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I joined this page many years ago, but never really was able to get involved in the Firearm community for a huge variety of reasons. 

About 2 months ago, my son and I got into shooting Archery, so I got him a beginner bow and I got a nice starter compound bow. We started going to Range 129 and Bob's Little Sport Shop to practice and I got the firearm bug again. Now that my kids are older, I have more time to explore. 

I recently applied for an FID card and once I get it, I'll purchase a 10/22 for my son and I to plink with. My ultimate goal is to get very proficient with a pistol, so I will take a couple of private lessons, and rent a few different pistols, and eventually make a purchase. I feel like I need to protect my family in these crazy times, but am completely disgusted with NJ Gun Laws. To the point where, once my kids are out of the public school system, we will likely move to a more 2A friendly state. Amazing how our 2nd Amendment rights are trampled on every day in this state. And SCOTUS won't help us at all. Sickening. 

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2 hours ago, EdF said:

Welcome from a fellow Cherry Hill resident!  PM me if you would like to talk, get together or try out anything that I have on hand.  Nothing for sale but you are welcome to try some out.

Thank you, brother! That is very kind! 

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14 minutes ago, Golf battery said:

Welcome back kotter.  Im old-er now. But yes.  Glad to see you’re still interested in this money draining sport. 

Haha, thanks! I more interesting in becoming proficient at protecting my home and family. Especially in these crazy times. 

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