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WTS - WW2 Bond Posters (Professionally Linen Backed)

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Happy New Year Everyone May 3rd,

Dropped prices pretty heavily to move these. Please PM if interested


-Stan Man


I have a number (3) of original WW2 Bond Posters that have been professionally linen-backed through a museum-quality process. I am looking to sell them to bring some additional money into my budget for a new handgun.

1. 7th War Loan. Now all together (Flag Raising on Iwo Jima) - $750  $500(note the spots that appear to be smudges are not - they are part of the print, other examples have the same markings)

2. Jap, You're Next (Author: James Montgomery Flagg, "We Want You" Artist) - $750 $500

3. Buy Your Extra Bonds Here -$450 Sold

These are in incredible condition and will look fantastic framed and on display. The linen-backing process pays dividends in the future as these will remain in incredible condition for years and years to come.

Please message for additional details and prices. Can provide more detailed photos upon request (charging camera now). Linen-backing work done by Innis Archives out of Portland, OR.

-Stan Man

JPEG image-5882A456F56F-1.jpeg

JPEG image-ADD5BB555247-1.jpeg

JPEG image-1F40733378F2-1.jpeg

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