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WTB Colt 6940

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Hi everybody! 

I have been looking online for ARs more often than I should and would really like to get a Colt 6940

I cant imagine anyone in north jersey that would have one in stock so im seeing if anyone knows any anyone or any stores in NJ that would be willing to order one in for me. 

I have no problem waiting, id just like to stop searching.

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21 hours ago, dajonga said:

Call Shooters Sporting Center in Little Egg Harbor. They have the Colt M4 in stock.

Thanks, I called them earlier but they were swamped, not surprised so I'll try back later

17 hours ago, kevinmcs said:

Thanks Eagle...I have a couple LE6920s, never been shot, that I am looking to part with, NJ compliance work has been done. Check out the thread here if you are interested and hit my up with a PM...


Thanks man, I'm really looking for the 6940 but my UPS driver is looking for a 6920 so I'll let him know. any ballpark price? 



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I'm probably around $1250.00 including at least 100 rnds of ammo and 2 new magpul magazines. That would be for one with magpul accessories I am probably holding on to the one in the middle for now with the troy accessories. If your buddy has interest have him email me, kevin @ stratusmoves dot com

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