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3 hours ago, Bt Doctur said:

Again the question is can the government disable the chip at will ?

Yes!  The technology is called Wide Area Control or WAC. It disables RFID in entire ares like airports. Portable units for police, etc. could also be made.


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i will repeat what i have said in tyhe past about these things.....plus a lil extra.

 if these things are so dam good, then before they attempt to foist them upon us, they need to become standard issue in our military, and for every local and state police dept. they should also become standard issue for all federal LE agencies, including secret service protection details(read that the presidents detail too). they need to be evaluated for at LEAST 5 years in these services before they can be considered for the general population. after all of that.....maybe.

if they're not good enough for our military heroes and ofr our police and federal LE agencies, then they're not good enough for us.

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