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Home Range

Found 21 results

  1. Smith and Wesson 357 Magnum 686P (7 shot) 4” revolver. Excellent condition. Includes case and all paperwork. $650 or best offer. Monmouth County. Cross posted. First person to say I’ll take it. Sale will comply with all NJ and federal laws.
  2. For sale never used cylinder for a rough rider single shot revolver in 22 magnum. I got a gun with two swappable cylinders but never got mag ammo and don't have the gun anymore, so it's brand new. As I understand you can swap it into any 22lr rough rider to make it a magnum, but confirm this yourself. Heritage sells them for $29.99 (plus tax & shipping I assume). Willing to ship but you pay. https://www.shopheritagemfg.com/cylinders/heritage-22wmr-cylinder-black-6-shot-331-0002-01
  3. Anyone knows of a reliable gun smith or armorer that can swap a barrel on a S&W 686+ revolver? If you used them even better. Any idea on the cost to do the work? Obviously someone local in NJ as the first choice. Thanks for any leads.
  4. Finally had the chance to spend a good amount of time with the gun. At this price point, there is no reason not to get one!
  5. ICORE ( International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts ) Is hosting their Championship match , The IRC - At Ontellunee Rod and Gun Club, New Tripoli PA on Sept. 12th - 15th 2019 ICORE is a Revolver only competition that implements time plus scoring on NRA D1 targets. It's " Run and Gun " format is similar to USPSA / IDPA but only features 4 revolver only divisions which are comprised of: Open - Anything goes, red dots, ported barrels, 8 shot revolvers Limited - 8 shot revolvers , Iron sights , no barrel ports / comps Limited 6 - 6 shot moonclipped guns, Iron Sights Classic - 6 shot speedloader guns, Iron sights. There is room for all levels of competitors in ICORE, you can learn more about ICORE @ www.icore.org or feel free to chat with me about the match or sport. There is also an ICORE Facebook group with lots of useful information @ https://www.facebook.com/ICOREshooting/ If you'd like to register for the match you can do so at https://practiscore.com/icore-2019-international-revolver-championship-irc/register?fbclid=IwAR2H9MJoNZl7mKxthg9GuHtzyF3AGW1P-GB5m8UuOjB2191wYcmXMi2nsI8 -Alec McMahon ICORE Board of Directors North East Region.
  6. JoeTK37

    686 SSR .357

    Well it finally came in a few weeks ago but I haven’t had time to take pictures or get it to the range yet. But is sure is pretty...... I was looking at revolvers for a long time and couldn’t figure out what I wanted. Thanks to the help on this forum I came up with a list of the things I wanted, tapered underlug(just for looks), 6-shot, 4” barrel, smooth trigger and that landed me on the Smith and Wesson 686 SSR
  7. I am interested in getting the opinion of people you have shot the Smith and Wesson Model 629 revolver in different barrel lengths. I have shot the 6" barrel and it was doable. S&W has it available now in 2 5/8", 4", 5", 6", and 6 1/2" barrels. The longer barrels are heavier guns so that probably makes them easier to shoot.. Are the shorter barrels difficult to shoot (feel, recoil, etc)? I am interested in hearing about shooting .44 Magnum cartridge.(I know that the .44 special cartridge is a different animal and easier to shoot).
  8. Smith and Wesson Model 617 22LR $750.00 Plus Nics and NJ tax CALIBER: 22 LR STOCK/FRAME: Black Synthetic CAPACITY: 10 BARREL: 4" ACTION: Double / Single Action LENGTH: 9.13" SAFETY: Internal Lock WEIGHT: 41 Oz. SIGHTS: Adjustable FINISH: Satin Stainless
  9. Smith and Wesson 442 Custom Shop $500.00 Plus Nics and NJ Tax Special Edition Custom Shop 442 .38 - Includes Extra Rubber Grip - Performance Center Tuned Action - Stainless Steel Cylinder - High-Polished Cylinder Flutes - 5 Round Capacity - .38 S&W Special +P
  10. I want to purchase some speedloaders for a S&W 617 10 shot 22 revolver. I found three brands: DS-10 (there seem to be a few varieties) Ansac Speed Beez I would be interested in hearing the pro's and con's of each of them.
  11. My dad retired after 37 years of being a LEO and is moving down to South Carolina in a few months. When he first started working back in the 70's he had to purchase his own firearm. He used the Colt Lawman mkiii in .357 magnum. Because of the move, and my love for shooting, he said he will give me the firearm. Remixer will be handling the transfer, but does anyone know a good gunsmith in central NJ that would be able to inspect it and possibly reblue it? Though it's a family heirloom, it won't be a safe queen, I want to take it out, and I want to know its safe. He said he hasn't used it in over 30 years and I rather it not explode in my hands. I am located in Old Bridge if this helps. Thanks in advance for the input.
  12. The following article by Dave Lewis will demonstrate how to use a revolver speed loader. I personally have a few and use them when I can. With practice you can load a revolver almost as fast as a semi auto. The Lost Art of the Revolver Speed Loader
  13. I am typing this with one hand, perhaps something more familiar to those who have not been typing since they were 10 years old. The day before my birthday my left hand started hurting enough for me to stop using it. I could not extend my fingers or make a fist. My guess is that between work and blogging, I was spending too much time at the keyboard combined with an extensive shooting session. I did my usual web research and came to the conclusion it was tendonitis, a condition that would require taking an over the counter inflammatory and using ice packs. Seems to be working but it got me started thinking about something I have written about; why all seniors should have at least one revolver. In gun forums I have often spoken about having a revolver in your arsenal for those occasions when you do not have the use of both hands. For us older gunhands, those occasions seem to come suddenly and all too often. I normally have problems with my hands due to nerve damage and arthritis. Tendonitis is something new and a great birthday gift to remind me that each year is not making me stronger and better. However, I plan for such events and had my trusty J-Frame snub nose ready to go. I loaded it with some mild Hornady FTX 110 gr. .38 spl ammo and was good to go. I could even reload it. Using a semi auto was out of the question as there was no way I could rack a slide and press a magazine or slide release. Be prepared, and I was. I just wanted to post this reminder for older shooters that if you can afford more than one carry gun and holster, one setup should be suitable for those times when medical problems prohibit carrying your primary gun. A snub nose and pocket holster is a great setup for those times and something everyone should consider. I have to keep this short as it is slow going for me to type like this and my left hand keeps wondering to the keyboard undoing all the healing it has undergone. Something to think about whether it is hand problems, bad back (I have both), etc.. A simple, lightweight easy to use gun that will not strain any part of your body that you carry it on, is always a good idea for seniors. Even with one hand I was able to load it by laying it down and that reminded me of why I keep it handy. It even makes a good primary gun for seniors and is very popular with the retired LEO I know. I cannot imagine trying to clear a jam in a semi auto with the condition of my hands today so I am comforted by my revolver; well two actually since I bought the Alaskan to use as a backup home defense gun which it is now is doing. I planned ahead just in time. I have it stoked with .45 LC self defense rounds but if a bear tries a home invasion I am ready with a box of 20 .454 Casull. That reminds me, I have to cancel my range trip this week where I was going to shoot the .454 Casull for the first time. Best to wait until I can use both hands and then post the results on my blog.
  14. I have been looking to get a revolver over the last few weeks (only own semi autos now). I have shot and enjoyed them before and am looking for a little variation from the semi auto world. I have a P2P ready to go. I looked at some S&W (the 686 was often suggested) revolvers and some of them were interesting, but nothing really jumping out at me. I'm big into history (the main reason my last purchase had to be a 1911), so something that IS really jumping out at me is the Single Action Army revolver. I am unable to afford an authentic Colt SAA, but I absolutely love the look. The history and reputation of it say enough that I don't need to go into why it's very appealing. My budget ceiling is about $700. I think I want one in .357 and the 5.5" barrel, however I'm not dead set on that. I really like the look of the Ruger Vaquero and have looked online at some of the Uberti Cattleman 1873 revolvers. 1) Any SAA owners have any advice? Anyone own the Ruger or Uberti models have advice, suggestions? 2) Other brands that I may have overlooked that are in my proce range? 3) I live in Hoboken, but frequent Morris & Somerset counties - are there specific gun shops that have good collections of SAA revolvers? Thanks - I appreciate any advice or feedback.
  15. I heard the J Frames aren't really meant to take a lot of 357 mag. If you shoot a lot through them they start to get loose over time. For those of you with experience with revolvers, what do you think the appx round count is with 357 mag before you start seeing this type of wear and tear? Question two: How many rounds can you take in a range session of 357 mag in a small J Frame/Small snubby type revolver? I shot a 686 and it was pretty rough, maybe I can take a little more now as that was early when I first started shooting. Is it not practical to practice a lot with 357 mag in a J Frame?
  16. Currently scouting online for any bulk deals and such.
  17. The K38 was called the Model 15 starting in 1957. This is a 5-screw K38, so it was made some time before 1955. DA pull is very sweet and the SA trigger breaks crisply. No endshake, lockup is good. Leaf hammer spring, pinned target trigger. Mirror bore. There is spotting on the finish on the side opposite the cylinder latch, but it feels smooth to the touch, so I don't think it's rust. If it is, it isn't very far along. Not a finish expert or a collector, so I can't give the finish a percent rating and I won't try to clean them up. You can inspect before buying, if face to face. $320 FTF. Must be NJ Resident, have valid NJ driver's license, FID, and permit to purchase.
  18. Hey guys, So I purchased this little gun in order to be able to get more range time without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, things just didn't work out that way as I still just go the range about the same as before. I really have lost interest in shooting 22lr and I am looking to make some room in my safe for a new toy. This little revolver is a 8-shot 22 lr with fiber optic sights, I have a wolfe springs kit for it as well that ill include (I put the stock springs back in however). Asking $450.00 and the gun is practically brand new as I've shot less then 1000 rounds through it. Kevin * Edit * Just so that everyone knows, this gun has been shipped back to Ruger in the past because spots were appearing on the stainless that I concerned might have been rust. Ruger, (who has awesome customer service btw) had the gun back to me about a week later (6/5) completely refinished and all components replaced (Cylinder, Pawl, Trigger plunger, Firing pin Assy, Hammer strut Assy, & rear sight base).
  19. Hey Guys! I've been curious about the Russian Nagant Revolver lately, the M1895 Nagant, in 7.62x38R. Purely for the historical/nostalgic factor. The ammo would cost an arm and a leg and it takes long to reload, but I wonder how it would feel in the hand. Anyone have one? What are your thoughts on it?
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