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Mossberg 500b 16ga Pump Shotgun

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I've not yet been able to take pics, but I have this firearm that's come into my possession via inheritances, that have occurred throughout the decades.

It's a Mossberg 500b 16ga pump, that has a removal barrel.  It has no serial number that I can see and I know it's, at least, 40-50 years old.

I've been able to find out just a little bit online, but was hoping we'd have a resident expert here that would be knowledgeable of this model firearm.

In particular, it's collectability factor and worth.  I consider it to be in fair to good condition.

Once able, I'll post some pics.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Here are some pics.
















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1 hour ago, this_is_nascar said:

In particular, it's collectability factor and worth

It's a Mossberg 500 pump shotgun, not a Browning or Beretta.  It's not going to fetch a high price.  The fact that it's 16ga makes it slightly more interesting, the "sweet 16s" have a small cult following, but does not add any substantial value.  Additionally, it more than likely has a fixed choke, so that makes it a one trick pony.

If you put it up for sale, at a reasonable price, it will sell quickly just because people are desperate for anything they can get.  The current inflation of the market will skew the 500B's true intrinsic value.  IMO, it would not be a good investment for a buyer who just wants to shoot, as 16ga ammo was overpriced before the covid bump, and probably not a lot of availability.  Right now, 16ga target loads go for $15/box, if you can find it.  Cheap utilitarian Mossberg and expensive ammo, bad combo.

A reasonable price for a 500B in good condition, unaltered would be around $250.  You can probably find a sucker to take it for $350.

EDIT:  I just found one that was sold in 2016 (not that long ago in collectable gun years) at a gun and pawn.  It sold for $230.00.

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A 16 ga. built on Mossberg's 12 ga. frame. 60's shotgun, pre-68 as others have noted.  Probably has a single action bar for the slide. Could have a fixed choke or C-Lect adj. choke at the muzzle. Would generate excitement on http://www.16ga.com/forum/index.php if it was clean and had a walnut stock which many had. But it's certainly not a rarity or collector's item. The 16 ga. is okay if you roll your own, otherwise the right ammo is tough to find, and still doesn't come in as many variations as the more popular 12 or 20. It's become a reloader's proposition. 

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10 hours ago, this_is_nascar said:

I added some pics to the 1st post, if anyone wants to look and comment.

Thanks for the feedback......


Nice, clean older Mossberg. Walnut stock too and in great shape. 

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13 hours ago, Parker said:

Enough info right there: Full Choke. (About .624" exit diameter) 16 ga. bore diameter is: .667"





13 hours ago, Scorpio64 said:

Well, you found it.  Full choke.  That would make a fun trap gun. 

Thank you both.  I appreciate it.


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