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Expired Purchasers Permit Application

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I applied for my firearms purchasers permit around april and was approved in july 7 of 2020. I was told NOT to appear in person until i was called. I was never called. In fact, i called them repeatedly up until new years of 2021. Nobody answered the phone. Nobody called me back. I left a message every time I called. Had I not shown up in person, I would have never been notified. When i finally spoke with someone, i was told that my application had expired and that a letter was sent to my house on July 8th. I received no such document in the mail. I was told viaemail that i was going to be called, not contacted through the mail. All communication has been via email, why would they send the one notification I've been waiting for by mail? I am very disappointed that i was made to reapply, ask my references to take time out of their busy schedules to answer questions on my behalf, and then pay fees again. It was no fault of my own. As you all know already,  we have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I'm trying to do so through the proper and legal channels but i feel like this little game of waiting me out is a ploy to infringe upon that by preventing me from obtaining my permit. Anyone else deal with something like this? Honestly, I am annoyed because I think they just don't want citizens armed so they're going to do what they can legally prevent us. 

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