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Found 12 results

  1. As with most N.J. owners, the new law reducing max magazine capacity from 15 to 10 rounds affects me the most. The question(s) I have concern the legality and practicality of reducing a magazine capacity to 10 rounds to be in compliance with the law. Reading many forums and opinions I can't get a definitive strategy on how I can keep the 15 round mags I already own. All mags accompanied handguns purchased in New Jersey. Now I have less than 180 days to deal with them. My current quandary: Magazines must be permanently modified to limit them to 10 round capacities. California forums seem to indicate that one can rivet, epoxy or weld a block to make a mag legal. However the wording of the new N.J. statute gives me pause. It says: "The bill makes its provisions effective immediately, but allows for a 180-day grace period to transfer, render inoperable, or voluntarily surrender a semi-automatic rifle or magazine that will be unlawful under the bill." Does "render inoperable" include reducing capacity to 10 rounds? Is the high capacity nature of a magazine the aspect that must be inoperable or must the magazine be destroyed altogether? I have gone ahead and ordered mag conversion kits for two of my 9mm mags and will permanently modify them whenever I can find out what that will mean in N.J. My other complaint I will throw out there is the unfortunately lack of 10 round factory magazines in stock. In particular, Walther and Glock mags in low capacity are very hard to find and the situation is likely to worsen now that we are a 10 round state. I also imagine N.J. gun stores will be sending hundreds of 15 round firearms packages back to their distributors. What a mess.
  2. Looking for a 10/20 AR-15 magazine or magazines. Gray or black (gray preferred). Thanks.
  3. Primary Arms has these on sale. Limit is 10! Is this the lowest priced NJ compliant magazines? Black: http://www.primaryarms.com/hexmag-15-30-15-round-magazine-series-2-blk-hx1530-ar15s2-blk FDE: http://www.primaryarms.com/hexmag-15-30-15-round-magazine-series-2-fde-hx1530-ar15s2-fde ODG: http://www.primaryarms.com/hexmag-15-30-15-round-magazine-series-2-odg-hx1530-ar15s2-odg
  4. We are now a Hexmag Dealer. Magazine Information The magazine itself is a Fiber reinforced polymer shell covered in a hexagon pattern, hence Hexmag, and it not only looks appealing, but it supplies a pretty comfortable grip to the mag as well. The Hexmag houses a follower with equal length legs for anti-tilt It also comes with a heat treated stainless steel spring that offers a longer life from wear and tear than those of the Silicone steel springs and music wire springs of our competitors. If it fits it shoots, not only does this magazine feed 5.56 and .300 Blackout it also runs 416 Hushpuppy .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf. Click here to buy.
  5. Used Glock 23 gen 1, 2 or 3 magazines from an LE buyback program. $11.99 free shipping. Bunch of other good grabs on the web site as well! http://www.combatarmory.com/used-gen-1-2-3-glock-23-high-capacity-13-round-magazine-le-mags/
  6. Has anyone tried to add +2 or whatever to their ban-state 10-rd Glock mags? I know there are a bunch of different aftermarket baseplates out there for Glock mags, but they all say "not for 10-rd mags" due to the different internal geometry of limited mags. I've got a Glock 17 with a bunch of 10-rd mags, and i wanted to add capacity. Has anyone been able to figure this out? Ultimately, i'm buying some of PK90's 15-rd Glock 17 mags, but was hoping i could so SOMETHING with my existing 10-rounders.
  7. Sorry about another one of these questions. I know there are a million of these. Are 15+ round detachable magazines legal to own in new jersey? Because bolt action and pump action rifles do not have any restriction, so can I have a 30 round magazine for my bolt action? I am thinking about this because of that pump action troy industries ar. Are Nj resisedence even able to order off line 15+ round AR mags? Because if they cannot where the heck should they buy the magazines. In addition, I want to pin my own magazines.
  8. So Im moving out of state and the law there says I can only have a MAXIMUM of 10 rounds in my magazine. Problem is I have 4-6 15 round magazines for a Sig Sauer p226 9mm. I called the Bullet Hole and Sig Sauer direct and they said they couldnt modify the magazine. So my question is, what can I do with my current magazines: sell them and buy 10 round magazines or can they be modified? Thanks GGNJ
  9. Question regarding New Jersey compliant AR-15 part modification, particularly the stock and magazines. If I want to buy & pin a collapsible stock to fixed and a 30 round magazine to 15, do I have any other option other than going to a legal state such as PA and buying and pinning there prior to bringing back to NJ?
  10. Okay, this discussion got kicked out of the MidwestPX forum Seems RIT Dye will colorize PMAGS, and other polymer. Okay, that opens up some options. Now, how do we go the other way? What's a safe way to "whiten" polymer? I'd think bleach would weaken the structure of the plastic. Is there a paint that will work well on polymer without peeling?
  11. Hey Everyone, I've been trying to search down any NJ legal magazines to purchase for my new M&P15T... But it's been hard to even find 10rd mags. So I thought I would post this link to some I've found in stock. Last I checked, they only had about 17 left in stock and going very fast. https://www.44mag.co..._ar15_magazines If you know of any other shops that have any mags in stock... please post. -Mach
  12. Am I missing something? I am a week away from getting my FID & [1] PTP. Hoping to be able to get two items: P226 & S&W 15-22. If our efforts fail and they are banned will I ever be able to get 10 round [assumed to be compliant] mags or just be stuck with the one that came in the box? ~sorry for another doom/gloom post