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Found 5 results

  1. Model 1891 Argentine Mauser 7.65 x 53 with bayonet. Not an exact match but fits pretty good. This fine weapon is an engineering marvel well over 100 years old. Ramp sight to 900 yards for harassing fire to prevent free movement in the enemy's camp. Steel is in pretty good condition. All threads have been lubricated and work fine. Crack in upper handguard & the stock was secured with 2 screws. I have shot this many times and he is a beast. If your'e looking for a shooter, Boyd's has replacement stocks and you can take your spot on the line with fine German craftsmanship. Barrel has all the right stamps and marks according to several articles. I had this gun for 35 years and time for a new home. I used to display it in my office with the bayonet but it looked way too scary. 22 boxes (440 rounds) of new ammo included. They go for $40 per box now! Rifle, bayonet (with metal sheath) & ammo $450 or trade for 12g target ammo/silver. I can bring it to Central Jersey Rifle Pistol Club for inspection. First reply I'll take it gets the prize
  2. 46 Handguns, Long Guns, and Shotguns will be sold at live auction on July 13th 2018 at 9:00 AM in Chesterfield. The guns will be sold as part of our regular monthly auction. Details at http://sunrise-antiques.com...The address is 79 Old York Rd Chesterfield, NJ 08515, 888-639-4443. Live bidding is available via Proxibid: https://www.proxibid.com/asp/Catalog.asp?aid=147320 Lot:1 | Make:F.I.E. Corp| Model:Titan |Serial #:DE09690F | Type:pistol| Caliber:.25 Lot:2 | Make:Davis Industries| Model:P-32 |Serial #:P054137 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.32 Lot:3 | Make:Made in W Germany| Model:PIC |Serial #:6408 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.22 Lot:4 | Make:Sauer & Sohn| Model:Sauer Western 6 Shooter |Serial #:A14988 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.22 Lot:5 | Make:Smith & Wesson| Model:66-2 |Serial #:N0007 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.357 Lot:6 | Make:Hopkins & Allen| Model:Forehand Model 1801 |Serial #:9009 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.32 Lot:7 | Make:Harrington & Richardson| Model:n/a |Serial #:nsn | Type:revolver| Caliber:.32 Lot:8 | Make:Ruger| Model:New Model Single Six |Serial #:262-50454 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.22 Lot:9 | Make:Smith & Wesson| Model:686 |Serial #:AAK4043M | Type:revolver| Caliber:.357 Lot:10 | Make:Smith & Wesson| Model:41 |Serial #:A671543 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.22 Lot:11 | Make:Smith & Wesson| Model:669 |Serial #:TAW4377 | Type:pistol| Caliber:9mm Lot:12 | Make:Walther| Model:P38 |Serial #:SL749571 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.9mm Lot:13 | Make:Taurus| Model:454 Casull Raging Bull |Serial #:1901591 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.454 Lot:14 | Make:Lot of magazines (non NJ residents only)| Model:n/a |Serial #:n/a | Type:n/a| Caliber:n/a Lot:15 | Make:Charter Arms| Model:AR 7 Explorer |Serial #:A295173 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22 Lot:16 | Make:Remington| Model:10 |Serial #:214963 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12 Lot:17 | Make:Mauser| Model:Agentino 1891 |Serial #:N0007 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.306 Lot:18 | Make:Wnchester| Model:1300 |Serial #:L3485993 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.12 Lot:19 | Make:Enfield| Model:n/a |Serial #:No5MKIROF(F) 6/45 N3546 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.303 Lot:20 | Make:Winchester| Model:70 |Serial #:482449 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.243 Lot:21 | Make:Mauser (Preduzece 44)| Model:98 |Serial #:F8379 | Type:rifle| Caliber:8mm Lot:22 | Make:Remington Armory| Model:1917 Mosin Nagant |Serial #:722389 | Type:rifle| 7.62x54 Lot:23 | Make:New England Firearms| Model:Partner Model |Serial #:NP367039 | Type:shotgun| .12 Lot:24 | Make:Savage| Model:300 |Serial #:517196 | Type:rifle| .300 Lot:25 | Make:Winchester| Model:61 |Serial #:170026 | Type:rifle| .22 Lot:26 | Make:Norberto Arizmendi| Model:Norica |Serial #:116244 | Type:shotgun| .410 Lot:27 | Make:Mossberg | Model:702 Plinkster |Serial #:EHB321657 | Type:rifle| .22 Lot:28 | Make:German Mauser | Model:98 |Serial #:1225 | Type:rifle| 8mm Lot:29 | Make:Enfield| Model:SHT LE III |Serial #:20016 | Type:rifle| .303 Lot:30 | Make:Marlin| Model:39A |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| .22 Lot:31 | Make:Thompson Center Arms| Model:Scout |Serial #:33678 | Type:rifle| .54 Lot:32 | Make:Ruger| Model:M77 Mark II |Serial #:784-46172 | Type:rifle| .270 Lot:33 | Make:Mauser (German marked Swastika)| Model:98 |Serial #:8138 | Type:rifle| 8mm Lot:34 | Make:Remington| Model:700 |Serial #:172797 | Type:rifle| 7mm Lot:35 | Make:Made in Italy| Model:Franchi |Serial #:57470 | Type:shotgun| .12 Lot:36 | Make:Marlin| Model:45 |Serial #:5567928 | Type:rifle| .45 Lot:37 | Make:Norinco| Model:MAK-90 Sporter |Serial #:9437141 | Type:rifle| 7.62x39mm Lot:38 | Make:Winchester| Model:270 |Serial #:401791 | Type:rifle| .22 Lot:39 | Make:Mossberg | Model:152 |Serial #:80109 | Type:rifle| .22 Lot:40 | Make:Winchester (as is)| Model:1873 |Serial #:189 | Type:rifle| .44-.40 Lot:41 | Make:HiPoint| Model:4095 |Serial #:H11571 | Type:rifle| .40 Lot:42 | Make:Crescent Firearms| Model:No 60 Empire Hamerless |Serial #:7997 | Type:shotgun| .12 Lot:43 | Make:Made in Austria| Model:Mannlicher Schoenauer |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| 6.5x54mm Lot:44 | Make:Beretta| Model:A 300 |Serial #:A32756E | Type:shotgun| .12 Lot:45 | Make:Crescent Firearms| Model:n/a |Serial #:418569 | Type:shotgun| .20 Lot:45A | Make:Remington| Model:7400 |Serial #:8534804 | Type:rifle| 30-06 Lot:45B | Make:Ruger| Model:Seven |Serial #:7608405 | Type:rifle| .243
  3. Egyptian Hakim 8mm Mauser. Semi Auto. All original. Shellac finish which is mostly intact. Includes Original Magazine $700.00 including Nics.
  4. Someone I know is looking to get rid of a rifle or two, specifically a Mauser and a Enfield. The problem is that the seller and I have no idea of the value (he doesn't know the exact model, etc...), and I would like to buy one off of him. I would prefer not to under, or overpay. They are in decent condition, and are both shooters. The stocks seem like they have no structural problems, and the actions feel smooth and solid. the outside of the receivers and barrels on both show some patina, but it appears to be very minor. I took pictures of all the markings I could find, as well as an overall shot of each rifle. Sorry if the pics aren't too good. http://s1311.photobucket.com/user/Vicious_Pics/library/Rifles P.S. I couldn't get the pics in the post.
  5. Hey guys! So my FID is coming in a few weeks, and I already have a rifle waiting for me at my FFL. I got a Yugo M24/47 Mauser from GunBroker for pretty cheap, around $200, and it's in great shape. It's got some mismatched serial numbers though, and the stock has been refinished, so it's not a collectable by any means. I'm thinking of possibly sporterizing it. I heard of some good, yet reversible, things that could really improve the rifle. 1. Putting in either Mojo sights OR a S&K mount with a scout scope. 2. Replacing the trigger with a Timney trigger. 3. Replacing the stock with a sporter stock to reduce the weight. I've also considered re-barreling it into a different caliber (maybe .308?) but this would be pretty costly and I'd need a gunsmith to do it. What are your thoughts, guys? How would you sporter a Yugo Mauser?
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