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WTS: Heckler & Koch USC .45ACP Carbine

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Looking to sell a H&K USC .45ACP Carbine with a very low round count (<200rds of brass 45ACP). Looking to purchase another firearm as I have my pistol permits available. I have .45ACP ammo I can sell at a good price to only the buyer.

Please see below for a description and rationale for pricing:

H&K USC: $2,210
+Optic: $2,785

1. H&K USC .45 (includes H&K Case): $1,600
2. H&K Parts Full Rail Kit (top rail and 3 side rails): $150
3. Trigger Work: Lower was sent to an H&K trigger specialist in Colorado to have springs replaced with G36 springs to lighten the pull. Gunsmith further reduced pull weight by removing excess material) - $100
4. 6 H&K USC Mags: $360
5. EoTech XPS2-0 with GG&G Hood, brand new with October Manufacturing Date, hasn’t seen a single range trip *does not need to be included*: $575

-FID and Matching DL will be required for FFL to complete the sale
-Transfer at FFL in Essex or Monmouth County.  Buyer pays fees

-First "I'll take it" gets it

Item is cross-posted for sale elsewhere, will update if sold.

Priced competitively based on recently completed gunbroker sales





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    • Does this apply to existing NJ FID holders? Or does one still need to renew our current FID card 4 years from today?
    • When did this start? I know its been on the books for years, but they've also circumvented it for years via a camden judge ruling public safety supersedes it (if investigation not complete in that 60 days), and using that as precedent. Is it now being enforce?
    • Thanks I followed up with resolution to the immediate problem, which doesn't seem to reflect well on Identogo. I have my ORI (Woodbine SP). Regarding the CCN (I'm not to that point yet) should I try calling NJSP Firearms DIv, since my local NJSP contact refused to give me any information about id numbers for SP 642?
    • I'll be DAMNED (or perhaps NJ and/or Identogo should be). After failing at electronic enrollment, I went to the "PRINT-N-GO" enrollment section, which I had previously used for fingerprint cards for out-of state CHP applications. I received the same "Multiple matches" error. I started playing around with my personal information fields, and discovered that the apparent culprit is my phone number! I supplied my mobile phone number, since I plan to use that on my SP 642 (and since my land-line number may be going away soon). My mobile service is through Ting, which is a pay-as-you-go T-Mobile reseller. When I changed the PRINT-N-GO form to use my land line number, I was allowed to proceed! So, I went back to the electronic fingerprinting enrollment form, entered the land-line number, and it look slike all is good to go (I am up to the point where I am prompted to enter my ORI - I will update if I encounter more obstacles). But how effed up is that restriction? I must assume that sometime in the distant past (I have had the number for 4 - 5 years) my number was assigned to someone else who created an Identogo record. Um, in spite of the option to keep a number when changing providers, mobile numers get reassigned ALL THE TIME. Unless my assumptions are incorrect and there is some alternative explanation, this would seem to be biting a significant number of people in the a$$; not just applicants for concealed carry, but people applying for government jobs, etc. If I did not have my other phone number, I would  be stuck with no recourse except possibly to try to contact someone at Identigo who could conprehend and rectify the matter, and I suspect that would be an extremely long and frustrating process, if even proved to be possible. If you intend to enroll for fingerprinting by Identogo as part of your SP642 applications, you should be aware of this potential glitch. SHEESH!!!!
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