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They finally got what they deserve

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1 hour ago, Handyman said:

Screw you!


Just kidding - Happy New Year, everyone!!!


Now that is some funny stuff right there....






Heading out for my two pints and two jacks in an hour then back home to the chair near the woodstove and virtual visits with family...

Guaranteed to be asleep by 10...lol

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Ronald Reagan said these are the words no one wants to hear, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”


If I don’t like a price I don’t buy.   I bought a 2019 Raptor last June and most dealers wanted 10-20k over the sticker—and some even more.  I searched around the country and luckily a dealer close to me in Georgia had one at MSRP.  I negotiated over the phone and got it for nearly 4K off MSRP.  I took care of it myself.  I didn’t feel the need to have it at those inflated prices and would’ve passed if I couldn’t get it at MSRP or slightly below.   So should each state charge all those 100s of Ford dealers with price gouging?   It’s what they’re doing, they have a high demand product and are selling for over MSRP and evidently some are happily paying.  

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