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Race to the Supremes for CCW. Round three!

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H/T Dan Schmutter. I am pleased to announce that we have filed a new lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of New Jersey's highly restrictive handgun carry law under the Second Amendment.  The lawsuit, Mazahreh v. Grewal is filed on behalf of three individual plaintiffs, plus the National Rifle Association, the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, and the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.

Last term the Supreme Court denied review of our previous lawsuit Rogers v. Grewal, drawing a scathing dissent from Justices Thomas and Kavanaugh.  With a newly constituted Court this term, we hope this lawsuit will pave the way for justice to prevail in New Jersey and throughout the United States under the Second Amendment. 



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Well here is the latest update on this case. They are going for all the marbles. Here's a link. If you don't want to read all 22 pages, just go to page 19 where they lay it all out in our kind of language.


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