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Creepy gold rush show

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New show on Fridays nights on Discovery called The Legend of Blind Frog Ranch (I think).

Guys buy a few hundred acres of scrub land that has a 2-mile long cavern beneath, about 20 miles from Skin Walker Ranch. The cavern is believed to contain millions worth of gold and other goodies, but the locals all say to stay far, far away.  The lead guy tells his crew that all of their equipment vanished overnight when they first dug out a hole to get down to the cave, including a massive backhoe.  Since they are in the middle of nowhere, odds are nobody snuck in and stole it all.

Local woman tells them that Indians drowned their kids there because of famine, and the spirits of the kids are pretty nasty and will drown them all.  Other strange things go on there.  Skin walker ranch is named for the old Indian legends about skin walkers showing up, which are pretty nasty beings from the stories.  Not something you'd want to run into at all.

Looks like a good show.

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