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Found 19 results

  1. Join us every Friday for our 40-yard sharp shooting competition. 40-Yard Friday’s Details: – Hit a playing card from 40 yards to qualify for the semi-finals at the end of March. – Iron sights, 8 shots, 9mm and above. – One Final sharp-shooter will win a Premium Membership valued at $495 and have Bragging Rights! Semi-finals will be held at the end of March. Stop by the TTC range and take your shot!
  2. Sunday Feb 24th - 9am to 11am Join us for National Shooting Sports Foundation - NSSF - safety and basic firearms familiarization session oriented towards the person who has very little to no shooting experience. The First Shots Shooting Experience will consist of classroom and range sessions led by experienced instructors. The Tactical Training Center of NJ and the NSSF will provide all necessary firearms, ammunition and safety equipment. SEND A NEW SHOOTER TO OUR "FIRST SHOTS" EVENT Sign up here
  3. Must Watch Video 8 Seconds Faster 8 seconds faster because “Smooth is Fast”. If you watch the video and keep track of the time, you’ll see that this shooter, C.S. (our shooter in the drill) is about 8 seconds faster than the majority of the other shooters. Listen to how long gunfire from other shooters continue after she completes her drill. Becoming a fast and accurate shooter, is a combination of acquiring skills and understanding efficient human movement. Speed and accuracy does not have to comprise safety, it should augment it. Learning to shoot fast and accurately is an acquired and appreciated skill. It takes time, instruction, practice and the development of skill to acquire it; and it will depreciate if it not maintained.
  4. Hello to all, Its been a long time since I purchased a handgun (30 years or so) and I'm finding conflicting info so I would like to find out how everything works. When I went to my local PD they gave me a package of stuff and said I had to be fingerprinted first. I have had my FID since 1978 and was fingerprinted then. When I moved to the town I live in now (Raritan Boro in 1998) I changed my address with no problem but 2 years or so later my wallet was stolen and my FID was in my wallet. When I went back to the PD they gave me a little trouble and made me reapply and I ended up having to go to court but the judge granted my request on appeal I was fingerprinted again at this time. I made the appointment to get fingerprinted but got a call from the police dept saying I did not need to get finger printed so I cancelled my appointment. Now in searching on the internet to make sure everything was correct I thought I saw something that said you have to be fingerprinted every time you purchase a handgun in NJ , I need to know if this is true so I can make sure I have done everything I can to ensure a good decision with least possible wait. Another question is there a one month wait on purchasing in NJ? If anyone can give me the up to date requirements I would be very grateful
  5. In Stock At Monmouth Arms, LLC Sig Sauer P320 Compact 9mm with Night Sights $580.00 Sig Sauer p320 Full Size 9mm (Pinned Mags) Contrast Sights $535.00 Smith and Wesson Mp9 2.0 Black (Factory 15rds Magazines) $525.00 Smith and Wesson 617 4" 22lr $675.00 Smith and Wesson Mp9 Shield $390.00 These are all New in Box. Prices are plus $15.00 Nics and NJ Tax. Handgun Buyer must have Valid DL and Valid P2P. Thanks for Looking, Steven - Monmouth Arms, LLC 172 US 9 - Suite F Englishtown NJ 07726 732-547-1243
  6. In celebration of the 71st Anniversary of the Defeat of the Japanese Imperial Forces Shongum Sportsmen's Association Invites you to participate in the V.J. Day Marksmanship Competition Saturday August 20th , 2016 Registration 9AM, Rifle Contest till 1PM, Lunch 1PM, Pistols 2-4 Compete with your WWII Era Pacific Theater Rifles and Pistols WWII Re-Enactors are encouraged to participate in uniform (optional) Shongum Sportsmen’s Chapel Hill Range 363 Janes Chapel Road, Mansfield(Oxford), NJ 07863-3511 From Center of Hackettstown, take ROUTE 46 WEST. Two Miles west of Rt 517, turn LEFT onto RUSSLING RD (by Best’s Fruit Farm). At end, (1.5 miles) Turn LEFT onto BARKER’S MILL RD (.2 Miles.) Turn RIGHT onto MT BETHEL RD. for 1 mile, Turn RIGHT onto JANES CHAPEL ROAD Range approx 1 Mile on RIGHT $30.00* for Guests (Extra targets $1 each) Family/significant others: $60 for two benches and up to 6 competitors.10 targets per shooter Includes Rice Cakes, Hot Dogs, Liberty Cabbage, Pork & Beans and Soft Drinks Lunch PRIZES: Trophy to the Best in Each Class FIREARMS: Curios and Relics of the WWII Pacific Theater (Original Stocks and Sights) TOKYO ROSE TROPHY: For Best Female Score Douglas MacArthur Award: Best score for person under 18 RIFLE CONTESTS REQUIRE 10 SHOTS EACH @ 100 YARDS – FIRING POSITION OPTIONAL Except#10,#11 1. MANCHURIA JAPANESE TYPE-30,38 MOD 98 MAUSER, GERMAN MOD 88/05 or CHINESE HANYANG 2. GUADALCANAL ’03,03A1 SPRINGFIELD, Johnson 1941, ANY 6.5 JAPANESETYPE 38 or TYPE I(Italian) 3. BATAAN US M1917 ENFIELD, ANY JAPANESE 6.5 OR 7.7MM Long RIFLE 4. OKINAWA ‘03A3, M-1 GARAND, ANY JAPANESE 6.5 OR 7.7MM SERVICE RIFLE or CARBINE 5. BURMA TYPE-38 OR TYPE 44 JAPANESE CARBINE, #5 ENFIELD JUNGLE CARBINE 6. MANDALAY- ANY JAPANESE SERVICE RIFLE,BRITISH #3 SMLE OR #4 ENFIELD 7. PACIFIC SNIPER TYPE-97 OR TYPE-99 WITH ORIGINAL SCOPE, ‘03A4, 1942 USMC, M1C-SNIPER, #1 MK-IV(T) (1 SHOT – 100 YARDS) 8. KHALKHIN GOL SVT, MOSIN NAGANT, ANY JAPANESE 6.5MM SERVICE RIFLE 9. MARINE RAIDER THOMPSON/REISING CARBINE (TARGET WILL BE FULL SIZE SILHOUETTE) 10. GUNG HO M1,1911, 24 SHOTS 30 CAL, 7 SHOTS 45, PRONE, KNEELING AND OFFHAND.100,75,50,25 yds 11. TENNOUHEIKA BANZAI JAP RIFLE WITH BAYONET ATTACHED, OFF HAND (TARGET WILL BE FULL SIZE SILHOUETTE) 12. EDSON'S RIDGE SEMI AUTO BROWNING BAR, 1917 OR 1919 HANDGUN CONTESTS REQUIRE 12 SHOTS EACH @ 50 feet – STANDING ONE-HAND 13. SAMURAI TROPHY ANY JAPANESE SERVICE PISTOL OR REVOLVER TYPE : 26, 14, 94, Nambu 14. VICTORY OVER JAPAN ANY WWII ALLIED FORCES SERVICE PISTOL, 1911, 1911A1, TOKAREV, BROWNING HP, C96, COLT, S&W,WEBLEY, ENFIELD, NAGANT TRENCH/RIOT GUN AND PISTOL COMBINATION SNIPER ELIMINATION EVENT (5 12 GA 00B,6 pistol) 16. PALM TREE CLEARANCE 12 GA Shotgun 20 inch barrel and GI Handgun 45 or 38 SPL ( 25 yards) (No Federal FliteControl OO) SHOOT CHAIRMAN STAN GURSKI – [email protected] 732-388-1202
  7. Currently selling my XDS 4.0 in 9mm (listed on the MEWE app), as I just bought an Shield Performance center in 9mm, and since I don't have a need for two small carry guns so I am selling the XDS. Currently have two valid permits and though I don't need to buy anything, it seems like a waste to let to the permits go to waste. Here is my current collection, all purchased in the last 3 years- Glock 17 Gen 4 Glock 23 Gen 4 Sig p226 in 22LR and conversion slide for 9mm Shield performance center 9mm Colt trooper mark 4 (1970s, was my dads old service revolver) Ruger GP100 in 357 Ruger SR1911 in 45 M&P pro series in 9mm XDS 4.0 in 9mm (currently looking to sell) previously owned an M&P 40c but sold that.... What is my collection missing? Looking into CZ 75B or CZ 75 P01.... Thought or opinions?
  8. I watch a lot of YouTube, and subscribe to many gun channels, Hickok45, The Yankee Marshal, Demoliation Ranch etc...... Recently The Yankee Marshall has been posting a lot of his "custom" Glocks, which aren't really glocks!?!? Appearently Lone wolf Distributors makes a "Timber Wolf" frame, which accepts a glock slide but the grip angle is more like a 1911..... Anyone have one? Anyone held one?
  9. As the title says, I typed in the the gun price request form, on a windows laptop, and got submission errors. used two different browsers, firefox and windows explorer. In case any dealers are reading: Looking for M&P prop series in 9mm. 5 inch version. SKU: 178048 or 178010 Want 17 rounds pinned to 15 but would take 10 rounders if that's what we could get.
  10. So, as the title says I am in the market for a 5 incher, 5 inch barrel that is...... Just completed a sale, and have some cash laying around, still waiting on permits, and want to see what you guys have to say..... (Just sold an M&P 40c) I already have: glock 17, glock 23, gp100 4 inch, Colt tropper mark 3, sig p226 (9mm and 22) SR1911, xds 4.0 (carry gun) and need something new.... Though I do not compete, I might want to in the future, and I want a polymer pistol with a 5 inch barrel( fun range gun).... I was personally thinking about getting a M&P 9 pro series (not core) , or perhaps a walther ppq in 5inch....
  11. Thinking about selling my M&P 40c . I have seen them sell for anywhere from $400-500 used (most on the lower end) But, mine has some upgrades and other "package" items that go with it: Upgrades: Apex FSS aluminum trigger Other package items: 40-9 storm lake conversion barrel 3 extra 9mm factory mags Not selling it yet, but in case I do, I need a competive price.... So what would a good price be for the pistol and the "extras"?
  12. Went to my local PD today to pick up my P2P that was extended..... Upon going up to the glass, I heard some type of noise that sounded like gun fire..... interesting.... Thought I was hearing things, maybe it was ICE or snow dropping from the roof.... Heard it again, this time is rapid succession.... Asked the woman working in the records bureau if that was gun fire.... She said that there is a range in the basement and a lot of the officers were qualifying today. WISH I HAD A RANGE IN THE BASEMENT!!!!!!!!
  13. I'm looking to sell some firearms. I'm not a premier member so can't post in the marketplace. Anyone know of a good site to post or, a retail store that offers a decent price on buying used handguns ?
  14. Hello, I am new on the forum, and have tried the search tool, but I have not found a definitive answer to this question. I am currently trying to sell a couple of handguns that I brought with me when I moved from Pennsylvania. I think I understand the procedure as far as completing the buyers permit to purchase, but one thing isn't quite clear with my reading of the law: where is a legally acceptable *location* to transfer a handgun? Does it always have to be at a range or the home of the buyer/seller? I don't see any other way that wouldn't go afoul of the possession laws. Any insight on this? Thanks, Bill
  15. Looking to pick up night sites for my handguns. This is a totally new experience for me. What brands do you all like? What is "the best?" How much should I be looking to spend on the best quality? Thanks for the feedback and information.
  16. I was in East Stroudsburg tonight. I've always wanted to visit Dunkelbergers (http://bit.ly/10iYH2F), and I finally got the opportunity. They have more ammo than Cabela's, and just about anyone online. Picked up two 525-round bricks of .Federal "champion" 22lr for $39.99 each, and 2 boxes of .38 sp for $24.99 each. I know these prices are way higher than 2 years ago, but they're much, much lower than you'll find anywhere online. Especially the .22s. I almost paid $240 the other day, plus shipping, to have some schlemiel send me 2,000 rounds of .22s from Wisconsin. Glad I waited. Saved $20/brick plus shipping. There's a 2-box limit for each caliber. Bring a friend, buy him a beer and a burger at one of the local establishments. 6% sales tax. They also have a very fine selection of used and new long guns of just about any caliber, and a ton of handguns.
  17. What should I get with my last (for a while) NJ handgun permit?? I now have: Ruger SP101: 3.06" barrel, 5-shot, .357/.38sp S&W 617: 4" barrel, 10-shot, .22lr I am waiting (almost 6 weeks) for two permits. One will go for my CZ82 (semi-auto, 12-round mag, 9x18 Makarov), which has been sitting at my local shop for more than a month. Base your suggestion on the current craziness in ammo prices, and of course the fact that we live in NJ. I was thinking of another Soviet-bloc firearm, the Tokarev. These are relatively inexpensive and the ammo can be had for considerably less than the 75 cents - $1 I'm seeing for other "defensive" rounds. I also like the idea of a pocket pistol. Thanks in advance.
  18. I called my local police department about handgun purchaser permits. I asked if i had to re-fill out the entire packet or just the main purchaser page. Mind you i already have a NJ FID Card. Seems like a pretty straight forward question right? I was first asked "Well how many guns do you have?" by the Officer over the phone; then after avoiding the question and asking my question again, the officers said yes to only the purchaser page that i had to fill out. So going on what I was told, I filled out the Purchaser page and went into my local police department and an "administrative assistant" to the Officer handling the firearm department refused my paper work and told me i had to fill out the entire packet again! This includes my Mental Health Records, Previous addresses, and all! Is this the standard policy? This will be my first time submitting paperwork for the Handgun Permits separate from the original packet. I want to make sure I am not in the wrong before I call up and try to straighten out the truth with the Officer who handles the Firearms packet. I will obviously be EXTREMELY Civil and Courteous as I do not want to be denied! lol
  19. So I have just accepted an international assignment and will be moving out of the country for 2 years and I’m struggling to figure out what to do with the two hand guns I own. (I don’t currently have any plans to take them with me nor do I think I would be able to.) Currently my FID card has my apartment’s address that I will be moving out of. For anything I would need an US address for I plan to use my parents house which is also in NJ, but a different town. So I’m assuming that if I apply for a change of address to their house I could potentially just keep them locked up there. The challenge with this is I leave in little under 60 days so I’m worked about the paperwork being processed fast enough. The second issue is, I can obviously sign a lease with my parents if I need to, but would that count as my residence if I’m really living out of the country? I’ve also been wondering if it would just make sense to transfer ownership of them to a friend and transfer it back when I get home. I could potentially do this with someone who lives out of state, or with my parents who live in NJ and both have an FID card. I’m not opposed to just safely storing them somewhere without doing the paperwork, as I’m sure it won’t be a problem. However, I really would prefer not to have to worry about something stupid happening. So please let me know what you all think from the legal and practical aspect. Thanks.
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