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Found 45 results

  1. Hello I'm am looking for some .30 luger and/or 7.62 Tokerav Ammo. I'm in central Jersey so if you have some you don't want anymore I'm interested. Thanks.
  2. I have 5 boxes of Winchester 95 Grain Ranger and 85 grain Silvertip Super-X 380 Ammo. Ranger - $25 per box ($30 seems to be retail/street) SuperX Silvertip - $30 per box ($40 seems to be retail) Take the 5 for $130.
  3. Inquired some ammo I don’t have any use for any questions feel free to ask. Located Monmouth County would prefer not to ship. Attached are pictures if you need or want more lmk. (Would need matching FID, ID for pistol round sale pre law) UPDATED RIFLE AMMO SOLD 12 Gauge Shot Gauge (107rd Win dove&quail) ( 10rd Win 3in sabot slug)(5rds Win 3in 00 buck) (4rd Bri 3in sabot slug)( 7rds Rottweil 3in magnum)(2rd win supreme high impact) ( 2rd rem 6underline) .45ACP 50rd American Eagle in box 230gr fmj also have 8 loose rds of .45 not sure what brand etc.
  4. Palmetto is having more ammo sales that are even better with Vista/Federal rebates. Case of Blazer Brass, 9mm 115 grain, $169.99 free shipping, minus $20 rebate which brings it to $149.99 for 1,000 rounds, or 20 boxes. PSA Link For 5.56/223, there is Federal XM855LC1, FMJBT, Steel Core on stripper clips, with ammo can! $139.99 with free shipping, minus $21 rebate for $118.99 for the package, or $5.66 per box with free ammo can. PSA Ammo Link
  5. Following up on the 223 deal, Vista (owner of Federal brands and others) has just launched a $400 rebate for handgun ammo. The rebate is $1 per box of 9mm, and $.2 per round of any other caliber. Natchez has a 20 round case for $169.99, on sale from $219.99. Add to it the rebate and it comes down to $7.49 per box of 9mm. Until the end of today, $5 shipping with coupon code FR18125. Link to Deal Link to Rebate Maximum rebate of $400, or 400 boxes of 9mm, 200 boxes of others.
  6. Let the crazy deals on Ammo begin. Seems like Vista (owner of Federal) needs to make their numbers so the rebates are out in full force. Free shipping on 25 boxes or more. Rebate is $.05 per round or $1 per box. Must buy at least 15 boxes for the rebate. Maximum rebate is $500 or 500 boxes. Link
  7. *** All the shells have been spoken for - thank you *** Last year I sold my skeet tubes and have some ammo left over that I'll never use: 250 (10 boxes of 25) Remington American Clay and Field 28G 2 3/4" 3/4oz #9 Shot - $50 with local pickup in South Jersey 125 (5 boxes of 25) Herters Target 20G 2 3/4" 7/8oz #9 - $15 with local pickup in South Jersey I'm generally around Pine Belt or SJSC for a face-to-face transaction. PM me if interested. Thanks! Dave
  8. Just got an email from PSA, they are doing some AWESOME deals on ammo! Deals are live at Midnight! Free shipping and they DO SHIP TO NJ! Just need to email them a copy of FID. Edit: Thanks @Krdshrk Limit 5 of the $20 rebates. Link to Rebate. Deal Price Shipped on 223 and 300AAC 300rd bulk pack, $89.99. Price after rebate: $69.99!! $.23 per round or $4.66 per box of 20! Deal Price on 9mm 500rd bulk pack, 89.99. Price after rebate: $69.99!! $.1399 per round or $6.99 per box! Deal Price on 22lr 1600rd bulk pack, $59.99. Price after rebate: $39.99!! - $.024 per round or about $13.50 per brick! Looking over Brownells some more... they have the same price on 22LR and free shipping with coupon code, so if PSA runs out, Brownells does have it as well. Linky Here Deal Price on 12GA Buck 100 shells, $59.99. Price after rebate: $39.99!! Less than $.40 per shell and a nice ammo can! Deal Price on .45acp 300rd bulk pack, $89.99. Price after rebate: $69.99!! Less than $.24 per round or $11.65 per box! All of the available deals are here. If placing an order, please go through our links here as it helps the forum.
  9. They do have the Federal Black Box deals, but there is no free shipping. So for those, the Palmetto State Armory deal still works out better. For other ammo, this is not bad. Sale Link
  10. I have plenty of fresh ammo left over. If interested pm me FN USA $22 per box of 50 American Eagle $20 per box of 50 Union County
  11. Just got an email, two days only, expiring tomorrow, an extra 10% off everything, including clearance at Natchez Shooting Supplies. Use this link.... Enter Promo Code PO170622 at checkout.
  12. Has anyone come across any 9mm pepper (OC) cartridges on this side of the pond? A quick Google search lists them all coming from over seas and costing about 1.5 Euro per round. I was hoping for a domestic source. Maybe contact Walther directly? https://www.asmc.com/Action-Club/Weapons/Ammunition/Gas-guns/Walther-Pepper-Gas-Cartridges-10-Pack-p.html
  13. Sale at Brownells. Various ammo on sale including CCI Std Velocity 22LR at 5 cents per round. Free shipping for orders over $49.00. Code "MCP". https://www.brownells.com/ammunition/rimfire-ammo/standard-velocity-ammo-22-long-rifle-40gr-lead-round-nose-prod82463.aspx?utm_medium=email&utm_source=marketo&utm_campaign=2018_04_06_ammo&utm_content=ammo&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTW1RMlltVm1ORFl4TldNdyIsInQiOiJ4TjdcL3diWHpJbGlKNkNRU1R1Y1N4Z1dyY1JsbWl6ZkR2OG1LTDNzQWpTOGdBQkswQnloV1wvRmtKa1dKVDN2YlhRbjlYRlFyVUU0SEZESVdLK0p0T3lYMmY1dGtnRDJoWURSbW5aTEhJVVdMZ3dpWUNnUnNFOVBmWGgwaXNMNjFPIn0%3d
  14. Price drop as of 4/22 FNH, 35 boxes, 50 rounds per box,40 grain, Hornady V-Max Bullet $22 per box . (Minimum amount is 10 boxes (500 rounds)($220) American Eagle,(Federal),5 boxes, 50 rounds per box, 40 grain, FMJ $20 per box(minimum amount is all which is 250 rounds for $100 Interested in trading some of this ammo for match grade 6.5 Creedmore if you have more than you need Pick up in Union County Steve PM me if you want any or all. You must tell me what you want and how many boxes in your PM and give me your cell number. Please do not post a reply here Cash or discreet paypal or money order or check that has cleared prior to pick up
  15. Winchester m1911 45 ball 230 gr FMJ at SGAMMO 233.80$ per 1000rds. https://www.sgammo.com/product/45-auto-acp-ammo/special-purchase-1000-rounds-45-auto-230-grain-fmj-winchester-service-grade
  16. Was out at the range this morning with my S&W Victory 22LR pistol, hoping to go through 300 rounds. Started off with CCI 36LR ammo and all was relatively fine. Only issue was the 10th round in the mag would jam, and in both mags too. Just shook them in better seemed to cut most of that out, from 100 shots. Then I took out the 100 box of Winchester Super X at 1300fps PRN. Good price, expected something like CCI. Surprise! Ha Ha. Immediately notice the dirty rounds. Like the wax all over them collected dirt. Loaded, shot, coughed. Holy Smokes. Litterally. Didn't expect that. Made the gun dirty pretty quickly and more jamming. I could feel the power of the rounds, but then not, then I did, but the smoke was consistent and so were more jams. Ah, I think my pistol likes to top out at 36grains I guess. The spent casings were really dirty. About at my 50th shot (to use them up), bamm! A harder round and a jam, smoke all over, even coming out from alongside the bottom of the mag. So I let it sit, then cycled everything out. The 22 shell had Split along the firing lip edge and exhaust gasses must have backed up into the bolt and mag area. I tilted the gun and the ejector and spring fell out. Luckily I saw them both on the bench. Wiped down and cleaned up the mag, gun and disassembled (and made sure the barrel was clear). Put the spring in and placed the ejector, but it fell right out again. I knew something else was missing, which I couldn't find, but someone else's eyes spotted the base for the spring in front of the bench. Was it the gun, was it the ammo, was it the split seam on the casing? I don't know, but I'm off to youtube to find out how to reinstall the ejector parts, and will most likely just replace them all with after market items if I can get all three parts. Just a story, and ammo I won't buy again. I have two other boxes of that stuff in 36 grain hollow point to use up and I'll let you know.
  17. Great way to see lowest price per round on Ammo visit Wiki Arms: https://www.wikiarms.com/ Left side of home page are quick tabs for common calibers. Also option for advance search. This sites great cause it searches other sites and list's them in one place. Works well to research best deals. My apologies if this was already mentioned.
  18. This week flat $7.50 shipping on all orders over $99: https://www.freedommunitions.com/
  19. If anyone needs some range ammo, Freedom Munitions' having free shipping 2 days left: https://www.freedommunitions.com/default.asp#&panel1-2
  20. I will get to the ammo in a second... A lot can be said about the various 2nd Amendment groups within the state of NJ, along with those on a national level. In a perfect world they would join forces, put aside differences, and strive to move NJ to be more in line with the rest of the country in regards to 2nd Amendment rights & freedoms. But whether or not you agree with any particular groups tactics or methods, these are the people who are fighting our battles for us. NJ2AS is running a "matching donation" event till January 2nd, 2016. This was sent out as an email blast which can be seen below. Depending on your caliber of choice three boxes of ammo is roughly $30 to $45 (re-loaders aside). Instead of spending that money on more ammo, this should be viewed as an opportunity to help further the cause of a 2nd Amendment group in NJ. And with matching donations, your giving twice the assistance. I have "put your money where your mouth is" by making a $45 donation, and I ask of you to do the same. New Jersey Gun Forums could be a powerful force if we could stand together. I am hoping this is a start. The Email from NJ2AS is pasted below: ================================ 2015 has been an excited year of activism for the NJ2AS. We are quickly becoming known as the "Pit Bulls" for the Second Amendment in NJ and rightfully so. Instead of shifting blame and pointing the finger we are attacking the problem and standing up for our rights without compromise. Locally and nationally people are recognizing our activism but we need your help and support to continue to defend our civil rights. Unlike the unAmericans who hate our freedoms and rights we do not have billionaires like Soros and Bloomberg funding our campaigns. The attacks against us will get worse in 2016 so that is why I need your help. The ability to continue and expand our activism and programs rely solely on your donations. A group of generous donors have agreed to match your donation till January 2, 2016! This is an incredible opportunity and I hope we can depend on your support to make 2016 even more amazing! Also, anyone who makes a $150+ donation will receive a signed copy of Brian Aitken's book, The Blue Tent Sky, AND a signed copy of Alan Gottlieb's book, Shooting Blanks: Facts Don't Matter to the Gun Ban Crowd. This offer is only available to the first 20 donors. You can donate by clicking the DONATE tab at the top right corner of this e-mail or by visiting: http://NJ2AS.com/Donate I hope I can count on you for your support! Sincerely, Alexander Roubian NJ2AS President ================================ Thank you for reading this and your consideration - Tactical Monkey
  21. Contact Samco Global Arms about ordering a case of 7.62x39 Yugo ammo and having it shipped to New Jersey, they told me it's illegal to receive ammo in NJ unless you hold a 01 FFL license, they also said the Yugo SKS rifles are illegal in NJ... Is this illegal (SKS)? https://www.samcoglobal.com/1-sks.html Per the website: Is this really illegal or is this company just being a **** towards NJ? I'm towards the later.
  22. Hi Guys, Another question regarding Mosin ammo. I had a small run in with my home range about the ammo that I wanted to feed my Mosin this evening. When I acquired the rifle, I got about ~650 of surplus ammo. These rounds have FMJs, however my range seems to think they are steel core because they are magnetic. I have no way of knowing for sure, so I have come to the ammo gurus to find out. How can I tell? And better question, if they are NOT steel core, how can I convince my range? I have attached an image of the ammo for reference. On a similar question, when buying Mosin ammo online, how can I know for sure that these rounds have a lead core?
  23. Has anyone heard of Brass by Bill? I was hunting around gunbot.net and found it. So has anyone used it? I love the price but don't know anything about it. KCCO Jim
  24. So I just bought a Tavor and am looking for ammo recommendations just for plinking some targets and basic shooting. I'm not looking for top of the line stuff, but I also don't want to shoot a crappy round. Anyone have a preference as far as .223, 5.56, grains, etc for the Tavor? Thank you.
  25. I want to shoot more and more but also need more and more of that money stuff. So I've been using the forum provided list of online suppliers because most of my local shops carry diddly and the closest one to me over prices there stuff so much that it makes me laugh. CCI lawman, anyone use it? It is a nice price right now but I don't want to buy something that I will regret. Are there any out there that I should never ever look at unless I truly love cleaning my gun and fixing FTFs or FTEs? Thanks. KCCO
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