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Home Range

Found 3 results

  1. Passing along some great promotion news from Walther Arms I came across on the Walther forums. Pictures are not mine, just re-posting so not sure what magazine they came from. http://www.waltherforums.com/forum/walther-general-discussions/79770-100-walther-rebate-june-1st.html $100 rebate applies to the PPQ & PPS product lines (Q5 Match Excluded) purchased from June 1st, 2017 to September 15th, 2017. Promo site not yet functional as of 5/28 but here it is: http://www.waltherarms.com/Rebate100
  2. TheWombat

    Walther PPS

    Yesterday I picked up another family member. This time it was the Walther PPS in 9mm. The PPS will be my CCW firearm for out of state travel, particularly with the warmer weather approaching. For other times where clothing allows I will continue to use the PPQ for CCW. One of the reasons for choosing the PPS over other competitors e.g. M&P Shield, Nano etc is that it has a similar magazine release design to the Walther PPQ, which helps make it easier to switch between PPQ, PPS, HK45 etc. Photos PPS with the 6, 7 and 8rnd magazine. Brief Review The PPS was collected yesterday and taken home where it was field stripped, cleaned and relubed. The only modification to date was the addition of some grip-tape to the grips as a temporary measure for indoor shooting. I will likely get a 'limbsaver' to try as these are recommended on the Walther Forum. The firearm is easy to field strip, Glock-like with the need to pull the trigger. I don't have any issues with this however others may dislike this. The PPS is very narrow (0.91" excluding slidestop/takedown, or 1.04" including). I find it comfortable to hold and have fitted the larger replaceable backstrap. The 8rnd magazine is most comfortable for use followed by the 7rnd. The 6rnd magazine means no pinky finger which some may find uncomfortable or different. For CCW IWB with a 6rnd and a 8rnd spare magazine I believe it is a good contender. It is a little too large for standard pocket carry unless you have large pockets! With such a short slide and recoil spring, racking the slide back takes more effort than the PPQ, however doesn't seem to be a major issue. The trigger is heavier than the PPQ, being ~6.1lbs. I am expecting the trigger to settle down after a few hundred rounds. I shot 150 rounds today, a box of each of the following: Winchester Ranger 9mm Luger: 124gr FMJ NATO (RA9124N) Speer Lawman 9mm Luger: 124gr TMJ (53651) Federal American Eagle 9mm Luger: 124gr FMJ (AE9AP) No failures at all in the 150 rounds, which is excellent news. The recoil was manageable even with the hotter Speer Lawman round. I will be trying some Speer Gold Dot +P in the near future. I was only shooting at 5yds and 7yds for this first session, however the ease with which I could group bullets < 1" was uncanny. Bullets outside my groupings typically were hitting low (directly at 6 o'clock) which is predominantly a result of the stiffer trigger than I am used to. There was almost no flyers to the left, unlike for example with my HK45 where the flyers are typically at 7:30 rather than 6 o'clock. Accessories ordered: A couple of additional magazines Theis IWB holster Meprolight Night Sights Summary: After 150 rounds I am very very pleased with the PPS, it shot far more accurately than I was expecting considering its small size. The recoil was also less than expected. The only area where I am hoping to see some improvement is the trigger, which is a bit heavier/stiffer than I would like. As usual, Walther magazines are fairly pricey ($40-$45) hth TheWombat
  3. I've just purchased 2 limbsavers, one for the Walther PPS and another for the Walther PPQ. On the Walther forum a number of PPS owners recommended the limbsaver as it helps reduce felt recoil and makes the slim grip a little more comfortable. Limbsaver also sell products for ARs and shotguns. The 'Pro Handgun Grip' pistol products are generic sizes rather than for specific make/models. There are 3 sizes: Full frame semi-auto Full frame compact Full frame sub-compact While I've not found any significant issues with felt recoil from the PPS, having shot 150 rounds in 30 minutes, I decided to give them a try for the price of $10-$12. I am also trying them to see if they help improve grip when shooting in warmer conditions and hands become sweaty. Fitting the LimbSaver takes all of 5 seconds, they stretch over the existing grip. If you have replaceable backstraps you may or may not wish to try moving to the size smaller backstrap. The LimbSaver feels like soft rubber with a slight tackiness/stickyness. I've not had a chance to try them at the range yet, I'll be posting a report after this weekend, however photos are below. Walther PPS (with 7 rnd extended magazine) note: I have also fitted grip-tape beneath the limb saver which provides a much better grip. LimbSaver = Full frame sub-compact Walther PPQ Limbsaver = Full frame compact Review to follow after the weekend @RayRay - PM me and we can figure out when/where to meet if you want to try the PPS + limbsaver. TheWombat
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