be any legal problems with this? Any other ideas or solutions? What do you do if you like to buy pistols relatively often?
  4. Hey all, I am really busy these days was wondering if anyone has the new Fair lawn permit applications scanned or PDFed somewhere. I have the old packet but it has changed. thanks
  5. Hey guys, My name is Frankie. I am new to firearms all around and I am excited to start my journey into the world of firearms. I am from Monmouth county and I am currently waiting on my FID and Permit so i can purchase my first handgun, the Glock 19. Here is my experience so far with the application process with the Middletown PD: 5/13- Filled out FID and Permit application 5/21- Got fingerprints done 5/23- References received and sent back letter to my PD 5/24- Went into PD and followed up with copy of my finger prints receipt becauseI wasn't sure if I had to bring that back. The women at the desk told me I did not have to however she took my papers and made a copy for their records. 6/7- Called the records department in Middletown PD and kindly asked for an update on my application. The women was very nice and more than happy to check my status. She told me that they had recieved all my paper work a couple days ago and that they are processing them at the moment. I am hopeful that they will be done soon. A couple of my buddies have told me that my PD is fairly quick so my fingers are crossed!!
  6. CT Gov. to sign EO prohibiting gun permits to those on the terror watch/No Fly Lists... Cue the Lawyers! Will be very interesting to see how this plays out. Especially since, I believe, those lists are "names only" and not "individual identities" (i.e. name + soc. sec. + address + phone, etc.)...
  7. Detroit Free Press - Gun Licensing to change in Michigan, Effective December 1st. Apparently, an improvement in the process by eliminating "county boards" that can deny permits or require the applicant to show "justifiable need." One concern: The article states that the Michigan State Police will be conducting the background checks "...to see if applicants are legally disqualified due to their age, criminal history, mental illness or other factors." Age??? Since when has that been a factor? As long as a person has no physical or neurological issues that would hinder the person from operating the gun safely, why should age matter?
  8. R.I. Supreme Court sides with applicant for concealed weapon permit Reading into this article, and other articles regarding this story. It appears that "Shall Issue" in Rhode Island is closer to reality or in fact shall issue depending how you read it. Interesting that Rhode Island has a "good reason" clause for getting the permit. Is that the same as "justifiable need". http://www.providencejournal.com/art...NEWS/150429594 "The Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled Wednesday in favor of a man claiming he was wrongly denied a concealed weapon permit by the former police chief of East Providence, a city that had not given such a license for 10 years." However, read this.... "In October 2012, the police chief sent Gadomski a letter denying the permit based on what the chief deemed a lack of need and because Gadomski had two misdemeanor charges from 20 years earlier. The charges — destruction of property and possession of alcohol by a minor — were both disclosed in the application and ultimately dismissed." The police chief was accused of abusing his position by putting his own discretion on the conceal carry license. But the State Supreme Court ruled in the applicant's favor. While it would seem that "Shall Issue" is now the order of the day in Rhode Island with this ruling. Does it only apply to this particular case only? Or where a city like East Providence has denied issuing carry permits? The article doesn't come right out and say that Shall Issue is the order of the day, although it sounds like it. "Rhode Island law dictates that authorities in any city or town "shall" issue a license or permit to carry a loaded handgun to a person 21 or older "if it appears that the applicant has good reason to fear an injury to his or her person or property or has any other proper reason for carrying a pistol or revolver, and that he or she is a suitable person to be so licensed." So is Rhode Island really "shall issue" now? It does appear that a "good reason and/or proper reason' clause works with shall issue.
  9. As described in the headline I'm researching the process of acquiring a permit in NJ. Robbinsville TWN (link below) requires two references who MUST be residents of New Jersey themselves. In addition the form is asking to fill out several other questionnaires which are not present in other townships, for example Springfield TWN here: http://springfield-nj.us/download/Public%20Safety/Police/Forms/Firearms%20Applicant%20Info%20and%20Forms/Form%20STS-33.pdf Is this true for any NJ county that I need to provide written references from two NJ residents? Or is the Robbinsville Police dept asking me for something they shouldn't have? 4. State of New Jersey Application page: Question # 29 must be answered with complete mailing address. Reference forms should be given to your references. Applicant should fill out their name and address and date of birth on form. References CANNOT be a relative. They may be a neighbor, co-worker, or a friend. References must also be a resident of New Jersey. You must return references with your firearms packet paperwork. http://www.robbinsvilletownshippolice.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/New-Firearms-Packet-2014.pdf
  10. Hey guys, just wondering if somebody knows what the return times/responsiveness of Somerville is regarding permits. I got a friend who recently moved up there who could use the info. I searched the forum and found a few old posts saying that it was run by the NJSP and had a return time of 4-6 months. Is that still the case? Thanks.
  11. One of my references told me that they sent him a little letters and basically a small questionnaire about me. Now my other reference is currently out of the country for a few weeks on an achealogical dig, no joke. So now for my question... Is it required to have a reply from both of the reference in order for my application to be completed? Thanks for any help.
  12. New to the forum, I wanted to start a topic regarding FPID and Handgun Purchase Permit wait times for applicants going to a municipal/local police department. I understand that those that have no choice but to go straight to their regional NJSP barracks/office has a ridiculous wait ahead of them. I was wondering if local P.D. application would be any different. My two references have already received their letters from my local P.D. and have mailed them out. Does anybody know if this process is done after all background checks through NJSP and FBI have been completed and is almost complete or if this simply means the process has just begun? Also for me, this is not an initial FPID application, just an information update on the card. Does anyone know if this process is any shorter or longer than an initial application? Please share any information regarding up to date standard procedural steps and your most recent wait times with your local P.D., etc Thanks in advance
  13. Hi all this will be my first created thread and i felt like this is bothering me so what better place to get it off my chest than this forum. As you can see from my signature I am new to purchasing firearms and have yet to even be printed until next week. Let me first state that i am 26 and nobody in my immediate family is a gun owner, we have all lived in cushy suburban neighborhoods for my whole life at least. Sooo, making the long story short, I moved out a couple years ago and, over the years, went to the range 3 or 4 times with my brother-in-law who is a local LEO and firearms instructor. I became very interested in shooting his glock 22 and 26 and decided i would start this rediculous FID process in NJ. Every so often I started mentioning it to my parents, grandparents, sisters, uncle , you name it. I would gradually ease it into conversations and let them know i am intending on exercising my 2nd amendment right. Well, let me just tell you guys i had no idea some of my family thought i shouldnt have a gun because i play first person shooter video games and am an avid paintballer and "its dangerous" or "i'll shoot somone". My dad even went so far as to say "Your not trying to get a gun to do anything extreme are you?" Obviously I was shocked and somewhat offended. Other comments from family members were typical as you could imagine. I wont list them but here are a few randoms....."Why do you need a gun?".... "You never wanted one before why do you now?"..."Why do you care how long your permits take you will have them eventually?"....or....."No Grandma, the police will not always be standing behind you to help"......etc. What is everyone's issue? my argumentative statement to them is always "stop being intimidated or afraid of firearms and instead know how to safely operate them and respect them in general, you don't know when that particular skill may save your life" Anyone else forbidden to bring up guns at family functions for fear of retribution? I'd imagine for some of you its a regular dinner table convo. Thanks for sharing your experiences and comments, or what you have encountered yourself
  14. Forgive me if this question has been asked before. If I would like to extend my permit, with whom do I speak? The police chief? The lady who runs the permit process in my town? With thanks in advance
  15. FYI, I experienced the following. All paperwork was received and checked in approximately 11/9/2012 Utah - 30 days Florida - 8 weeks Virgina - still waiting. Was told 1st or second week February 2013 Hope this helps
  16. I finally get my permits and after looking closely I see that that the issue date says 10/5/13 instead of 10/5/12. Should I go back to PD and get the date corrected or maybe this shouldn't even be a problem. After all I've got a while before they expire.
  17. Hi I just received 1 purchase permit in hand & realized I wanted 2 Glocks instead of 1. Is it possible to submit paperwork & fee for that 2nd permit while the 1st puchase permit is still valid & unused? Just don't want the police dept personnel asking me why I'm back already...Has anyone ever done this before. If so, how was your experience with your police dept? Thanks everyone.
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